Do you want a Personal Trainer who teaches you how to never need a PT or gym again?

I personally offer my help and advice with regards to your Fitness Goals, so you can achieve them anywhere. Via a 1-2-1 Coaching Video Call (20 or 40 min slots)…

Perhaps you want to:

✔ Refine your TRX or Resistance band exercise technique?

✔ Focus on a specific body area or weak points?

✔ Discuss nutrition?

✔ Even look at your 3 foundational pillars (sleep, stress, gut health) and how they could be affecting your goals?

You tell me what you want to discuss, learn, understand, improve-on, develop, change… with regards to all aspects of your TRX or Resistance Band training?

And together we’ll make it happen.

I’ll push you and show you how to sculpt, burn and grow with powerful muscular contractions and correct execution.

I’ll teach you how to use mindful intent with nutritional understanding to maximise your potential.

Personalised for All

By perfecting your TRX technique and understanding we’ll turn what you may believe is an unchangeable weak point (past injury, excess fat, underdeveloped arms-calves-legs) and transform it into a strength through correct mindful intent and specific area isolation.

I will teach you how to stop just going through the motions and instead powerfully contract a specific muscle to cause the movement. I’ll help you understand why that is the foundation to muscle building and fat loss and push you to grow.

Personalised for Females

Because hormone levels vary throughout the monthly cycle, we can actually use this to an advantage so that we work with the body and not against it.

I will teach you how to utilise the appropriate training methods and means to work with your body. Together, we’ll make sure you’re training for optimum performance, results and feel good factor.

      Sleep, Stress & Gut Health

No matter the person, no matter the fitness goal, it all begins with three foundational pillars:

  1. Sleep
  2. Stress
  3. Gut health (nutrition orientated)

I’ll teach you why and how these effect your goals and together we’ll make sure yours are optimal so your fitness goals become easier to achieve.

I’ll be right here in my TRX Studio Space where I can demonstrate technique and guide you through exercises.

I am for you if....

  • You want training that’s personalised for your lifestyle (sleep, stress, gut health), age and hormones.
  • You want to not only understand but experience how to use mindful intent with perfect technique to isolate muscle areas, and combine that with an internal meditative connection with your body whilst training. It will lead to HUGE advances and results in your fitness goals and mindfulness development.
  • You’re ready to master the ability to switch between Ninja Mode (sympathetic, power, catabolic breakdown time) and Buddha Mode (parasympathetic, relaxed, recovery time) by practicing powerful muscle contractions and a calm mind. By doing so, you’ll find that your fitness goals and overall health will constantly level-up.

I am NOT FOR you if....

Whilst I would love to offer my personal service to everyone, I would not want to hinder any progression knowing that you could benefit more from someone specialised in that field.

I would be more than happy to talk to you for free and offer my advice on who or what would benefit you if I can. Specifically, I am not for you if:

  • You are a bodybuilder or professional athlete within a specific sport looking to advance.
  • You’re looking for injury rehabilitation.
  • You’re looking for serious cardiovascular training.
  • You’re looking for a power lifting or strength coach training.
  • You want to grown, grunt or make loud noises whilst throwing heavy weights around.


Fill out the the below to book a 1-to-1 and I’ll get back to you to confirm the booking and time

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Why choose me?

Aside from the friendly northern accent…

5+ Years TRX’ing across 32 countries training only with a TRX. 7+ years gym-based personal training.

Over 400 TRX Workout PDF Programs downloaded online in 4 months that has empowered people to gain TRX Fitness Freedom anywhere.

I used to have an unhealthy psychological reliance on gyms, believing I had to be close to one or in one at all times to achieve my fitness goals. It was limiting and confining.

Now, 5+ years later having TRX’d across 32 countries I feel in the best shape of my life after implementing the HUGE fitness possibilities achievable anywhere with a TRX.

It’s my mission and passion to help people gain Fitness Freedom and achieve their Fitness Goals absolutely anywhere using a TRX.

Listen to me teach on YouTube

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What you can expect

Speaking from experience – a real game changer!

  • Together we’ll develop and advance your overall fitness using a TRX.
  • You’ll learn how to achieve your fitness goals on your own at home, in nature or whilst travelling.
  • You’ll see the results of exercising in your own space and time with internal focus.
  • We’ll have fun with a huge variety of TRX exercises / workouts utilising ‘creative fitness’.

Are you ready to learn how to go solo whilst achieving your fitness goals?

Can you build muscle with a TRX? Yes, in the above video I explain how and why.

Once we’ve advanced your TRX mastery you won’t need
me (a PT) or a gym anymore. However, If you wish….

You can continue to progress with any of my TRX PDF Workout Programs.

I can create you a Perosnalised TRX Program

…or we we can schedule in further calls to make sure you’re advancing correctly.


Fill out the the below to book a 1-to-1 and I’ll get back to you to confirm the booking and time

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Read what Dave and Ben have to say

For the past year I’ve been applying Adam’s TRX plans to my life and now they are a key pillar in my health and fitness routine. Prior to “TRX Traveller” there was Yoga, Kickboxing, HIT classes, and occasionally the gym; all of which goes out the window when you travel regularly. Travelling abroad, for business or leisure, means new routines, unpredictable hours, and the potential for dinners, albeit tasty, that are miles away from what your body needs.  All of which can really set you back health wise. To date, I’ve used my TRX and Adam’s plans across many countries: the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and many others. In all instances I’ve managed to either maintain, and / or, reduce any possible decline in fitness. No one is perfect after all!

Whether you travel or don’t, the point is this. Exercise needs to be easily accessible, as well as guided by positive and well informed people like Adam. From the get go, Adam has answered all my questions, some annoying and obvious I’m sure, with cheerful and supporting information. The plans themselves are comprehensive and leave you feeling like you’ve really worked out the whole body (including muscles you didn’t know you had). Eventually you don’t need to refer to the plans, you just remember. I now rope friends and family in to joining me for workouts wherever I go, and this is why I am now writing this review. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate and benefit from The TRX Traveller. Wherever and whoever is reading this, I’ll say this. There are aesthetic gains to be had for sure, but there is also the chance to maintain a fitness routine in the most unpredictable moments. To feel solid wherever you go, mentally and physically.

I’d say it’s a perfect tool for a good life. Cheers mate.

Ben Culpin


Adam’s workout plan transformed my cycling ability. From my initial consultation (sounds a bit formal, it was more of a matey chat about my goals and lifestyle) he created a leg routine to build my power and endurance, as well as core and balance sets to improve my strength and  joint support to help prevent injury.

This was my first year of amateur crit racing, and within just 3 months I went from mid-pack to podium (no BS) and earned enough points to move up a cat.

Adam was there throughout, adapting my plan along the way as my strength improved. And the best part was not needing to even look at a gym – the TRX allowed me to workout wherever and whenever I could; inside or outside. Genuinely cannot recommend this guy enough.

Dave Willis



I met Adam in a co-working space in Palermo, Buenos Aires. After talking to him about the lack of good quality gyms available (not to mention the circus act that went on in them) he showed me the possibilities of TRX training and put me onto his TRX Total Body Transformation Plan.

What a blessing it's been! Working out in my AirBnB each morning before work is bliss. The plan is VERY detailed and covers absolutely everything, I had some basic experience with a TRX but after viewing the technique videos realised I wasn't executing a lot of the exercises correctly. I'm half way through the 2nd block and loving the increased intensity focus.

Nadia Hills

Living in Buenos Aires

I'm currently working through your Beach Body 8 week book, bloody loving it! Hard work, but feel like I'm progressing each time I workout.

Thank you. Stay safe bro

Steve Blundell @mrblunders

Home Workout, Eastbourne UK

I was seeking a method to train my arms and abs more effectively whilst travelling south America. I've always been comfortable with pull ups and press ups for my upper body but found I just couldn't challenge my core or arms enough to see any progress. I reached out to Adam and purchased his core and arms programs.

 The structure worked well for me, I'm new to TRX so the first 4-week technique block was key. By the second block I felt very comfortable performing the TRX movements. My core felt super strong and in my girlfriend’s opinion has become more developed. My arms have definitely become more defined and stronger. After working in a few pull-ups I was able to hold myself for longer and perform more.

Stefan Lewin

Travelling for several months

Also, I just wanted to say I've just finished my first week of Beach Body and love the program! Thank you for putting together great programs, they've been keeping my roommate and I sane during COVID-19!



Which TRX to buy?

This is the TRX I have used → for 3 years almost every single day across 30 countries and it is still going strong. So if you’re looking to buy one? I would recommend this one

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