The BEST TRX exercises for your arms

There’s a lot of fun to be had when using a TRX to train the arms. Here’s a range I’ve found to be most effective. And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance: In this vid we’re going to focus on the biceps TRX exercise called the TRX curl for […]

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On 4th April 2020

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There’s a lot of fun to be had when using a TRX to train the arms. Here’s a range I’ve found to be most effective.

And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance:

In this vid we’re going to focus on the biceps TRX exercise called the TRX curl for the biceps as always secondary muscles are going to be engaged when we were doing this I love about TRX has always so many secondary muscles helping you keep balance you’re going to feel a lot of car work here a lot of squeezing of the cause yes as you using these TRX to really work the biceps right so make sure you with a TRX is safe and secure grab the TRX both hands up turns in a hot grip so your thumb is round don’t just use overhand because you’re going to put strain on your wrist excuse the birds so find a comfortable position for your feet extend your arms and let the TRX take your weight and what I want you to do is a nice controlled pull up and squeeze at the top 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 and up 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 now at the top when I’m right at that top point here and I’m squeezing I’m trying to pull the wall down so I’m literally squeezing the biceps and I’m trying to pull it down you know I’m really trying to pull that wall down so much so that I’m even dig in my feet into the floor to stop me pulling forward and that’s what you want to think when you’re at the top that’s the key contraction to work the biceps when you’re at that top point really squeeze it squeeze the muscle as much as you can so again just to go over it get comfortable and explode up and squeeze that bicep muscle pull that wall down 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 and up 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 it’s not about pumping it’s not about this it’s about slow control technique allowing your core to engage to hold yourself in that lap time position and it’s about taking your time think about the negative think about slowly uncurling your arms to really work that muscle and at the top really squeeze the biceps really squeeze and try and pull up on this video we’re going to talk about a TRX back pull but in the neutral hand grips or working the biceps there is the incorporation of the back muscles the lats traps but there’s also primary work on the biceps because of the action of doing of contracting and using our arms to pull us in so this is all about keeping your body stable your arms locked in and really focusing on using your biceps to pull you in once you’re in a supine position and it’s fantastic again for a lot of secondary muscle incorporation so as I mentioned the bats going to get a good workout too as well as the arms and it’s just a variation of the TRX curl so it’s a really good one after you’ve done some TRX curls which you can look out for my previous videos it’s a really good one to change your grip up to go from palms up to thumbs up it just changes the variation and the location of the muscle you work in for your biceps so as always make sure the TRX is in a safe secure place you can strap it to something or if I’ve got much space I like to put it through a skewer door just make sure it and make sure it’s cool so again my seat position it’s something you’ve got to play around with and get used to and I would always advise you know if you stand 180 degrees just maybe sort of step in just a little bit from that and just lean back you don’t want to be going too deep like this and again you want to be gone a bit too easy like this it’s all about just finding what works for you and because as with all TRX exercises about taking your time and taking it slow and making the muscle work through the whole range of movement to get the good benefit so what you want to do get your good feet placement lean back and what I’m doing is I’m not like this I’m locking my shoulder blades back imagine there’s a coke bottle between your back and you’re trying to hold it between your shoulder blades that’s the action you want and from there you’re gonna pull up like this and if you can see at that side see how my bicep muscles are really straining to keep me there and we’re going to go back down for one two three I’m still holding the coke bottle my shoulder blades are still contracted back and I’m going to explode up for one and I’m going to squeeze my arms right now I’m squeezing my biceps as hard as I can and down for 1 2 3 and up 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 and up 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 and this part here this peak I’m pulling the door I’m really really working the bicep I’m pulling it as hard as I can to really get tension and really get squeezing my biceps as much as possible because this is where the damage is done on the negative phase and the squeeze to really make the muscle work so that’s it and you want to be aiming for you know between 12 and 15 reps here nice and slow nice and controlled take your time with them get used to where it feels again lots of good secondary muscles are incorporated there my stomach my core as always is keeping my balance a little bit in my quads they’re just holding me my glutes too so a lot of good a lot of good support is coming from the hip flexors which is really working me and keep me stable this video we’re going to look at the triceps and we’re going to do is skull crusher but with a neutral grip and the triceps ops 3 heads hence the name try so my other video I talked a lot about the skull crusher with the normal grip which is where you Hall mate your head and you extend an out now to change that up and hit a different head of the tricep we’re going to shift our grip to a hammer grip or a neutral grip so the skull crusher is going to be held like this and to do that we’re going to use the straps to support ourselves as opposed to the handle as always the air and when you do these skull crushers the t-rex skull critters there’s a massive amount use of your core and your abs you really get solid ab workout loads of bang for your buck on this one I love it all right as always makes you the t-rex is nice and secure get it all over your shoulders and I want you to grab the straps here so you grab on the bottom of the straps like that find where it’s comfortable with your feet as always if you stand a little bit further out it’s a little bit easier a little bit further back and it’s a lot harder I would play around find what works for you find what’s comfortable again it’s always about good form good technique nice slow movement contracting the muscle at top making it work it’s not about pushing yourself too much about taking your time and stability so hammer grip make sure you’ve got a little bit of tension at the top they’re always looking straight ahead my stomach’s I’m contracting my stomach to keep me here which kind of happens naturally and what you’re going to do is you’re going to bend the arms until your thumbs touch the top of your head and you’re going to squeeze and push up push up push up and squeeze at the top squeeze the triceps what I’m doing here I’m pushing my knuckles together I’m pushing my hands together like this at the top here just exaggerate that squeeze even more so let’s start this again here we go one two three down and squeeze up squeeze at the top on two three and then one two three down and squeeze and push up one two three and one two three down touch the top the head squeeze and push up one two three now I can already feel that after 3 seconds burning now the reason we only go to our head we don’t take it further beyond these points it’s because it just puts too much strain on the elbow so may argue that it’s not doing the full range of movement because you’re not going back but I promise you the key to muscle development and put the muscle is it wearing the muscle down so it builds it’s putting it under tension and contraction and it’s time under tension which promotes a muscle growth and we’re getting a lot of time under tension from that negative phase and the squeeze at the top now there’s plenty of other exercises you can cooperate such as chair dick if you really want to exaggerate and get a full length contraction but I still promise you with this you’ll still get a really good workout on your triceps even when you just go onto there which my opinion is more than enough ok in this video we’re going to be focused on a TRX triceps now this is the beginner so this is the main the main TRX exercise to really work your triceps again the secondary muscles which I love about TRX always incorporates a lot of secondary muscles first ability a lot of cores going to be used on this you’re really going to feel your cause you’re doing them the exercise is called a TRX Skullcrusher and it basically means that you press away from your school now two key things to remember when you do in this when you hold on the TRX again it’s always always in a hook grip and you’re going to hold the TRX handles together and push them together as you extend up so the form of the movement is to hold out like this you curl in to the top of your head once you touch the top of your head you press out now the reason we don’t go behind the head or too far out to the side is it puts too much strain on the elbow joint excuse me birds and all you want to be working is just a triceps and yes you might get a bigger range of movement if you go deeper but it’s not worth the strain it puts on the elbow joint and you’ll get just as much benefit from taking it nice and slow on the negative and squeezing at the top and pushing your hands together so get the TRX make sure it’s secure safe put it over your shoulders again I always mention this your foot position just depends on how you want to challenge yourself if you go really deep it’s going to be very hard if you go a bit further out it’s gonna be very easy if you just beginning with TRX so I’d suggest to just find a midpoint and just play with it and see what fine feels comfortable for you so proper proper grip with film underneath and find your comfortable head forward looking forward bit see any core 10 C core to keep you in this position and you’re going to slowly bend the elbows for one three – each the top of your head and press and squeeze push them together squeeze the triceps and down one two three and press up and squeeze one two three and down one two three and squeeze up one two three and down one two three throw all that my core my stomach my head muscles are really tense on there to keep me in that position much better than being on a bench where you it’s easy and I’ll support so I love about TX and again just remember when you at the top squeeze really squeeze that tricep push the hands together and you’ll really feel the triceps triceps work nice and slow on the negative nice and slowly all about control to your ex it’s all about control taking your time high em lots of reps and just low negative faces that’s how you phases that’s how you get the most benefit out of it video we’re going to be focusing on the TRX l-sit Talde now you might question this exercise why don’t you just use a chair it’s basically tricep dips well I prefer to use a TRX because the way you hold yourself allows you to go much deeper and also the way we’re going to hold ourselves we need to incorporate a lot more secondary muscles to stabilize ourselves and this is Emily always go on about that t-rex why it’s so good because to incorporate a lot of stabilizing muscles so you get a lot more bang for your buck so this is obviously for the triceps but it’s really going to incorporate a lot of shoulder work as well and a lot of core stability get the t-rex in a secure spot I’ve just got it hanging from the door here now the action to do this it’s a bit of a strength exercise as well it’s going to be lower rep ranges are normal maybe between 5 and 10 reps so get the TRX and you want to hold it in a hammer grip now hammer grip is like this as if you’re holding a can of coke position the TRX in the hammer grip just either side of your bum now you don’t want to pull it in too close you want to be slightly pushing outwards just ever so slightly get your balance now the easier is is with more of a 90-degree leg angle it’s much harder if you go straight out there’s a lot more weight on your triceps so to begin with I like to just start just testing my strength see how I’m feeling legs just beyond 90 degrees I’m gonna go we’re going to go down four one two three and pause nice and deep and come up and squeeze and hold 4 1 2 3 and down 4 1 2 3 holes and back up and squeeze I’m really squeezing my triceps they’re at the very top getting the most engagement I can and down 4 1 2 3 and back up and squeeze 1 2 3 now as you do this you’re going to feel a little bit of wobble here and there but again it’s just all about stabilizing yourself and using your shoulder muscles using your core if you want to take it more advanced put your feet right out a little bit easier bring them in and you can get right down and off and hold and squeeze 1 2 3 you can also rotate your hands if you want to vary it up and target a different tricep head but the main one the most beneficial is the hammer grip that’s going to target your two main tricep heads give it a go at the heart take your time you will feel it work your shoulders as well and this video going to be focused on the one hand TRX bicep go now this is great for mixing things up if you’re quite used to do in the beginner ones which is just a standard curls like this or even the hammer curls and you find you want to change things up they’re getting a bit too easy this is the one-handed curl so let’s get straight to it make sure the TRX set up nice and secure you’re going to want to pull the ropes in quite quite far you’re only going to be needing one so get it in quite close pull it down make sure it’s secure and the setup is relatively easy but you are just going to need to be used to using the TRX used to be able to holding your body weight a little bit to perform these correctly so the stance just get yourself in the stamps if you were going to do a normal tear Skol of both of them move slightly across just seem more balanced and take a strain under one hand sometimes easier to use another hand to stabilize yourself again the distance of your feet that’s entirely up to you the more you go in the harder it’s going to be the further out you are you’re easy it’s going to be now the same principle still applies nice and slow a lot of squeeze and you’re going to find a lot of secondary muscle incorporation from your abs and your lower back to stabilize yourself so to begin start off the top and the squeeze find a comfortable position and down four one two three and squeeze and hold it there for one two three and I’m really trying to pull the TRX off the door there I’m really pulling it flat squeeze so back down for one two three and up and hold for one two three and back down for one two three and squeeze again for one two three and back down and that’s it it’s relatively simple obviously then I would swap it up same principle set myself up as if it’s a normal one take a slight sidestep take the strain and get in a comfortable and begin so down for three and up and squeeze you want to be looking at a rep range of maybe between one to eight they are quite a strength exercises even if you stand further away which makes it bit easier it’s still very very hard it’s just one arm the great benefit is though you can really when you get to top you can really bring your arm right in and squeeze you know you’re it’s a little different to this because you’re kind of constricted because there’s only so far you can squeeze it in with one hand you saw I was leaning back it’s because I really like to get that squeeze right up and I don’t like to get my chest muscles in there and doing it so I can really squeeze the bicep right at the very top to touch all the heads give it a go let me know how you get on any questions leave them in the comments I always get back to people if you haven’t seen my TRX beginner series please check that out subscribe to my channel I’m always posting about TRX exercises and ways to keep fit without the gym thanks for watching



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