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I grew my little arms by 2cm in 6 weeks doing this one TRX exercise twice a week. Incorporating three key technique principles when performing it to maximise effectiveness. And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance: Hey TRX traveller Adam here today I’m looking at a helix bicep curl […]

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On 3rd April 2020

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I grew my little arms by 2cm in 6 weeks doing this one TRX exercise twice a week. Incorporating three key technique principles when performing it to maximise effectiveness.

And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance:

Hey TRX traveller Adam here today I’m looking at a helix bicep curl but it’s a slightly different than your average one and it said something I’ve incorporated it’s really helped me put a lot of science my arms to being six weeks of nice to put two centimetres on them which air isn’t you know I’m not a big guy but for me he’s been training a lot years to send me it’s quite available and comprised of just one element which is the TRX curl but this the sort of three fundamental principles what change it up to not just be a simple curl a lot of people what you see just pom pom pom it’s one exercise you do it for 10 reps 3 sets maybe twice a week I guarantee it’s going to add some size you’re going to feel a burn the next day and it’s all about just a little tweak to make that make it really effective so it starts off with a curl so standard position get yourself locked in shoulders contracted back and you’re going to start like this now as I curl up I’m curling I’m curling now there’s two things going on here as I curl right up like that the first one look at my wrists my wrists I’m trying to keep them slightly bent my wrist aren’t like this I’m not contracting my forearm which is going to use a lot for our muscle and take it away from the prime mover which is the bicep we want to put all attention on the bicep you hear a lot of a lot of athletes talking about there’s a lot of bodybuilders especially how you can you can focus a lot more on your bicep muscle if you rotate your palm flat and flex as opposed to keeping it like that which flexes your forearm so that’s the first thing as I curl I’m curling up and come up look look where my wrists are look Marissa see there at least vertical and not like this I’m not curling over I’m trying to keep them there now as I come up I’m pronating across my face so I’m putting a lot of tension through my little finger and I’m pushing it round my head and you can see as I’m doing that I’m Ryan to split the TRX and really contract and pull it around my head so as I do that I’m contracting I’m pulling my little fingers and I’m pulling the TRX around my head it’s not a simple just flex up its twist so will you after athlean-x is a very keen on talking about how you can twist your wrist lock in this is the bicep muscle and there I’ve heard a lot of bodybuilders and Ben Ben Pulaski is one of them as well who’s he pushed a lot about well Natan as you can so as you’re curling with the TRX don’t just curl up think about pushing with your little finger yeah and twisting and pronating out so it’s like this and at the top contract contract really attract that bicep muscle and squeeze squeeze and then slowly down and contract up again we’re not just doing this we’re not just doing this we’re contracting around the head here’s what it looks like in practice and down one two three and up and squeeze one two three and down one two but squeeze one two three and down one two three now you gone for ten reps about key things wrists keep them nice and flat if you can’t slightly bent back and pronate pronate yeah your little things I pronate the wrists out so twist twist as you’re coming up you twist and out and they go into you even if you just do it like this it’s just without any way twist up and prone it around and tense your biceps you’re going to feel huge squeezes on your arms they’re 10 rep to that as soon as you finish the 10 reps so you’ve got to number 10 you’re going to go halfway and you just got a pump and arm and pump right in till exhaustion and then as you’re exhausted you’re just gonna hold hold hold Oh until you’re done pumps hold that’s how I remember it 10 reps pumps hold 10 full reps 9 10 pumps just a really squeeze and I’m still trying to try to twist it try to pull the TRX around my head little pump that pumps and then a hole and I’m really contracting my biceps now really contract them and slowly back down and that’s it and goes from the reps to the pumps to the whole in practice if I start a number 8 it looked like this floss maybe okay Hey 9 and then and pump and hold and try and pull this the ax down try pull it off the fence of the wall of the door take seconds to a minute break back to it three sets for set so you wanna push it most more but I think all you need is three sets do that and that’s and that’s increasing intensity to not just curl you’re really pushing intensity through the muscle you are hitting the peak as you just pumpin which is going to give you a nice little round peak there it’s a it really places a lot more emphasis on the bicep a lot more intensity little things like this incorporate them into your routines and do them properly and correctly and you will I guarantee it noticed sizable differences on your bicep muscles in your arms over one or two months with there with correct nutrition I hope you enjoyed this I hope you enjoyed this little that little quick win as always there I’m actually training on a roof here in there in Buenos Aires my flight is below in a strange space but and please subscribe if you enjoy TRX and you enjoyed functional fitness being able to workout anywhere in the world if you’re traveling or if you want to workout at home and I recently written a blog post on reverse die and it’s from a beginner’s perspective and I just give it a very honest opinion so if you’re interesting about a way to die it down and then slowly get back up to be able to eat more while staying lean check it out on TRX traveler calm and and there’s lots of other videos on my channel which cover various t-rex moves I’ve got a band camp coming out soon which is all about how you can build muscle and and workout anywhere with a resistance band thanks for watching



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