As always go for quality in the leaf not quantity when choosing a brand. Many tea brands claim more than they deliver


Not always the most palatable. Mixing with Elder flower boosts it anti-cancer EGCS’s by 50%. It also protects the brain from the plaque linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Steep a teaspoon of leaves for at least 3 minutes at 85 degree C’


Made from the buds of the first tea leaves so it contains the most life lengthening polyphenols. It also contains less fluoride, of which too much fluoride can be bad for your bones. Gently does it, young leaves are delicate so don’t over heat it. One tea spoon soaked at no more than 80 degrees C’ for 3 minutes. Two cups of the white stuff (not that kind!) kills 80% of bacterial viruses in 10 mins. Banish that cold


This is what is left after green oxidises. this creates a different type of antioxidant rich polyphenol. What’s more black also combats blood sugar spikes after eating carbs. It has high fat burning properties when drank before exercise. To extract 100% of the goodness you need it hot, 3-4 minutes in boiling water should do the trick. Three cups a day may help reduce your risk of a stroke by 20%

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