The best 3 TRX shoulder exercises

Here’s 3 TRX exercises you can do at home (or anywhere!) to achieve boulder shoulders. The key to 4D shoulder development that looks great from all angles is growing the middle and rear deltoid and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on here. And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance: […]

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On 6th April 2020

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Here’s 3 TRX exercises you can do at home (or anywhere!) to achieve boulder shoulders. The key to 4D shoulder development that looks great from all angles is growing the middle and rear deltoid and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on here.

And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance:

Hey TRX traveller Adam here in this video we’re gonna look at a couple of TRX exercises that give an awesome burnin awesome pump that really target the middle and rear deltoid muscles so as we build them it really helps give a nice rounded look to the shoulders let’s get to it alright now this first exercise is the TRX front raise as I do this you’ll notice that my range of motion is very very small and the reason I do that is because I want to keep the middle head of the shoulder muscle the middle deltoid I want to keep it under constant tension so this is very similar to one year in a Germany used dumbbell raises and you go right foot right there however because of the range of motion here we’re not going to go right down because as we push right down with the TRX we’re going to lose tension on the muscle and that’s not what we want you want to keep the muscle under tension when we’re doing these we want to be aiming for high rep ranges between sort of 12 and 20 ideally so it looks like this get the TRX I’ve just gotten on the doll here we’re not going to be pulling too hard so don’t worry about the dog coming down on you and it’s more using the TRX essence balance and you only put in a very slight bit of incline with your stamps that creates intensity so grab a TRX and now the idea the motion is to create an L shape which means you push up like that and you let go back down but as I said we want to keep the muscle under tension so to do that what we’re going to do is we’re going to contract those shoulders back we’re going to raise up as high as we go do that and we’re going to lower to about that we’re going to raise up then we’re gonna lie we’re going to raise up and we’re gonna really squeeze our shoulders as we’re doing this really squeeze them and down and already just after a few I can really start to feel a burn so much so that my arms are actually starting to shake now I know this range of motion I know it looks very small I know it looks like a very small range of motion because we’re literally just doing that but we’ll constantly keeping the shoulder muscle under tension and this middle muscle is such a small muscle it’s very difficult to to stretch it and shorten it three ranges of motion so if you keep it under tension and you’ll start to feel a burn around 12 to 15 reps it really breaks it down and obviously encourages it to build better and bigger so when you’re doing these front raises to your excellent raisers let’s just keep that range of motion again you don’t need a deep stamps you just need a little one keep that range of motion nice and short just like that ah keep that muscle under constant tension really squeezing the shoulders oh and as I say you want to be known for high rep ranges between 1012 up to 20 if you go I’m already bit out of breath from Doudna so just small range of motion now the second one you can do if you really want to target the medial head the middle part the shoulder even more is if you pull the TRX right in and pull it down you can do one arm side raises and basically that allows you just make sure that secure it’s the same principle we just want to keep a short range of motion so as I go down to about there I’m not going to go right down because then I’m just leaning I’m going to keep my elbow slightly bent and back up and slightly bent I’m back off and I’m just keeping a constant tension in the middle head of this muscle very small range of motion really focusing on squeezing the shoulder muscle little doing these and again high rep ranges really high rep ranges and after a few you can really feel a burn and obviously he can switch it up so you go from that side shortly into motion and do it do the same again we’re not going all the way down and lean in because the tension root is removed from the elbow and you’re kind of just using it to hold on or constantly keeping that fit attention and that constantly constantly squeeze my wrists and squeezing my whole arms specifically focused on squeezed my elbow as I’m doing that just the same as the front raises constantly focused on that mind-muscle connection focus on squeezing your arms hardly can kinda like when you do that focus on squeezing them as hard as you can as you do in those rep ranges both the single and double now the third exercise you can do is what I call the TRX tees now normally you would do them like this so you’d split your hands like that I’ll just get a bit more length on the TRX so normally you’d have what’s a neutral grip hammer grip and you would split like that and again you’d keep tension you’d come down not all the way keep tension that’s it keep tension and up so that’s quite standard exercise and it’s great again that will really target the middle head as well but you can also really bring the back in a lot if you really squeeze squeeze the back as well but to put up even more emphasis just on the rear head of the deltoid which is that one that makes it you’re sure the really pop when you see em like bodybuilders on stage they’ve got this really sort of 4d shape shoulder muscle that’s got to have a really really good and developed rear deltoid and it’s also fantastic for shoulder stability as well that helps you stop getting injuries and it’s very important muscle the train so using these TRX T’s what you can do is you can hold the handle and instead of this grip we’re going to shift it to this grip so as I’m creating a tee and I’m pulling like this it’s using the rear deltoid more to bring my bring myself up bring my body up and even if you do it against the wall if you just do your hand like this and push it against the wall you can feel a back you shoulder muscle really engage in there so we take that principle and we take it into the TRX cheese looks a little something like this again just kind of start and you go down keep the tension keep attention and back up and squeeze and pull it apart hard as you can and back down and squeeze and pull out the pathology gun ah I’m back down and squeeze and pull it apart of the gun ah I’m back down so with those three exercises the front raises which target the middle middle of your shoulder the side raises but you gain target the middle and then there’s TRX tees but with a normal grip not a hammer neutral grip a normal grip or you extend them like this you can really really create a massive pump you know you can do them separate so you could do 10 to 15 reps of three sets and move on to the next one or you could do a giant set so you could really do like one arm one arm take it into a front raise and take it into a tee and then repeat a game and that would create a huge burn huge pump in your shoulder muscles and what I also love to do to add on the end of these is just do a stand and Paykel so a Pike press is where you’re down like this and you go down and you press up that’s the standard Pike press but I find them great to em to sort of build tension so it is very hard to you know to contract a bicep it’s really easy really squeeze left to get a lot out of it to contract the shoulder muscles it’s really hard to to really get a good contraction a good feeling so what I find really helps a lot especially to pump pump a lot of blood there and to break them down just a little bit more once you’ve once you’ve done that the exercises is to do a pike all so let’s say we’ve just been training some TRX tee tees with our M our normal grip as soon as he done go straight into a pike hole like this and just hold it you could even call this a downward dog in yoga I guess now the key is is not to it’s easy to hold yourself there and use lots of muscles but to get the most out of our shoulders when you’re holding down try and push your hands together like this and really really squeeze your arms okay don’t just hold yourself in the position focus on really engaging the shoulder muscles and squeezing your arms together so as I’m down like this I’m holding I’m pushing my hands together on the floor really pushing as hard as a gun and even just after a few seconds that really tires them out it’s just that added bit of addition that added bit attention to the muscles helps the mind to muscle connection so you can feel what it’s like to feel tension it also just helps flood lots of blood there so yeah that pipe cord is a great thing to do again if you’ve got a lot of it with body strength you could do a handstand same principle a few handstand against this war which I won’t do so got my trainers on and my mom will kill me but if you’re if you’re if you can do a handstand and hold your body weight same principle as you down just push your hands together like this on the floor and you really feel the shoulders engage and contract so yeah just to wrap that up three awesome exercises to create a really nice rounded shoulder by the way a lot of the times when you’re doing press ups are you doing TRX to your ex press ups you’re going to be engaged in the front shoulder muscle lot very rare that you see people with them with underdeveloped from shoulder muscles who who train a lot because they’re always using it you know even sometimes when you’re doing a barbell curl you’ll see people sort of swing their arm in and engage it it comes into play a lot however you d see a lot of underdeveloped and media and rear deltoid muscles and that’s when you don’t see the full rounded shoulder development it’s just the front so don’t worry too much about front shoulder muscle cost you are going to train that a lot from them TRX presses even pipe presses like that and even score cutters you incorporate them so there’s lots of different ones that will actually incorporate that you fully realize them so it’s good to them isolate their middle and rear deltoid and those three exercises the front raise which looks like this so the front raise and then the side raise which looks like that and then you’ve got the the TRX tee which is the rear delt rate raisers which looks like this so if you combine all three of them together on your shoulder days or however you can fit in your plan you’re going to really develop muscle well and you’ll feel a pump it’s or subfields gray I hope this video was helpful and if like gold was in the world you’re in the house and clear actually fantastic to to use to keep fit I’ve got several several eight nine ten different plans upper tier X travel calm this discount on at the moment if you’re looking for a way to stay fit while you in the house there’s so much you can do with a TRX and my plans cover from a beginner level up to an advanced up to a really big muscle muscle building one or the specific ones for those on a bootie or a core and or increase in functional fitness strength and flexibility so yeah if you’re interested in following a plan for four to eight weeks there into two separate blocks four week blocks every single plan has video demonstrations glossary nutrition tips recommendations are linked to a lot of athletes and people who I think at the top of the game with nutrition and bodybuilding women bodybuilders and women athletes yoga teachers are linked to them all because let’s be honest Fitness is a whole 360 fundamental to thanks very much for watching if you’ve got any comments or you’d like to see anything else that how you can train for TRX just just leave a comment below and I’ll there I’ll quickly do it and I’ll put a video up and hopefully it helped you I hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy at this time and look after yourselves thanks for watching TRX



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