Why you should be going for a wide stance squat over a standard shoulder width stance

Why you should do a wide stance squat.

First up. Do whatever squat feels comfortable for you. And do it with proper form. A wide squat may not be right for your body composition

A squat should not be a specific muscle developer. The entire body should be activated during the exercise especially the core and posterior chain.

Most people use a shoulder width stance to target quadriceps, some varying narrow stances to target specific areas on the quads. But using a wider stance targets more areas and also has a few distinct advantages.

Why you should do a wide stance squat

Why you should do a wide stance squat

The advantages

  1. Powerful gluttes. They are your power house muscle, a wide stance allows for greater posterior displacement of the hips which activates your big ass glutte muscle more. Up to 15% more than a normal stance squat. You’ll be running through walls
  2. Narrow stances require an anterior tracking of the knee, and while this is not inherently a bad movement, it does place a greater stress on the knee which in turn can lead to problems. A wide stance places much less stress onto the knee due to a more vertical shin position.
  3. Overall effort. A study performed by Escamilla et al. (2001) found that a wide squat is a bigger mechanical movement for the body to undertake. Ultimately  it takes more effort and thus you’ll burn more.

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