TRX Muscle Builder Program (Intermediate)

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Build quality muscle mass to develop size, shape, and build strength in 8 weeks

Build muscle through large intensity and volume TRX workouts⁣⁣⁣

Completely fatigue large muscle areas with tailored and progressive TRX giant sets and super sets

Maximise physique transforming potential and strength with specific compound TRX exercises⁣⁣⁣

The effective Mindful Muscle-Centric TRX Technique teaching videos

  • 3 – 6 Days Per Week (customisable)
  • Muscle Pairing Split
  • 8 Week Plan
  • 4 Week Giant Set Technique Block 1
  • 4 Giant Set Intensity Block 2
  • 40 – 50 Min Workouts (excluding warm-up & depending on current fitness level)
TRX Muscle Developer Workout Plan

About this TRX Workout Plan

This Workout Plan is designed to develop quality, healthy muscle and thus strength using a TRX anywhere. The Workout Plan uses giant sets, supersets and high volume progression consisting of 2 BLOCKS. Each BLOCK is a 4 week, 3-6 day progressive guide that can be used depending on your level of fitness or how hard you want to push yourself each week.

The Workout Plan has been created to challenge the body using muscle pairings where the agonist and antagonist muscle are trained together and often back to back. For example the chest and back or biceps and triceps. This is for greater overall muscle development whilst building a complete and balanced physique.   

    Detailed 8 Week Step-by-step Progressive Workout Plan

    Follow the step-by-step progressive Workout Plan that guides you workout to workout. So you remain motivated throughout and don’t fall off track.

    There are TRX exercise technique tips for every muscle trained alongside each step of the plan. To remind you of the key technique focus points as you exercise.

    It takes me a full day of work (8 hours) to plan and write a specific Workout Plan. Then three months to test and refine it. I do the trial and error so you get the results.

    TRX Traveller Program Example
    TRX Muscle Definition Workout Plan

    Intermediate TRX Muscle-Centric Exercise Technique Video Library

    Learn the technique that actually works. Get access to 30+ exercise teaching videos and learn how to perform every TRX exercise in the Workout Plan effectively. To develop quality and healthy muscle!

    It would take me at least x4 1-hour personal training sessions to teach you how to perform each of the exercises with the correct technique, once. Now, you can have access to this teaching to view over and over for life.

    Every single Workout has the relevant teaching videos below it for quick viewing.

    Plus These Key Resources…

    Program Specific Training Manual

    Good Form & Training Variables Guide

    5 Minute Warm-Up For Performance Routine

    5 Minute Cool Down For Focus Routine

    Extensive FAQs Guide

    TRX Traveller Program Example

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    12 reviews for TRX Muscle Builder Program (Intermediate)

    1. Ricardo (verified owner)

      I’ve had a trx sitting around my home for about a year but honestly didn’t know what do do with it regarding a rounded exercise plan. Yeah the trx came with a poster for some exercises and you can find various moves on the internet. But it still left me unmotivated and fully convinced.

      I found Adam on YouTube, started watching and learning from him and was thinking, this person sounds legit… I’ll go for it.

      Turns out… LEGIT! The plan is easily accessible and laid out. All you have to do it put in the work. And the thing about it is, when you apply Adam’s technique, not just the moves, but the mind-muscle connection, put in the work you do!

      On a level of vanity I’m loving the way my body is shaping out. On a deeper level, I’m loving the meditation, mind-body connection and look forward to working out every time. EVEN ON LEG DAY! That should say enough right there!!!

    2. Abhi (verified owner)

      I started a fitness journey about 5 months ago, after gaining a bunch of weight after my wife had our first child. I’m not the most motivated exerciser, so I was looking for something that just told me what to do, and I’d do it. I also hadn’t done really any weight training for the prior 12 months, so I was pretty rusty.

      This program was exactly what I needed. It gave me the specifics of what I need to do every day, and when I couldn’t figure out how to do it, Adam was very responsive to emails asking for help. I didn’t stick to this program exactly because I couldn’t do all of the exercises that were asked, but over time I got there. It took about 8 weeks rather than 4, but I got there in the end!

    3. Stian Ottersen (verified owner)

      Highly recommended! I’m finally enjoying working out again. Also changing my dark basement gym to be able to exercise outside has been great!

    4. Leonardo Rey (verified owner)

      Well so far I’m starting the program and I have to tell you that it is a completely new perspective for my experience with TRX, it takes you to another level, and you feel it. Looking forward to seeing the results at the end.

    5. Matt (verified owner)

      Really great program with accompanying docs which explain everything perfectly. Adams enthusiasm shines through in everything he teaches.
      I personally stretched out the first 4 weeks a little to get the movements properly nailed and the mind/muscle connection Adam is very vocal about ingrained. You may think this is BS but 2 moves like a low row and hammer curl are ultimately the same, without thinking & focusing on the muscles you need to target you’ll just bang out reps without making as good a connection with the correct muscle. This is really empowering.

      My only criticism is the lack of direct core work. While every TRX movement requires core stability (and if you’re not bracing your core… brace it!) I would have liked to have seen 2 of the days each week with a direct core movement. I’ve added my own weighted planks or similar to another day or off day.

      Great work! Highly recommended.

    6. Thomas Vince (verified owner)

      I have been working out for 20 years and probably have done every type of training there is.
      After getting bored with commercial gyms and injuries I decided to switch to a bodyweight/ TRX approach.
      After limited muscle gains I was considering going back to the gym but I thought I would give the muscle builder programme a try.
      I’m glad I did as even as someone experienced with with training I found it a good challenge and have been getting good muscle gains.
      The programme is well thought out and easy to follow and with Adams videos have been a game changer for me. He tells you exactly how to get the best out of each excerise in ways no other PT or you tuber has.
      I found the nutrition guide quite helpful too which has helped me gain some muscle.
      I’m excited to purchase the resistance band book as im really confident in Adams capabilities to get me in even better shape.

    7. Andreas Åkerlund

      Started this program after completing the beginner total body workout and for me it was a perfect next step in my TRX journey.

      As always Adam has perfectly balanced the program so that the intensity gradually increases as the weeks and your strength progresses, keeping each workout as challenging and effective as possible.

      If you ask me it doesn’t matter which program you choose because they are all fantastic, choosing program just comes down to your level of fitness and what you want to achieve. Pick a program and follow Adam’s instructions ( whilst maintaining a healthy diet) and you will surely achieve great results!

    8. Michele Moretti (verified owner)

      I like to workout at home because I’m an engineer and don’t have a lot of time (1 hour at day) and I recommend this program to build muscle.
      It’s easy to do, fast and fun!
      The process is long and complex, but everything is more beautiful if it is faced with a smile and with a coach who is always available.Can’t wait to see the results!

    9. Gianluca Cicoria (verified owner)

      Just what i was looking for: an intense, pretty hard but fun and satisfying program to overcome a plateau phase in my progresses. I’m a month into it, but i can clearly see improvement in my physical condition, strenght and overall wellbeing. It comes with a useful nutrition guide. At a fairly honest price, you’ll able to use at your advantage the experience Adam gained in years of training. Can only recommend

    10. Ben Hall (verified owner)

      Well thought out, tough program! Really appreciated the flexibility and challenges of the program, which covers a range of movements and builds in progressive overload throughout. Really enjoyed and would strongly recommend!

    11. Guido Marzocchi (verified owner)

      Have you got a sad TRX hanging alone in your house and don’t really know what to do with it? Have you also got some experience in the gym? Well, wait no more and buy this program, your TRX and your overall shape will thank you. Highly recommended. Be sure to watch the videos since important concepts and advice are included.

    12. Tim (verified owner)

      Very well put together programs with Adam’s characteristic enthusiastic, supportive and succinct style with his links to YouTube. A few typos here and there but nothing major, and Adam is always ready to clarify online. I’ve been doing TRX since 2007 and these guides are generally the clearest and most helpful, highly recommended.

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    What is the Primary goal of this Workout Plan?

    The primary goal of this Workout Plan is to develop quality muscle within the major areas of the body, through large volume for maximum physique transforming results. The second is to increase all around strength.

    The Workout Plan focuses on compound and accessory TRX exercises that utilise large ranges of motion to stimulate muscles through their lengthened and shortened ranges. It incorporates super sets and giant sets with varied exercises challenging the muscles along their strength curves for total development. The Workout Plan delivers a tailored structure to achieve maximum effectiveness utilising 2 BLOCKS of 4 weeks each.

    Workout Plan Block 1: ‘4 week Giant Set Technique Phase’

    This is the ‘4 week Giant Set Technique Phase,’ we will be focusing on executing each exercises with perfect technique, instilling muscle memory so you can perform them effectively and safely whilst also allowing the body to adapt to the demands of intensity and volume. There are two main goals within BLOCK 1:

    1. Master the exercise technique not only for performing it but also learning to engage the muscles we are targeting correctly in the most optimal way for performance.
    2. Develop a larger work capacity and higher volume tolerance. These two things will set us up for major success and transformation for the 2nd BLOCK.

    We maintain perfect technique focus throughout the 1st BLOCK with special attention to the detail of your execution and practice. Along with internal focus on muscle contraction and feeling.

    Workout Plan Block 2: ‘4 week Giant Set Intensity phase’

    This BLOCK is our ‘4 week Giant Set Intensity phase.’ It’s time to mentally lock-in and give it your all focusing on your movement through a 4D space with ingrained technique.

    The main focus of BLOCK 2 is to apply an even higher degree of effort and increase intensity. We also incorporate a couple of slightly more advanced TRX exercises that are more demanding but deliver greater results.

      Who is this Workout Plan for?

      Fundamentally if you are seeking a workout Workout Plan that allows you to achieve fitness goals in the realms of strength, physique and muscle development anywhere (home, travel and in nature) with a TRX, then this plan is for you. You will benefit from this Workout Plan if:

      • You are comfortable around a TRX and have 1 – 2 years of general fitness application in other forms
      • You are a fitness enthusiast with a few years of relatively serious ‘gym training’ under your belt, but have not used
        a TRX before. You will find this challenges your body’s movement mechanics in a completely different to what it is
        used to. So in essence, this is a way to differentiate your training for results
      • You are seeking a high volume Workout Plan that you can tailor between 3 – 6 days of exercising per week
      • You are looking for a very high-intensity TRX total body plan (workout plan 2) or a plan to focus on mastering TRX
        movements and correct muscular contractions with moderate to high intensity (workout plan 1)
      Who this Workout Plan is not for?

      Whilst I feel everyone can benefit from TRX training regardless of experience, I would not want to hinder or offer something to someone that has specific goals and would benefit more, with potentially better results, by adopting a different type of training. This Workout Plan may not be for you if:

      • You are a complete beginner to TRX or fitness applications in general
      • You are seeking a high-intensity anaerobic or aerobic cardio Workout Plan
      • You are seeking a low-intensity Workout Plan
        What is the format of this Workout Plan?
        1. This Workout Plan is fully digital and can be accessed on a laptop, tablet, or phone
        2. This Workout Plan is also available as an e-book PDF with clickable links to view the exercise technique teaching videos. So you can print it off if you wish or have the entire Workout Plan as one scrollable document.
        I don't want to be bulky. Is this Workout Plan right for me?

        This plan is created to add muscle mass and thus size. However, exercise is just the spark to muscle building, your nutrition intake is the fuel. Thus depending on how you eat will depend on how big / bulky you get. If you follow my diet recommendations in the Workout Plan you will be able to:

        • Develop a well-rounded lean aesthetic physique and not appear ‘bulky’ if that is your goal.
        • Or maximise your muscle and strength gain potential (overall size -you will fill out a T-shirt better) if that is your goal, whilst understanding you will add some element of fat within this process.
        Can I build muscles with this Workout Plan?

        Yes, if you follow the Workout Plan executing the exercises with correct form focusing on contracting the primary muscle and you follow nutrition recommendations for your goal, you will gain muscle. However, there are a number of other factors at play here which will affect this such as your overall nutrition, genetic potential and general health.

        Where can this Workout Plan be performed?

        All this Workout Plan requires is a TRX with a door or hook to hang it from and approx 2m2 space of floor room with twice your height headroom.

        I have used this Workout Plan across several countries performing the exercises in hotels, hostels, beaches, jungles, roof-tops, parks, at home, in a garden, on a balcony and on a building site. I believe the question is not where can it be performed? But where do you want to perform it? The world is your oyster and this Workout Plan your Fitness Freedom.

        Gain Fitness Freedom!

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