The only two things you need to keep fit anywhere. No gym no problem.

By combining a band and TRX you can create two different types of training styles that put the nervous system under different levels of shock compared to standard gym weights.

Personally I’ve found better aesthetic, cardiovascular, flexibility and muscle growth using a TRX combined with bands within my nomad travel life than I ever have from years of time spent in the gym.

Don’t believe me? Give it a go yourself!

I have plans that really will make a difference for you here and a variety of exercises you can perform, right here. And you can perform them anywhere. Trust me.

TRX Traveller

Well pet, I’m a Bakewell Tart fiend, straight talking (with a slight twang), nutrition nutter, fond exercise go’er and surfing enthusiast. Visual creativity and fitness are my career and travelling my passion. So I decided to mix them, permanently, and left the London grind for a life of nomad travel. This is where I document it, like a hamster stashing his nuts. I hope you find my destination writings helpful, my nutrition posts informative and my workouts energising. Drop me a message on Insta anytime. Adam. P.S Find me here: