How to use a TRX with correct technique

TRX is all about time under tension don’t think fast and pump

How to use a TRX with correct technique and why you’re performing TRX wrong. Think slow and squeeze.

Couple of tips to get the most out of a TRX

  • Do 3-5 second negative phases, when the muscle extends.
  • Do 1-2 second contracting phases, when the muscle shortens.
  • Hold and squeeze the muscle at the top for whatever you’re targeting.
  • Really stretch the muscle an example of this is TRX flys, allow your muscles to stretch fully out before you return to a contracted muscle position. Same applies for many back exercises and abdominal.
  • Vary the difficulty by using the angle of your feet to the angle of the TRX hanging point.
  • Work in adjacent muscle pairs back to back, bi’s and tri’s, chest and back, hams and quads etc for the most beneficial workouts.
  • Pair a TRX with a band and perform super-sets and tri-sets on muscles to really wear them down and push them to improve

Give my plans a go and I promise you will feel and see a difference #nogymnoproblem

You can find my video workout ideas here

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