15 TRX Exercises to Failure for Muscle Growth

Published on: February 08, 2021

15 TRX Exercises to Failure for Muscle Growth. Let’s take these exercises to complete failure for maximum muscle growth…


  • 14:25 TRX CURLS – BICEP
  • 19:40 TRX FLYS – CHEST

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hey how’s it going TRX Traveller adam here this video is for the full body intensity program there’s a link to it just below if you’re interested let’s get straight to it all right let’s get straight into this so first exercise is a trx pistol squat now look how i’m taking my time to get my feet position comfortable and what am i doing here i’m leaning my body weight forward so it’s over the quadricep muscle because we’re training the quadriceps here when i get to the very bottom of the exercise i’m squeezing my hamstrings and glutes because when i contract them it lengthens the quads it’s an antagonistic muscle so contracting one muscle will lengthen the other muscle means we’re working the quad in a full range of motion so down for four seconds squeeze at the bottom the hamstrings are glutes back up squeeze at the top super hard for two seconds back down for four seconds so it’s four seconds down about one second up and two seconds super hard squeeze at the top now i’m going to fail you here so what you could see i was really struggling on that last rep there and i knew i wouldn’t be doing the full one so now i’m doing partials i’m just exhausting the concentric phase so partials still partials little pumps little pumps and i’m trying to hold my body weight there isometric and now i’m feeling on the eccentric slow as possible on the way down and i guarantee you you will feel the pain you will feel the pain in your quads so now i’m tense in my quadricep my left quadricep as hard as possible and then as always what do we do what do we do once we’ve tensed it and we focused on that on the contraction we stretch it and we stretch it for 15 seconds now i’ve talked many times before about why we stretch ultimately stretching um carries on breaking the muscle down and even more importantly it’s just going to promote more blood to the muscle more blood to the muscle better pump better pump more nutrient in the muscle encouraging more catabolic breakdown and now moving on to the second exercise so the second exercise is the trx high roll now again look i’ve taken my time to set myself up always take your time to set yourself up make sure your feet are correct i like to start where i’m going to end which is the top contraction phase and that’s how i know that i’m at the right sort of um angle of intensity now here you can see i’m stretching right down at the bottom i pull back up and i contract hard for two seconds and i’m pulling with my elbows the hands are just hooks so i’m pulling with my elbows i’m keeping them high i’m squeezing at the very top there squeezing my upper back muscles as hard as possible but when i get to the very bottom i stretch it right out see that big stretch at the bottom and you can even hang there for a bit longer if you wanted to you know the tempo that i’m doing throughout most of these exercises is four seconds down one second up two second hard contraction but every exercise is to failure so you can see i’m starting to fail here yeah last one and i know this that i’m not going to complete another full one so what do i do i do partials oh no i’ve gone for one more brave yeah just about done it just about done it you can see i’m shaking so now i go into partials no one more still again i’m even shocking myself here i can’t remember doing this many so yeah you can see here now i think yeah just partials just to fail you some fit out wanting to feel a concentric phase here so little pumps little pumps and then i’ll go to squeezing so i’ll just hold it with the isometric holding holding and then lowering as slow as possible which is quite fast because my muscles are exhausted this is my second set so what do we do straight after again tense tense tense so i’m really tense in my upper back muscles there really pushing them back driving them back even my rear deltoid in here using my lats so i’m really driving my elbows back squeeze my lats there and then of course we go straight into a stretch a nice deep long stretch and they always do the stretch of 15 seconds on the muscle frank zayn uh he was a massive believer in stretching after every exercise um and if you look at frank zane’s physique full-time mr olympia it’s pretty damn good so um as well as science there’s also um following people who know what they’re doing and here because it’s a back muscle yes we use a lot of the upper back muscle and you know the traps there the lats come into play not the upper lats the rear deltoid but i always like to stretch out the lats as much as possible on all back exercises because they’re mine quite tight um now we move on to our shoulders uh specifically middle shoulders and these are trxt’s so what am i doing here i’m actually keeping the range of motion quite short so i’m not allowing my arms to fully go down at the bottom because that’s going to take tension off the muscle and just into the joint and essentially we’re just going to be hanging from the trx that’s not what we want we want to keep tension on the middle shoulder muscles yes debris is going to come in a little bit but ideally we’re targeting the middle and you’ll see i’m protracted my my shoulders are rounded they’re not retracted because when we retract our upper back muscles are going to help us pull and we don’t want that we just want the middle shoulder muscle so protract round your shoulders forward again it’s four seconds down one second up a two second hard squeeze at the top i squeeze i mean i’m pulling and i’m trying to slap my hands to the side now you can see i was feeling so now i’m just doing little pumps to really exhaust the muscle now i’m holding i’m holding and i’m going down as slow as possible which is quite fast because i was failing and what do we do then we tense we tense those middle shoulder muscles which is difficult but if you really close your eyes and think about it put your arms in front of you and squeeze and pull down you will feel them tense and again of course we stretch now i can’t emphasize enough on these trxt’s it’s all about just short movements short little pumps you want to just keep thinking i’m pumping the muscle i’m pumping the muscle these uh the shoulder muscles the the rear front and middle are small muscles they’re really hard to to work through a full range of motion so we do long time under tension with higher reps on them and that creates a lot of blood flow really gets them pumped up and you will feel a mega pump now here we’re doing trxt’s to target the long head of the bicep i love these because the squeeze is amazing now two key things i’m doing here at the top right there i if you look i’m supinating my wrists that means i’m twisting my thumbs outwards i’m twisting my pinky upwards and i’m twisting as much as possible as i squeeze at the top there for two seconds because we should always supinate the wrist on all bicep curls and now at the bottom i’m squeezing my tricep again why because squeeze my tricep lengthens my bicep so i’m taking the muscle through a bigger range of motion that’s what we want we don’t want to miss out on that inch at the bottom of the bicep we want to work the full full range of motion the entire length of the muscles fibers and so i twist i supinate and twist my wrist at the top because that works the peak and it’s really squeezing the peak try it try it just holding it just do it bicep squeeze and then twist your wrist and you’ll feel how much more contraction you can get on your bicep muscle specifically the short head the peak so you see i’m feeling so what do i do i do pumps i was doing pumps and now i’m holding it and now i’m really failing so i go down slow as possible so again as we fail we then take it into pumps partials we then take it into an isometric and hold it for as long as possible and then we go down as slow as possible on the eccentric and that is total failure of the muscle as much as you can um you know put go through the burn so to speak and of course what did i do straight after there i squeezed my biceps as hard as possible but not not with um the palms up with my thumbs up and a hammer grip because we want to target that outer head it’s really squeezed it and now i’m stretching it i’m stretching that out ahead i’m stretching my brachialis muscle which is in your forearm and i do that by putting my thumb on the wall so i put my thumb on the wall to stretch the bicep now these are trx skull crushers and i believe i did a superset here into close grip now school crushes it’s not about school crushes aren’t about a top contraction when you do school crushes what you want to think is and what you want to focus on is the stretch behind the head so look how i even twist my wrists in to really get as much of a stretch on the tricep muscle behind my head as possible i’m really going down slow and i stretch right right right back and then i push up and i don’t fully extend at the top because if you fully extend and lock out your elbows at the top you’re going to take all the tension off the triceps it’s going to go through your arm through the joint through the elbows that’s not what we want we want to keep tension on the triceps so big four seconds down negative stretch at the bottom a one second up and then straight back down so you haven’t really got too much of a pause either end it’s very much up and down and you can see i’m really struggling on that last one there so this may be my last rep yep and i’m just doing pumps so i’m just doing partials little partials and just holding and stretching pumping really putting it through depletion now i’m just holding hold and hold it and then i fail and believe me the next day you will feel that now i love to always superset 2x skull crushers um with close grip press because the skull crosses you don’t get much repeat contraction because you you know the key like i said before takes the uh strain off so i like to then do a peak contraction exercise and these close grip preps are fantastic you can see that i’m really pushing at the top and at the top i squeeze my triceps as much as possible so i’m going down for four seconds and at the top i’ll squeeze them as much as possible now i feel quite fast here because obviously my triceps are tired so what do i do again really slow down and i’m going to do little pumps little partials no i’m going for one more for what i didn’t make a full one so i’m now going for partials you can see my face my triceps are crucified here and i’m holding it i’m holding it pumping pumping holding it and then i give up and you can see by my face that was not easy um and again guys it’s always about technique it’s always about taking your time time under tension and again i’m squeezing my triceps here really squeezing straighten my arms as much as possible and then again i’m stretching my triceps out these first ones trx reverse rows i love these because you can get such an awesome squeeze so what am i doing here well i’m doing four seconds down and watch at the very bottom how far i go down i really try and stretch my lats because we’re really working the lats here see that big stretch at the bottom and at the very top here i’m squeezing those lats as hard as possible now my hands are just hooks my elbows are leading and my elbows are driving back and down and i’m running them alongside my body as close to my body as i can and i’m squeezing super hard super hard and again four seconds down nice long stretch back up and squeeze and i think this may be my last one and because we’re going to failure what do i do now i do partials let’s do pumps little partials little partials squeezing the lats squeezing the lats now i’m going to hold it isometric for as long as possible and then i’m going to lower myself as slow as possible once the isometric fails and that’s us taking the muscle through failure because we’re going across the three strength ranges the concentric the isometric and the eccentric and what do we do straight after we squeeze the lats so here i’m really focusing on squeezing my lats and now i stretch them for 15 seconds either side and why do we stretch i talked a lot about this in many other videos stretching encourages blood flow it also breaks the muscle down but mainly because we want blood flow we want that pump we want the catabolic breakdown stretching helps with that it encourages blood flow to the muscle now the second exercise we’re going on to is front raises now these are fantastic but you’ve got to get them right and if you watch me it’s all about the little range of motion we’re just wanting to really pump up the front shoulder muscles here and this is my second or third set i think and these are harder than they look so don’t put too much intensity if we go too far down we hang and we’re just hanging off the trx and all the weight is transferred from the front shoulder muscle to the joints at the top it’s it’s four seconds down one second up at the top a little one second pause just you feel the contraction and you see i’m failing here so what am i doing i’m trying to just do pumps at the top halfway partials and i’m really struggling because these are super hard you can see me shaking my head i’m not too happy with that i didn’t do very good but these are incredibly good for targeting the front shoulder muscle just make sure you keep the range of motion short so you’re constantly pumping constantly pumping up those deltoid front deltoid muscles and of course what do we do we then stretch we squeeze so you really just put your shoulders in front pull them down and squeeze hard squeeze your chest muscles together and you’ll feel the front shoulder muscles contracting too and then we stretch for the same reason promoting blood flow promoting the pump promoting catabolic breakdown stretch after every set and the third exercise we’re going on to here is just press-ups now if you’re strong uh by all means put your feet in the trx i am not strong enough these kill me so what am i doing here these look easy looks like i’m just going up and down i’m not i’m constantly pushing my hands together all the way up and all the way down i’m pushing my hands together against the floor this puts all attention onto the chest muscles and removes the shoulder muscles which can take a lot of load and you’ll find they are so so hard so it’s four seconds down it’s one second up and one sec contraction at the top this is again this is my second or third set and i am pretty knackered so i’m failing here so i just do little pumps little pumps and then i hold it and i hold it and then i collapse believe me normal press ups where you don’t think about it and you’re just moving that’s not what we do here we don’t just move we specifically isolate the muscle contract it that causes the movement this is muscle centric exercise we aren’t just moving here we want to con we want it we want to place load on the pectoral muscles the chest muscles so that’s why we push our hands together try it next time you do a press up i can’t do many full press-ups um when i do this technique yes if i don’t even think about anything and i just blast out press-ups yes i can do quite a lot if i think about it isolate it think about the muscle i want to use get my brain inside the muscle mind to muscle connection then it is 10 times harder and that little technique of pushing your hands together it really amplifies press-ups and now we’re moving on to bicep curls my favorite awesome absolutely love them now two key things i’m doing here again which is what i always do on curls whether it’s a hammer or reverse at the bottom four seconds down we are contracting the tricep to lengthen the bicep antagonistic muscles working in pairs when one muscle contracts another muscle must lengthen the opposite one that’s just basic science so we we do that to take the muscle through a full range of motion at the top i’m twisting i’m supinating my wrists so i’m twisting my pinky up and my hat my hands down again this is the last set so i’m really knackered and you can see i’m starting to fail here make sure to twist at the top always twist and twist your pinky up so to go at failure we’re now doing partials partials partials little pumps little pumps and it’s going to be isometric hold hold hold hold hold and then slowly down i’m trying to breathe through my nose throughout the whole workout but when it gets to the stages like this you have to breathe through your mouth but if you watch i’ll probably close my knife in the mouth now yep and i’ll go back to breathing through my nose nose breathing just regulates nitric oxide better nitric oxide helps with the pump helps with air dilation of um blood vessels which uh deliver nutrient to the muscles and now with stretching and to stretch the uh biceps it’s thumb against the wall it’s not hand it’s thumb against the wall and you’ll feel your brachialis muscle your forearm and your bicep muscle stretch not so much your shoulder and chest whereas if you put your hand flat against the wall and of course as soon as you finish there we tensed and squeezed the muscle to get that mind to muscle connection and now we’re onto the hamstring curls again take your time getting set up with these uh rush into it you can see i’ve got the um straps a few inches off the ground there and what i do is i just move back slightly so my feet aren’t against the wall i put my hands down i lift my bum off the ground and it’s a one second up and i squeeze as hard as possible at the top here so right at the top here i’m squeezing my hamstrings and glutes as hard as possible for two seconds four seconds down what do i do at the bottom i contract my quads to lengthen the triceps sorry to lengthen the hamstrings as much as possible so at the bottom contract your quads to lengthen the hamstrings and glutes as much as possible and then on the way back up you’ll see my face when i squeeze super hard and i’m going to failure here so i think this is my third set so i’ve managed many reps but i’m going for one more and then i think i’ll go into partials yeah so you can see i’m just doing partials little pumps you can see my face i’m screaming here parcels and then i’ll just try and hold it hold it hold it and let it go down as slow as possible as slow as possible and by god you will feel the burn these are great when they’re done correct don’t rush them take your time always keeping the tension keep your bum off the ground keeping the tension on the hamstrings and it’s all about that super hard squeeze at the top and here i know it looks like i’m going to toilet i’m just squeezing my hamstrings as much as possible and glutes together and of course what do we do straight after we stretch for 15 seconds encourage that blood flow we’re heading into the trx face pulls now uh before cracking at these guys i just want to apologize um for the light and it was half six in the morning and it was pitch black here in london in the uk when i shot this so hence the the lights and unfortunately the the poorer quality and i have to use a fisheye lens to uh to try and get my uh my whole sort of body in and so to speak within the this uh this space so these face pulls here uh this is my second set and you can see i’m doing four seconds down at the top i’m holding for two seconds with a really strong squeeze squeezing as hard as i can and it’s about one second up now i’m doing about eight reps here but look how slow i’m going i’m not fully extending all the way down i’m keeping that tension on the rear shoulder muscle because that is what we want to train and you can see i’m starting to fail here so i then i’m going to take it to full failure so little pumps because i couldn’t do a full complete one little pumps again little pumps and now i’m holding i’m just going to hold it i’m holding it i’m holding it this is isometric tension and that’s eccentric and i’m slowing as slow as i possibly could there now that is taking it to full failure so you’ve got your concentric your eccentric and your isometric which is a muscle strength you’ve got to you’ve got to deplete those three ranges to really wear a muscle down for it to regenerate fully to fire off as many fibers as possible so you can regenerate as many more fibers as possible and you can see immediately after that what did i do i then flexed i tried to squeeze my rear shoulder muscles as hard as possible and now i’m stretching i’m stretching those three shoulder muscles for 15 seconds my arm isn’t going straight across my body it’s wrapping behind my head to really stretch those rear shoulder muscles so pay particular attention to the execution on them your hands you’re pulling your hands past your face you’re squeezing pulling back super hard as if there’s a coke bottle between your shoulder blades pushing your elbows right back and then you lower and slowly and the second exercise here is at trx flies now don’t rush these these are all about tension they’re all about taking your time and it’s time under tension so here you can see i’m going down for four seconds i’m spending a little bit of time at the bottom there because i want to get a deep deep stretch in my chest now here when i’m coming back up i’m not pushing myself up fast i’m not trying to out power myself i’m just slowly bringing my hands together so i come back up and what i’m doing is you see how my my hands start bent and then i straighten them at the top and what i’m doing is i’m squeezing my chest muscles together for two seconds super hard at the top i’m not focusing on bringing my hands together i’m focusing on bringing my elbows together so i can squeeze my chest muscles together super hard that’s the key focus don’t look to bring your hands together look to see my arms are bent here to get that stretch and then as i pull up i straighten my arms and i squeeze my chest muscles super hard and if you look at how much my face is straining it looks like i’m going to toilet that’s how that’s how hard i am really really pushing really contracting really squeezing my chest muscles flies are fantastic because it’s one of the only exercises where you can really squeeze like this the peak contraction at the pink contraction for the upper chest so i’d really really advise you to focus not so much on how many reps you can do or how powerful or fast you can do it but just purely on the stretch at the bottom here and the tight squeeze at the top long big stretches hard powerful violent contraction squeezers at the top are what builds muscle good quality dense muscle and you can see i’m starting to fail here this might be my last rep yes it was so i push back a little bit oh now i’ve got one more in me one more in me squeeze my chest muscles together and now as i go down i’m going super slow super slow and i’m just going to do little pumps at the bottom here while it’s stretching a little pump little pumps little pumps and then i’m going to try and hold it this is complete failure look at my face look at my face little pumps that i’m holding i’m holding and i collapse that is complete failure right there now what do i do immediately i squeeze my chest muscles together exactly as what i was doing when i was exercising to really push more blood into it to feel that contraction to feel a squeeze and now i stretch 15 seconds on either side again why do i stretch i’ve covered this a few times before essentially look at stretching as just free exercise and stretching still tears um the muscle so it still breaks it down even further and more importantly it causes blood to to flow to the muscle it helps with the pump it helps drive nutrient to the muscle and that’s what we want when we work out we want the pump we want to force the nutrient in now this next exercise is for the hamstrings now look i’m look at my feet i’m paying particular attention on my feet there and i’ve done a stance that’s outside shoulder width now this may look like simple squats it’s not the one thing i am doing here is making sure only my hamstrings and glutes are contracting on the way down i’m pulling down i’m contracting my hamstrings and glutes and on the way up i’m only contracting my hamstrings and glutes to push back up now what i’m doing is what’s called one and a half reps so i’m going up for a full rep and then i come down for half a rep and then i go up for a full rep and that’s one and a half reps here i’m feeling though because i could only do a few of these so you can see i’m just pumping i’m just doing little pumps my head’s all over the place it’s hurting so much i’m pumping i’m pumping a little bit a bit holding and i’m gonna hold and i fail then i fail i go down slow as possible look at the agony there that is because i’m only squeezing throughout that entire range of motion i’m squeezing my hamstrings as hard as possible on the downward phase i’m pulling my body down i’m not just sitting down and pulling it down then i stop i pause and i contract my hamstrings and glutes to rise back up halfway back down and rise back up a full way this takes time it takes practice to be able to switch between using your hamstrings in your quads for squats but it’s a very very very useful tool to be able to do and you’ll notice your hamstrings develop a lot faster when you can do this so take your time and practice squatting just with your hamstrings and just with your quads now you can see on the hamstrings i had a wider stance this is quads now the one thing i’m doing here for quads is i’ve got a short stance but i’m constantly pushing my feet outwards i’m not focusing on standing up and down i’m focusing on pushing my feet against the floor outwards and i’m focusing on rising up and down so down slow and then back up for maybe one or two seconds down for four seconds back up one and look i’m failing because this is my second set and i’m pumping i’m pumping i’m trying to hold it i’m trying to hold it i’m pushing outwards i’m pushing outwards and pushing outwards and i fail throughout all that i was pushing my feet outwards that is the one focus don’t just drop with gravity don’t then just try and stand back up using multiple muscles if you push your feet outwards it will put all the entire load onto your outer quads your outer cord or the sweep is what builds thick legs it’s a big muscle it looks extremely bloody cool when when it’s built up so really take your time push your feet outwards get a nice big range of motion sit deep at the bottom when you come all the way back up don’t lock your legs out on the hamstrings and the quads you don’t lock your legs out because we’re gonna that’ll take tension off the muscle go to almost lockout but stop and then go back down this is really pumping these these squats are pumping actions to pump them to muscle to pump the blood into the muscles to wear them down and when you nail it you will know because they are brutal and my second set here my first set i could probably do eight reps four seconds down one second back up approximately and but this is my second set on both the hamstrings and quads and you can see i was struggling after five or six because they really take it out of you when you push it to failure so you you finish in half reps the isometric hold and then finally low and as slow as possible the negative man they kill i’ll put a link to the video talking about these uh three ranges of strengths you understand what i mean in more detail at the end of this video now here onto the biceps and this is reverse curls reverse curls are fantastic to build the brachialis muscle to build arm thickness and again i’m going four seconds down i contract my triceps at the bottom to lengthen the brachialis my bicep muscle as i contract my arms up i’m pulling my wrists outwards so i’m rotating my thumb outwards you can see the rotation there that helps with the bicep peak and again i’m pulling up and you can see here now i’m failing i’m failing and that’s so i’m just going to do pumps so little pumps these these are our halfway our partials then i’m going to hold for the isometric isometric and then i’m going to go as slow as possible in the eccentric down which was quite fast because i was so naked and then of course what do i do straight after i flex and i squeeze squeeze the arms as hard as possible there to really feel it contract and again front double bicep shot squeeze and feel that muscle contraction feel a violent squeeze and then of course i go straight into the stretch so straight into the 15 second stretch and i decide you can see i’ve got my thumb against the wall here not my hand my thumb because i want to stretch out the bronchioles muscle and the bicep muscle and again on the other side so full range of motion on these reverse curls guys these are great to build arm thickness the brachialis muscle will push the tricep muscle and bicep muscle away from each other as that grows and that will create a thicker arm a denser arm [Music] you

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15 TRX Exercises to Failure for Muscle Growth

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