• Artichoke: Stimulates bile from the liver clearing out toxins and cholesterol.
  • Kale: Still around… Huge vitamin A RDA keep those toxin snaring membranes in your throat in full working order
  • Horseradish: Ten times the detoxing glucosinolates of broccoli it’s a liver cleansing beast.
  • Probiotic yoghurt: Team player bacteria beefs up immunity and constitution
  • Red onion: Vitamin B6 and flavanoids that dilate your blood vessels, aid with hangovers.
  • Lime: Alcohol ravages your bodies vitamin store, the vitamin C in lime will boost this whilst you’re at the bar. Leave some out for Santa
  • Popcorn: Nails free radicals and contains a higher amount of polyphenols than many fruits.
  • Pineapple rings: Anti inflammatory bromelain and high vitamin C combine to make it a sore throat cure.
  • Duck breast: 45g hit of protein along with selenium and niacin will help stray off headaches.
  • Dark choc: 90% and over bar are packed with anti toxins and the high cocoa will lift your spirits on gloomy days.

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