Why you’re doing TRX wrong and not getting the most out of your exercises

TRX is all about time under tension don’t think fast and pump

Why you’re doing TRX wrong and not getting the most out of your exercises. Think slow and squeeze. Couple of tips to get the most out of a TRX:

  • Do 3-5 second negative phases, when the muscle extends.
  • Do 1-2 second contracting phases, when the muscle shortens.
  • Hold and squeeze the muscle at the top for whatever you’re targeting.
  • Really stretch the muscle an example of this is TRX flys, allow your muscles to stretch fully out before you return to a contracted muscle position. Same applies for many back exercises and abdominal.
  • Vary the difficulty by using the angle of your feet to the angle of the TRX hanging point.
  • Work in adjacent muscle pairs back to back, bi’s and tri’s, chest and back, hams and quads etc for the most beneficial workouts.
  • Pair a TRX with a band and perform super-sets and tri-sets on muscles to really wear them down and push them to improve

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