TRX Beach Body Program (Intermediate)

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Develop a lean physique, improve cardiovascular output and build functional strength in 8 weeks

Challenge your body with rotating full-body workouts and multiple high volume TRX exercises

Build greater functional strength and all-round fitness performance

Master the mindful muscle-connection for greater full-body lean muscle toning

The effective Mindful Muscle-Centric TRX Technique teaching videos

  • 4 Days Per Week (customisable)
  • Fullbody Workouts
  • 8 Week Plan
  • 4 Week Technique Sculpting Block 1
  • 4 Week Intensity Block 2
  • 40 – 50 Min Workouts (excluding warm-up & depending on current fitness level)
TRX Beach Body Program

About this TRX Program

This Program is designed for total body fitness advancement using a TRX, anywhere. It has been specifically crafted to get you the ‘beach body’ by increasing your functional fitness strength, burning fat and challenging your muscles to develop an all-round lean, aesthetically shaped physique. The Workout Plan is split into 2 Blocks:

The 4 week technique sculpting phase focuses on perfect exercise execution and muscle contraction through full ranges of movement. It uses lower reps and higher sets with a small amount of high volume sets.

The 4 week intensity phase focuses on really challenging and advancing your entire overall fitness capability with high intensity and large volumes consisting of higher reps, giant sets and super sets. In this phase you will feel ‘the burn’ and ‘the pump’ greatly! Technique is allowed to slip slightly as we push our body and mind to really give it everything.

    Detailed 8 Week Step-by-step Progressive Workout Plan

    Follow the step-by-step progressive Workout Plan that guides you workout to workout. So you remain motivated throughout and don’t fall off track.

    There are TRX exercise technique tips for every muscle trained alongside each step of the plan. To remind you of the key technique focus points as you exercise.

    It takes me a full day of work (8 hours) to plan and write a specific Workout Plan. Then three months to test and refine it. I do the trial and error so you get the results.

    TRX Traveller Program Example
    TRX Beach Body Workout Plan

    Intermediate TRX Muscle-Centric Exercise Technique Video Library

    Learn the technique that actually works. Get access to 30+ exercise teaching videos and learn how to perform every TRX exercise in the Workout Plan effectively. To develop a lean physique!

    It would take me at least x4 1-hour personal training sessions to teach you how to perform each of the exercises with the correct technique, once. Now, you can have access to this teaching to view over and over for life.

    Every single Workout has the relevant teaching videos below it for quick viewing.

    Plus These Key Resources…

    Program Specific Training Manual

    Good Form & Training Variables Guide

    5 Minute Warm-Up For Performance Routine

    5 Minute Cool Down For Focus Routine

    Extensive FAQs Guide

    TRX Traveller Program Example

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    11 reviews for TRX Beach Body Program (Intermediate)

    1. Angela Separovic (verified owner)

      Awesome way to work out. I’ve noticed the positive effect it’s had on my rock climbing. I’m strong and agile. The mind-body connection aspect is meditative and energising.

    2. Amy L (verified owner)

      Huge fan of Adam’s TRX material. This is the second program I’ve bought from him and in halfway through. I combined or changed up some exercises again because I’m still scaling up to the program but the results are amazing. I enjoy these workouts in the morning and combine some MetCon to keep motivated each day. Thanks, Adam!

    3. Mehran Armiyon (verified owner)

      A treat for your body and mind. Absolutely no doubt! Appreciate your help Adam.

    4. Cody Duncum (verified owner)

      Adam’s program was the first program that I’ve been excited to use AND witnessed results. After each workout I feel as if my muscles were truly exercised, rather than punished at a traditional gym. The results have been so welcomed, I’m already looking for my next TRX Traveller program. Well done, sir!

    5. Eric (verified owner)

      Fantastic full body program. I appreciate the time and effort put into creating this program and am seeing results already.

      When I have questions about how to perform an exercise, I can click on the exercise which takes me to Adam’s YouTube where he explains in detail how to do the exercises and what to focus on for that mind body connection.

      I do wish there was a little illustration next to the exercises on the plan but once you get used to doing the program after a few weeks, the exercises become second nature.

      Overall well worth the money. Thanks Adam.

    6. Jordan Robert (verified owner)

      Hands-down, this was the best money I could’ve spent. The program was highly doable, and steadily progressive, so I was motivated from the start. Got 6 weeks into the 8-week program and was committed for the first time in my 63 years of living — and NOT working out. I loved every day. And the results came very quickly and very noticeably. Then had a physical set-back — not TRX related — and was laid up for 4 weeks, but now I’m back and I can’t overstate how happy I am to be back. But while I was laid up — I got to watch my son do the the workout — and that was an added bonus. We used to work out together, and if you’re a father, you know how amazing that was. So, thanks from both of us. Adam is also super accessible and answers questions quickly. He is a truly valuable resource: Safe, Responsible, and Intelligent in the jungle of Knucklehead TRX clowns out there. “Put your mind in the muscle” changed everything. Glad to be back. Can’t wait to keep going. Thank you, Adam.

    7. Beverly VanReenan (verified owner)

      Awesome Program! I have the official TRX app and it doesn’t come close to these workouts. I like how they are stacked and combined to really challenge the body. The explanations with the video links are great. I would find it a tad bit easier if the links were embedded within the actual program day rather than having to scroll to the bottom but it isn’t worth taking away a star on this program. It is also very helpful to understand the muscles being worked and the different aspects of it. I rate this higher than the video TRX puts out with no explanations or concepts defined. I am seeing wonderful results so far with this program.

    8. Paul Byrne (verified owner)

      I’m halfway through the programme and can’t speak highly enough of it. I’ve used the “official” TRX videos and app, but they didn’t get close to the intensity or gains TRX Traveller gave me. The workouts are challenging but add in the support offered by Adam, and you absolutely can’t go wrong

    9. Daniel (verified owner)

      It took me 9 weeks to complete the Beach Body program. I had a lot of fun and whenever I did not know how to do an exercise properly, your video guides were very helpful.
      Now I am doing the Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor program.

    10. Richard Biechler (verified owner)

      Fun, beneficial, simple to use!

    11. Steve Blundell

      A great programme that is easy to follow. I’ve been a bit stop start with it and mixed it with other exercises including running and football.

      Great and enjoyable sessions with visible results. Highly recommended.

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    What is the Primary goal of this Workout Plan?

    The primary goal of this Workout Plan is to challenge and advance your entire body with regards to fat burning, muscle and strength developing and physique toning. It incorporates super sets and giant sets with varied exercises challenging the muscles along their strength curves for total development. The Workout Plan delivers a tailored progressive overload structure to achieve maximum effectiveness utilising 2 BLOCKS of 4 weeks each.

    Workout Plan Block 1: ‘4 week technique sculpting phase’

    This Block focuses on perfect exercise execution and muscle contraction through full ranges of movement. It uses lower reps and higher sets with a small amount of high volume sets. We allow the body to adapt to the demands of intensity and volume. There are two main goals within BLOCK 1:

    1. Master the exercise technique not only for performing it but also learning to engage the muscles we are targeting correctly in the most optimal way for advancement.
    2. Develop a larger work capacity and higher volume tolerance.

    We pay special attention to the detail of your execution and internal focus for muscle contraction and feeling. This will set-us-up nicely for BLOCK 2 where we unleash the beast and give it our all, utilising the muscle memory and fitness development from BLOCK 1, advancing our body to the next level.

    Workout Plan Block 2: ‘4 week Giant Set Intensity phase’

    In this Block it’s time to mentally lock in and give it your all focusing on your movement through a 4D space with ingrained technique.

    The main focus of BLOCK 2 is to apply an even higher degree of effort and increase intensity. We also incorporate slightly more advanced TRX exercises that are more demanding but deliver greater results. This BLOCK uses very high rep ranges, giant sets and super sets that push you to failure. You will feel ‘the burn’ and ‘the pump’ in this plan. We allow for form to slip slightly and also allow for slight cheating where needed as the primary objective is to reach the rep numbers by moving your body through the exercise range of motion to do so.

    Who is this Workout Plan for?

    Fundamentally if you are seeking a workout Workout Plan that allows you to achieve your fitness goals in the realms of strength, physique and fat burning anywhere (home, travel and in nature) with a TRX, then this plan is for you. You will benefit from this Workout Plan if:

    • You are comfortable around a TRX and have 1 – 2 years of general fitness application in other forms.
    • You are a fitness enthusiast with a few years of relatively serious ‘gym training’ under your belt, but have not used a TRX before
    • You are looking for a high-intensity TRX total body plan (workout plan 2)
    • You are looking for a plan to focus on mastering TRX movements and correct muscular contractions with moderate – high intensity (workout plan 1)
    Who this Workout Plan is not for?

    Whilst I feel everyone can benefit from TRX training regardless of experience, I would not want to hinder or offer something to someone that has specific goals and would benefit more, with potentially better results, by adopting a different type of training. This Workout Plan may not be for you if:

    • You are a complete beginner to TRX or fitness application in general
    • You are seeking a high intensity anaerobic or aerobic cardio Workout Plan
    • You are seeking a low intensity Workout Plan
      What is the format of this Workout Plan?
      1. This Workout Plan is fully digital and can be accessed on a laptop, tablet, or phone
      2. This Workout Plan is also available as an e-book PDF with clickable links to view the exercise technique teaching videos. So you can print it off if you wish or have the entire Workout Plan as one scrollable document.
      I don't want to be bulky. Is this Workout Plan right for me?

      Whilst this plan does contain elements in overload progression that will develop your muscles both in size and strength it is more focused on a body transformation so you feel confident having developed a well-rounded physique whilst also adding functional fitness strength. If you follow my diet recommendations in the plan you will be able to:

      • Develop a well-rounded lean aesthetic physique and not appear ‘bulky’ if that is your goal.
      • Or maximise your muscle and strength gain potential (overall size -you will fill out a T-shirt better)  if that is your goal, whilst understanding you will add some element of fat within this process.

      Both goals are covered in the plan.

      Can I build muscles with this Workout Plan?

      Yes, if you follow the Workout Plan executing the exercises with correct form focusing on contracting the primary muscle and you follow nutrition recommendations for your goal, you will gain muscle. However, there are a number of other factors at play here which will affect this such as your overall nutrition, genetic potential and general health.

      Where can this Workout Plan be performed?

      All this Workout Plan requires is a TRX with a door or hook to hang it from and approx 2m2 space of floor room with twice your height headroom.

      I have used this Workout Plan across several countries performing the exercises in hotels, hostels, beaches, jungles, roof-tops, parks, at home, in a garden, on a balcony and on a building site. I believe the question is not where can it be performed? But where do you want to perform it? The world is your oyster and this Workout Plan your Fitness Freedom.

      Gain Fitness Freedom!

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