What’s Better? TRX Suspension Training or Resistance Bands (Muscle Building)

Published on: November 08, 2021

What’s better for building muscle? TRX Suspension Training or Resistance Bands? In this video, we’ll look into which is the most effective for building quality, dense muscle.

What’s Better? TRX Suspension Training or Resistance Bands (for Muscle Building)

A question I get asked quite a bit is which will build the most muscle – a TRX or Resistance Band?

The answer is…they will both build the same amount of muscle.

Why? Because building muscle happens in the mind. It’s internal. The muscle does not know what you are holding all it knows is the tension that you can place upon that muscle through a range of motion, regardless of the tool to do it.

Only when internal mastery of using the mind to connect with the muscle (the mind muscle connection), only when that has been absolutely mastered to its max potential should the question of external – TRX or Resistance Band – come into play.

In other words, technique mastery precedes hard work. You might be thinking, what do I mean by that! So I’ll use myself as an example…Years and years ago when I used to train in a gym I was very externally focused. I focused on the weight I used, what I looked like, when I was using it. Instead of internally connecting with my body and feeling how it felt, regardless of the weight. I should have been powerfully contracting my muscles, feeling the muscle stretch, contracting it, and of course, using perfect technique to do that.

But I didn’t. I wasn’t internal. I was very externally focused on my surroundings getting caught up thinking – do I look good lifting this heavy weight?

What a TRX or Resistance Band teaches you very well in your own space is to let go of your ego and to internalize your feelings and your focus.

With a TRX we have to use a slow tempo.

We have to feel the muscle stretching.

We have to feel them contracting.

We have to focus on technique.

Slow, slow tempo.

Big ranges of motion – from long stretch to short contracted, twisting the wrist at the top to already squeeze short over the bicep.

It’s these tiny little details that make bigger contributions. So don’t ask yourself which is going to build more muscle. Ask yourself – how can I use a TRX or Resistance Band to internally connect with the muscle? With either equipment, can I feel it stretch? Can I feel it powerfully contract? Can I isolate the muscle and only cause movement by contracting the individual muscles? No swaying, no swinging.

So going back to the point of which will build more muscle, a TRX or Resistance Band. The answer is both will feel exactly the same because it’s all in the mind. If you master the mind-to-muscle connection you’ll feel and see the results.

I use TRX and Resistance Band workouts as a form of meditation. You might think that’s strange at first! But trust me, internalizing the workout and getting rid of external distractions, such as your phone, is key. I like to listen to Spanish audio lessons because it helps me focus. However, if I listen to heavy rock music or techno too much, I find it distracts me and I get too amped up so I can’t focus on my body and how it feels.

Again, I’m just speaking from experience doing that and focusing on the internal not the external – not the weight, not what I look like, and not what everyone else is doing in the gym. Instead, by switching my focus on me (internally my body and my mind) it has led to 10 times greater progression than I ever achieved in a gym.

I’ve achieved this all over the world with just a TRX or Resistance Band – on beaches, in nature and forests.

If I can do it, then anyone can do it. I’m just a little lad from the North East of England who just happens to have a huge passion to exercise anywhere!

Fitness Freedom is what I call it. Gaining Fitness Freedom with a TRX or a band just happens to be the perfect tool to do that. When you realize that, it opens up a massive world because you don’t need to rely on a gym and you don’t need to rely on weights. Instead, you internalize the feeling so workouts and exercise becomes so much more than just sweating.

Here’s a link to the leg workout.

If you’ve got any comments, feedback or questions, scroll right to the bottom and hit them below!

Thanks very much for watching 🙂

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What's Better? TRX Suspension Training or Resistance Bands (Muscle Building)

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