How to do Resistance Band Squats

Published on: August 10, 2020

How to do Resistance Band Squats. People squat wrong without intent or specific muscle isolation. So, let’s look at some variations for resistance band squats and change that!

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How to do Resistance Band Squats

How to do Resistance Band Squats video subtitles export

hi guys how’s it going trx travel adam here in this video we’re going to look at some variation to squats with the band there’s a few different variations you can do with the band um the most one which i see people doing is quite simply putting it over themselves uh putting it around and just going for it you know really gunning for squats that’s absolutely fine i think there’s a time to place for that if you’re going for high rep ranges you’re wanting to get a bit of a cardiovascular sort of working you want to sweat a bit perhaps towards the end of a workout or something like that um but what we’re going to go through today is um some real intention and isolation and we’re going to look at low render squats um rep sorry between eight and maybe twelve reps we’re going to look at really how to isolate and re look at how to work specific areas of the leg so depending on what the plan calls for this is how you would incorporate that specific type of squat so the first squat the first one is just a general squat um so as with all squats get the band over get the band under your feet and over your shoulders i always like to kind of put it not too far under my heels but just enough further back so it’s not going to slip out either way and sometimes if you put it too too much in the middle it kind of feels uncomfortable even though you’re wearing trainers it kind of puts you off um a little bit so get the band over you want for these ones this is just a normal standard squat how to make the most out of a band of the standard squats you just want your feet slightly pointing out um shoulder width slightly pointing out get the band stuck down put it over your head get comfortable behind your neck and that’s all we’re after to start with now what i want you to focus on too many people when they squat they just drop with gravity so that’s just me going like this that’s not what we want we want control technique and we most all want safety so what i want you to always think about is whenever i’m going up or down a muscle should be contracting when i’m going down my hamstrings and glutes should be contracting and they should be pulling me down so if i go down now what i’m doing is i’m imagining there’s a big ball a big ball behind my hamstrings and and my um my glutes i’ll turn a bit side on so this is a bit better to see but what i’m going to do is i’m going to imagine i’m trying to grip the big ball the big stability ball and i’m pulling myself down so right now i’m tensing my hamstrings and i’m pulling myself right down right down and then as i come up i’m gonna contract my quads so right now i’m tense my hamstrings and i’m contracting my quads now and i’m exploding up and at the top here at the top when i come up i’m squeezing my quads as hard as i can so right up right up to the top here squeeze and i’m going back down now the tempo we’re gonna go for is four seconds down no pause one second up no pause four seconds down so it’s essentially four down one up and we’re not going to rest too much either end because we don’t want to give the muscle a chance to relax we want to keep a constant tension on it because that’s what isolates it and that’s that’s intention so in practice if i turn this side this way this okay feet shoulder width apart and i’m contracting my glutes i’m contracting my hamstrings it’s pulling me down explode up and down for one two three four explode up and down for one two three four explode up and when i mean explode i am squeezing as hard as i can my quad quadriceps here as hard as i can and when i’m at the bottom as i’m going down i’m squeezing my hamstrings and glutes as hard as i can to pull me down so no muscle is resting there’s not we’re not just using graphic gravity to bounce here now you might say you might think well aren’t we losing tension as we’re going down on the quads especially at the bottom if we just if we sit there no because as we’re going down even though you’re contracting as you’re contracting there’s still an eccentric load on the quads as you’re going down when you get to the bottom and you’re contracting and your hamstring is contracting as hard as it can it’s lengthening the quad so this is an even better benefit because we’re taking the quadriceps through a full range of motion from stretch position at the bottom because we’re contracting the hamstrings and the glutes which pull that pull the quadricep muscle then contract it as we explode up to a contracted state so that’s a full active range of motion you’re taking it through not just a passive range of full active range of motion and it’s technique it’s it’s a good technique and we’re trying to go all the way to the bottom and we’re really activating the hamstrings and squeezing them in the glutes at the bottom so we know they’re contracting and when one muscle contracts just like when the tricep contracts bicep lengthens bicep contracts tricep lengthens that’s how we can take the the quadriceps through a full range of motion so for a standard squat that’s all it is it’s one two three four down squeeze and explode up and squeeze in one two three four down explode up and squeeze now the planner in some cases might tell you to stay at the top for a second and just get that extra squeeze which is really good practice for mind to muscle you know already squeezing as hard as you can before you go back down but most of the time a tempo of four seconds down one second up is great but of course this all depends on the plan the plan might stay you need two seconds down two seconds up it’s all about the the period periodization of the plan and how the how it progresses so that’s your first standard squat now another one which i absolutely love is really targeting the outer quadriceps here and again this is this is intentions this is mind mind to muscle and tension and to target the outer quads it’s the same principle except this is a little bit more advanced you’re going to constantly push your feet outwards constantly so as you go down you’re pushing your feet outwards as you come up you’re pushing your feet outwards you never stop trying to push your feet outwards against the floor and what that does is it applies all of the tension not all the tension but most of the load most attention on the outer quads and it exhausts them six or seven of these and i’m knackered so as you’re going down i’m pushing my feet out i’m still thinking about engaging my hamstrings and still thinking about that but depending on your level if if you’re quite new to um bands i would advise you just to purely focus on pushing your legs out if the plan calls for you to specifically target you out the quads so as you go down push out push out push out push out explode up push out go down one two three four explode up keep pushing out if you want to take it a little bit more advanced try pushing out and on the way down thinking about contracting these as well your hamstrings and your glutes that’s quite a lot to think about this is a new technique for you so if it is don’t worry about that just focus on pushing your feet outwards constantly to constantly target the outer quads yeah that’s the second way we can isolate now i’m sweating already now the third way we can change up the squat is by taking a bit of a wider stance so i’m gonna have to reposition this if we take a wider stance we can incorporate more of the hamstrings and the glutes as we come up um and less emphasis on the quads so what i then suggest for a wide one and again same principle as we’re going down we’re thinking about contracting and pulling myself down pulling my hamstrings down nice wide legs always drive my knees outwards now instead of contracting my quads to come up this time i’m contracting i’m thinking about again contracting my glutes and my hamstrings so as i come up i’m squeezing them and i’m pushing up and it kind of makes you automatically generate a little thrust forward at the top which is great so here the intention is to really work the hamstrings and glutes more so i’m contracting down for one two three four and i’m exploding up and as i’m exploding up i’m squeezing my glutes as hard as i can really good booty build of this really good so down for one two three four squeeze up ah and down for one two three four and squeeze up so just power power on the glutes as you’re going down hamstrings and glutes contracting down same principle now there’s no harm if you then want to target the quads in a slightly different angle you could always go down contracting the glutes and hamstrings and you could think right i wanted to i want to focus on targeting my quads so i’m engaging my chords and i’m contracting my quads up and you probably feel it a lot more in the t-drop muscle right here so again rather than toggling the outer quads it’s a bit difficult right now to push our feet out just by focusing on contracting the quads to come up we can then target the front so different variations and different ways with a squat just a few different ones to target different aspects as you can see i’m sweating i’m naked just off doing them simple ones so it’s because we’re really focusing on engaging the muscles we’re not just doing this you know lots of people can do this but where’s the control where’s the intention where’s the thought of the muscle you want to isolate so whatever your plan calls for whatever program you uh have a look and see what it specifies if it’s best advice is for normal squats you know you’ve got you’re just your shoulder width you know you’re focusing on contracting your hamstrings and pulling yourself down to an explode up if it calls for outer cord focus you know you you know you’re pushing your feet outwards constantly going down and up and if it calls for wide squat with glute focus you know you’re then going wide and you’re exploding up and squeezing your glutes and your hams okay so that’s it that’s uh that’s some variations of a squat and how to do them with a band any questions comments please leave them below and you can find links to my programs and more about me below as well thanks very much for watching [Music] you

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