Banksy would eat his heart out, a city of graffiti where it’s respected and cherished. I ate my burger heart out in the best burger joint I’d found on my travels. They paired 4 pints of craft beer to each individual burger as standard. Fwooar!


Travelling Valparaiso? Here’s why there’s no place like it. I felt like I was wandering around a film set in the small main part of Valperasio, naturally I felt right at home from my days of Byker Grove stardom.

Now now don’t get excited you can still find me on Twitter, I have 17 followers. Hostel Planeta Lindo made our time (I was here with two quality dutch lads) epic. It has a roof top balcony kitchen a chill out area looking over the whole city. It was a pleasure to just spend days up here yapping on putting the world to rights over beers an acoustic guitar. Where ever there’s a rooftop hostel there’s an acoustic guitar.

Travelling Valparaiso? There's no place like it. The view from the top looking over the city of Valparaiso whilst on the free walking tour. The words "our little secret" are written on a bar in front

The view from the top looking over the city of Valparaiso whilst on the free walking tour

The culture

The free city tour was one of the best I’ve been on due to the history of Valpersio and how it’s represented in the culture of it’s graffiti. It’s like constantly walking around an art gallery as a city. It’s an endless up and down hill battle, the place is built a top hill after hill so it’s safe to say you’ll burn plenty of calories wandering the streets. Wandering them drunk however is another story.

As you can imagine with a place covered in graffiti come the hipster style cafes and restaurants. We were spoilt for choice and tried a few different cafes for snacks and Americanos. None disappointed. Fauna in particular was a great choice for lunch, it had a wicked view over the city. For our last night dinner together, like absolute lads, we ate at a place called Cervecera  Altamira. Its speciality was a burger matched with 4 pints of craft ales, sorry what! Yep, 4 pints matching one burger. Genius.

With two Dutch lads it’s hard not to let loose smoke and drink each day. This is mainly the reason I left them after Valpersio. To venture solo again. Sorry if you’re reading this chaps but you knew it. Mans gotta keep his fitness up and be a health nut. However we did have some fantastic nights together high as a kite on the rooftop of the hostel and out for a solid session of drinks on Calle Ecuador, the street is lined with funky bars.


  • Go on the free city walking tour
  • Stay at hostel Planeta Lindo
  • Spend a day at vina del mar walking the beach front and absorbing the atmosphere
  • Walk the streets and get lost photographing the architecture, just don’t venture outside of the main graffiti tourist area as there’s a quite a lot of poverty and stealing on the outskirts
  • Explore the Cerro Alegre area only, it’s quite run down and can be rough outside of it
  • Venture south to Pucon from the bus terminal via Santiago


  • Take your eyes off your bags around the Bus terminal, my good Dutch friend had his stolen right in front of our eyes very fast
  • Take a taxi to the hostel/tourist area you can easily get a cheap bus along to the bottom of the hill and walk up.

Catching the bus along to Vina del Mar was a piece of cake and the area is beautiful. A huge stretch of beach with a backdrop of high rise hotels and apartments. If you’re looking for some sights chaps, you’ll see them on this beach. So, travelling Valparaiso? There’s no place like it!

Tips for healthy eats

  • The mini mart for your veg and fruit down from Planta Lindo when cooking in the hostel
  • Fauna for salads and health kicks
  • ViaViaCafe Valparaiso for great coffee and egg breakfasts
  • El Desayunador for another healthy breakfast option

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • There’s a mini mart on the main hill street down from Planeta Lindo with hams, sliced meats, yoghurts, cheese, eggs etc.
  • It’s a struggle to find a market with meat to buy but if you choose the selections here wisely you can hit quite a high protein value with your dishes.
  • Cervecera Altamira had a huge variety of meat dishes including ribs.

Where to exercise

There’s a gym, prison style, on the main street in between calle Ecuador and calle Urriola. This is your only place outside the hostel. The owner of Hostel Planeta Lindo does have a pull-up bar in the reception area that he let me use whenever I liked but I found the gym better for a more effective area and workout.

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Travelling Valparaiso? Here's why there's no place like it
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Travelling Valparaiso? Here's why there's no place like it
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