The BEST TRX exercises for lean abs and core strength

Abs are so resilient. If you really want to progress with them my advice would be to train them 5-6 times a week for 4-5 mins at a time non-stop. Don’t worry about sets just keep moving onto a different exercise when you exhaust. Here’s 6 TRX abs exercises to help carve them out. And […]

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On 4th April 2020

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Abs are so resilient. If you really want to progress with them my advice would be to train them 5-6 times a week for 4-5 mins at a time non-stop. Don’t worry about sets just keep moving onto a different exercise when you exhaust. Here’s 6 TRX abs exercises to help carve them out.

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In this video we’re going to talk about how to train abs now there’s a lot of different ways to train your abs for the TRX but because we’re focusing on the simple more beginner stuff for TRX here we’re going to talk about TRX bicycles teawrex bicycles are great because they put the ABS under lots of tension and they work each side of your core for this we need to get in the press up position and put our feet in the bottom straps of a TRX so as always heimet ERX make sure it’s nice and solid and safe I always find it easiest way to get your feet into the straps it’s just a kneel down one at a time and do it slowly so get one foot in pull it under bit attention reach around you got the other foot in now once you’ve got both feet in make sure you let your feet a balance just by pulling up and down on the cords and quite firmly spread you want them about shoulder-width and then you’re going to come up and plank now this it sounds quite hard so what I want you to start doing is then one leg at a time bring it to your chest and hold it for one two three down next one two three down next one two three down next one two three down now the idea you can see why they called bicycles is to keep that going for as many as you can figure it out what rep range works for you if you can do between ten and fifteen on each side that’s great if you can only do a few and then you just need to hold a plank position for a while that’s great do what works for you until you get more confident and you feel better at it the key thing with this bit is tension and squeeze and the muscle I always talk a lot about squeezing the muscle bit of TRX probably too much but these are great because as you bring your knee to your chest you can really squeeze the AB and you can feel that whole side of your core really getting squeezed and work and told you there that’s where the key muscle development is on the holes and the squeezes on those three seconds do it nice and slow do it nice and controlled you’re also kicking in quite like a lot of secondary muscle with the front of your deltoid shoulders and your chest so you feel a little ache in them if you do a lot of these don’t worry that’s again just because through a secondary muscle more bang for your buck because I always say video is all about focus on some ab work with a TRX needs to stomach it’s quite a simple one and one you might think that I know how to do that a lot of people don’t do it the most beneficial way it’s all about taking your time in being unstable and really really focusing on the squeeze your abs respond really well when you give a really good squeeze so get your your ex in a safe secure position make sure you can put your weight kneel down get your foot in the loose straps so I’m gonna place one in that one and one in this one now when you’re doing these you’re going to get quite a bit of work through the shoulders as well but we really really want to emphasize a lot of work on the ABS so hands shoulder width apart you want them directly under your pectoral muscles and what we’re going to do is both feet it’s at the same time so bring them in and we’re going to hold for one two three and slowly release down not not gonna let our legs drop faster slowly recent and hold for the plank and back up for one two three and slowly down keeping it really controlled and hold for plank and up for one two three and slowly down on the negative face and hold for the plank now even after three I can feel my ABS burning already there now the key to this it’s not to rush it not to be doing this and rocking it’s all about keeping stable so I’m keeping my shoulder girdle stable I’m keeping my whole torso stable my core and I’m really trying to pull the TRX through the door there there’s a attention in my feet and back down high rep ranges again a better so if you can try and work up to 12 or 15 reps that’s fantastic but really focus on that squeeze when you bring in your knees to your chest just really tense those abs and you will really feel them working in burnin fantastic exercise as well for building good stability in your shoulders you might start realizing you have one side that’s a bit stronger than the other so it’ll just help that balance out to from something called the TRX twists now these are really good ab ab exercises total core workout because they also incorporate your obliques and they also help strengthen your hip muscles and lower back so you’ve got any lower back or hip problems that you’re suffering from these are great for strengthening that and they’re so good as well for a total ab muscle workout the twist that you do in the hole that you do it really really puts you put your whole body under a little bit of a shock and I also recommend them they’re great for warming up I just do them before kickboxing a lot and they’re super good because they work your whole upper body and also your twisting and moving a lot so your hips on your joints get warmed up a lot great before you’re doing any explosive exercise so let’s get to it TRX twists make sure the TRX is nice and secure now the action for this you’re going to have both your feet in the TRX loops so one foot at a time get yourself comfortable and make sure the TRX are balanced with your feet so you might need to push one down the other makes you nice and balanced hands shoulder-width apart and you’re going to start by taking the strain in a plank position now the movement for this is to the middle to the right to the left to the middle now in the middle pull you can hold it there so I like to hold there for one or two seconds to really get squeezing the ABS in the left and in the right it’s too difficult and it’s it’s just too much of an awkward angle the whole so what you do is as you come up you each want to squeeze at the top and come down squeeze at the top and come down let’s go to that full exercise so in the plank position take the strain and then we’re going to go 4 1 2 and down to the right squeeze to the left squeeze and back to the middle 4 1 2 and down to the right squeeze to the left squeeze and back to the middle 1 2 3 one more time to the left to the right and back to the middle now you’ll see as I’m bringing my knees to the left and right I’m trying to get them to my elbows so if you watch this twist to the elbow to the elbow and that’s where you want to be aiming for to bring your knees into your elbows so focus on that you’ll really get a hell of a twist now however exercise cause your whole core they are very challenging I’m tired of stuff to do a few of them so the rep range is entirely up to you try try building on 2 or 3 sets they’re really good to finish an exercise because they work a little bit of upper body as well you’ve got a lot of stabilizing muscles kicking in so they always love with the TRX you always in stable a lot of secondary muscles kicking in my upper body they’re going to be focusing on the TRX Superman’s there are absolutely killer exercise for abs and they involve a lot of secondary muscles such as a shoulder girdle and your back now you do need a little bit of practice with a TRX to get used to these and a little bit of upper body strength to do them but once you start getting used to them they’re amazing one to tag on the end of workouts just to really finish your core off especially if you’ve been doing a proper body workout so make sure the TRX is in a skew position you’re going to need quite a bit of length on this to do this correctly the setup get the TRX over your shoulders now the feet position is something you’ve got to play around with a little bit the action the movement of the exercise is you go from the TRX over your shoulders and you push out to a completely prone position like this and you hold it and you can already see I’m shaking under the move under the exercise the tension of this and my core is really really struggling to hold me there it’s really getting a good burn to keep me in this position my shoulders and secondary muscles are also engaged up there and the back action you come down and you squeeze your abs and really squeeze and tight and then you go back out and that’s the movement so the feet position the more you pull in the harder it’s going to be because obviously if I’m right in here and I go right out that’s a lot more strain for my shoulders and my court home here if I go further out it’s a lot easier because the angles not as much so I can hold that much more comfortably it’s entirely up to you where you want to try I’d always say start easy because I always say TRX is all about technique and tension to really get the most out the muscles it’s all about taking your time so let’s go through that again he writes all the shoulders start with down and squeeze your stomach and then I want you to go out for one two three and hold right there and bring it in and squeeze and bring it out one two three and hold it right there and then bring it in again nice and slowly bring it in really squeezing your abs all the way in and back out one two three and hold and then bring it in squeeze the ABS really squeeze them that’s it you want to be looking between 12 and 15 reps if you can the key is as he coming back in to really squeeze those ABS to get you down and you’re going to feel such a tight tight burning those ABS fantastic exercise you’re going to be looking at the TRX side bends now these are fantastic for building apps leaks they really target what a lot of people call the love handles I always get quite a lot of fat build-up there and but these it’s super super great if you wanted to really build some strong abs and some bulging abs might hide under quite a lot of tackles at the moment but err maybe we’ll come out later on if there it is an advanced exercise and it incorporates a lot of secondary muscle especially in your shoulders and the shoulder girdle area with your back as well yeah the reason I love these is just the stability that is incorporated the secondary muscles that are needed and they are very similar to get into weight doing the side bend but that’s just it is quite an easy exercise compared to this because we have our hands above our head here so we’re stabilizing ourselves yeah it’s great it’s super great for abs I normally do in ref ranges between 7 and 12 for 3 sets each side back to back so to begin make sure the TRX is safe and it’s nice and secure nice and solid in there what you’re going to do is you’re going to clasp both the handles with this grips you’re going to rock your hand run both the handles create a nice solid secure grip place them place the handles right above your head so almost like there’s a direct line runs from your feet right up to the handles themselves should be able to feel a little bit of strain a little bit of pull there and the exercise is its bend out for 1 2 3 hold and feel up stretch and come back in 4 1 2 3 and I’m really contracting I’m contracting my side abs here all my AB muscle see it and that’s what pulls you back in it’s a contraction down here the muscles contracting to pull and these ones extend them so if you do that again 1 2 3 and contract them and pull yourself in for 3 and back down for 1 2 3 feel that stretch pull yourself back in my shoulders my arm to just use it just use them as stabilizers here and down for 1 2 3 I’m back in 1 three keeping the abs tense throughout this whole exercise non-stop even when you paused here keep those ABS nice and tensed as you go back down once you’ve done your reps on that switch it up and you do exactly the same on the other side as I say it is an advanced move you do need a little bit of shoulder strength accessibility because your shoulder muscles will tire and don’t be surprised if you feel a bit of a canned a bit of pain in your shoulders after doing this and they do incorporate it quite a lot because the hole in your stabilizers anyway it’s a great ab move it’s one of my favorites give it a go if you’ve got any questions or comments please leave them below I always get back to people and subscribe to my channel I’m always posting about t-rex exercises and the best way to get the most out of them fitness anywhere without the need for gym thanks for watching



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