“If this is what your fitness goals are”


Then this is the TRX Program for you


“I have used a TRX before and want to lose fat whilst gaining lean muscle” 

Your Program is: TRX BEACH BODY


$78.00 $58.50

  • Constantly challenge the body with multiple TRX exercises and rotating full body workouts to develop an aesthetic physique
  • Work up a sweat and feel the burn in muscles you didn’t know you had
  • Increase strength⁣⁣ and cardiovascular output

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“I want to develop abs and a tighter, stronger waist. I want a plan I can do within 10mins, choose which days suit or add onto the end of my current workouts” 



$25.50 $19.50

  • Craft an aesthetically shaped waist with various short, intense TRX workouts
  • Develop total core strength and stability
  • Maximise the muscle building potential⁣⁣⁣ of the abs⁣

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“I have used a TRX before and have good general gym fitness and muscle but I’m not happy with my body’s physique and shape. I feel I’ve plateaued and haven’t seen any changes in a long time” 



$93.50 $70.00

  • Enhance statistically lacking areas found on general fitness enthusiasts to sculpt an aesthetic physique at home.⁣
  • Specific TRX exercise priority programming combined with high neurological overload techniques to shock the nervous system.⁣
  • Designed to push your muscles to ABSOLUTE fatigue using a PUSH, LEG AND PULL workout split.⁣

⁣And specifically developed to achieve ALL THIS at home

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“I am new to TRX training and want to learn how to use it effectively. I want to see and feel a difference” 



$78.00 $58.50

  • Learn correct TRX exercise technique whilst transforming your body⁣⁣⁣⁣
  •  Increase your functional fitness strength⁣⁣⁣⁣
  • Develop an all-round toned physique⁣⁣⁣ with an UPPER/LOWER split⁣

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“I have used a TRX before and have good general gym fitness. I want to build as much muscle and strength as I can” 



$78.00 $58.50

  • Build muscle through large intensity and volume TRX workouts⁣⁣⁣
  • Completely fatigue large muscle areas with tailored and progressive TRX giant sets and super sets⁣⁣⁣
  • Maximise physique transforming potential and strength with specific compound TRX exercises⁣⁣⁣

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“I want to specifically target my glutes. To shape and strengthen the entire area. I want a plan I can add onto the end of my current workouts to exercise my booty more or do separately on days I choose” 



$25.50 $19.50

  • Build strong-powerful Glutes
  • Develop an aesthetically shaped booty⁣⁣⁣⁣
  • Increase stability of surrounding hip stabilising muscles

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“I want to improve my arms shape, strength and add muscle. I want a plan I can add onto the end of my current workouts to exercise my arms more or do separately on days I choose” 



$25.50 $19.50

  • Transform your arms physique
  • Increase functional strength
  • Develop lean, shaped⁣⁣ biceps and triceps⁣

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“I don’t have a TRX but I do have a resistance band (this black one here, or similar) and want to challenge my entire body, sweat and tone-up” 



$78.00 $49.50

  • Work-up a sweat and challenge your muscles in a 1m square space
  • Develop overall physique toning⁣⁣⁣ through muscular tension and adaption
  • Increase flexibility and cardiovascular fitness

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As a Fitness Instructor, it’s my mission and passion to help people gain Fitness Freedom and achieve their fitness goals absolutely anywhere using a TRX.

I used to have an unhealthy psychological reliance on gyms, believing I had to be close to one or in one at all times to achieve my fitness goals. It was limiting and confining.

Now, 5+ years later having TRX’d across 32 countries I feel in the best shape of my life after implementing the HUGE fitness possibilities achievable anywhere with a TRX.


I met Adam in a co-working space in Palermo, Buenos Aires. After talking to him about the lack of good quality gyms available (not to mention the circus act that went on in them) he showed me the possibilities of TRX training and put me onto his TRX Total Body Transformation Plan.

What a blessing it's been! Working out in my AirBnB each morning before work is bliss. The plan is VERY detailed and covers absolutely everything, I had some basic experience with a TRX but after viewing the technique videos realised I wasn't executing a lot of the exercises correctly. I'm half way through the 2nd block and loving the increased intensity focus.

Nadia Hills

Living in Buenos Aires

I'm currently working through your Beach Body 8 week book, bloody loving it! Hard work, but feel like I'm progressing each time I workout.

Thank you. Stay safe bro

Steve Blundell @mrblunders

Home Workout, Eastbourne UK

I was seeking a method to train my arms and abs more effectively whilst travelling south America. I've always been comfortable with pull ups and press ups for my upper body but found I just couldn't challenge my core or arms enough to see any progress. I reached out to Adam and purchased his core and arms programs.

 The structure worked well for me, I'm new to TRX so the first 4-week technique block was key. By the second block I felt very comfortable performing the TRX movements. My core felt super strong and in my girlfriend’s opinion has become more developed. My arms have definitely become more defined and stronger. After working in a few pull-ups I was able to hold myself for longer and perform more.

Stefan Lewin

Travelling for several months

Also, I just wanted to say I've just finished my first week of Beach Body and love the program! Thank you for putting together great programs, they've been keeping my roommate and I sane during COVID-19!



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