Stomach fat, otherwise known as Visceral fat, is the hardest to shift whilst also being the most dangerous type.

Top five fat burning foods to help you slim down. Here are five foods to aid in the process:

Cinnamon: Naturally reduces insulin so less sugar is stored as fat.

Tuna: Eat more of it to crave less. Its fatty acids raise your levels of Leptin which tells your body you are full.

Jacket potato: Full of fibre, eat one to raise your intake which will in turn reduce your body’s fat storage.

Chillies: Yes they increase your metabolism but eat them with tomato juice and a further 28% rise in metabolism and calorie burning is added.

Carrots: High in fibre and water but very low in calories which means more in your belly for no fat gain.

Top five fat burning foods to help you slim down

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