With winter coming here is a list of top foods to eat to stay healthy and protected. Eat these and we challenge any virus to take you on.

Mushrooms: Full of immune boosting vitamin D, leave them out in the sun for ten min before cooking them to spike their levels.

Red peppers: Vitamin A, repairs mucosal barriers damaged by fighting illness

Pumpkin seeds: Eat them for magnesium, needed for the health of immune cells.

Shallots: They release the natural anti bacterial allicin.

Cucumber: Vitamin A and C and contains anti cancerous lignan compounds.

Broccoli: Disease killing sulforaphane. Most powerful when eaten three days old.

Salmon: Contains Astaxanthin which improves virus killing cells in your blood.

Lemon: Vitamin A and polyphenols team up together to reduce your risk of catching colds.

Butterbean: High in B vitamins. Eat them before a workout to prevent the breakdown of cells that guard against bacteria.

Parsley: Coumarin, boosts your white blood cell activity.

Raw garlic: Massively boosts the number of T cells in your body, strengthen immunity.

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