The 6 BEST leg and booty (glutes) exercises

Legs, I always assumed a squat rack and a leg extension were the must-use tools to see results! However, I’ve seen better size and conditioning results with regards to my legs using TRX exercises in 1 year than in 10 years using a gym. And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read […]

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On 4th April 2020

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Legs, I always assumed a squat rack and a leg extension were the must-use tools to see results! However, I’ve seen better size and conditioning results with regards to my legs using TRX exercises in 1 year than in 10 years using a gym.

And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance:

In this video going to be focusing on the TRX lunge now TRX lunge you might think that’s a simple exercise I know exactly how to do that it’s really easy just one front forward and lunge down it’s actually different and if you do it correctly with a TRX you can get huge benefits out of it it’s one exercise that I dread but love because the aches and pains from doing a property of the TRX today’s after a massive the reason it’s better with doing the TRX is because of instability I always talk about this but when you when you where you’ve got your other foot in the air the TRX you’ve got a lot more balance to cope with so you have a lot more secondary muscles kicking in especially around your core to engage to keep you stable as opposed to just do a normal lunge where you’re quite a lot more stable there to having your foot up so to begin get the TRX in a safe position attached to either a door or hang it from something that’s secure I always make sure it’s sturdy so it’s going to take your weight you’re only going to need one of the straps so just pull down one side and just make sure that you at very very end s you’ll see how ones come down longer than the other take the strap place your foot in it now you’ve got to be careful of the positioning of your foot here because as you go down you want to make sure your knee isn’t going over the front of your foot so you’re not putting too much strain on your kneecap so jump out and it’s just about playing around if it’s where you’re comfortable it feels about right for me so I’m just going to give it a little test yeah I can see that my knees not going too far off my kneecap it’s maybe always going to wobble a little bit over but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable now the key trick on this is the negative phase and the squeeze at the top so use your hands for stability if you need to and you’re going to go down for one two three and really sink in hold it and come up and squeeze your quads squeeze your quads as tight as you can and then go down one two three and up and squeeze one two three and down one two three and up and squeeze one two three and down one two three and up and squeeze one two three and there we go the key part of it and where you going to feel some intense burn is at the top as you come up squeeze that leg squeeze your quads as much as you can and it’s going to really start wearing down and burden you want to try and be getting but try to do between twelve and fifteen reps of those and it’s up to you how many sets you want to do whatever you come through with – in between three and four but if you’re working those in with other elements like jumping squats or even just bodyweight squats they’re a fantastic fantastic way to really work all four heads or muscles of the quads focusing on the hamstring curls the TRX hamstring curls and these are great for really burning out your hamstrings without the need for a weight people sometimes assume sorry without a weight people sometimes assume you can’t actually target your hamstrings very well or without the need to do a hamstring curl you can target them really well and really effectively with the TRX and you also engage quite a lot of secondary core muscle as you do it so what you’re going to need to do is get the TRX and askew position and lower it down as much as it’ll go you don’t add the floor but you want it with a quite low and a decent gap if you need to put something down the floor so you’re not going to get too dirty because we need to lie down and I’ll back on the floor so get down and you’re going to put one heel in each of the straps so I’ve got one heel in there and I’ve got one heel in there and make sure both your legs are balanced so I just need to pull down on the right one there to get them both balanced aligned then you want to tuck under a little bit not right under but just a little bit lie on your back I like to keep my hands down by my side what you going to do is lift your bum just a tiny bit and then pull your ankles to your bum and you’re going to hold for one two three and slowly down and back up for one two three and slowly down and back up for one two three and slowly down now you’ll notice is a bit of a distance here between my bum and the floor where I’m supporting myself as I’m bringing this up I’m really squeezing my hamstrings and I’m also squeezing my glutes too and also I can feel my Carver’s are engaged my stomach is also engaged to you to hold me in this position but a lot of the prime we were at work it’s done with the hamstrings and slowly down and even in this position here I’m not dropping to the floor I’m keeping myself level I’m keeping it a plank position but on my back and I’m using my hand to support and that’s it it’s quite a simple exercise but it’s very effective you’re really going to feel a burn in the hamstrings they wear down quite fast if you can get between seven and twelve reps somewhere in that rep range the higher the better fantastic make sure you stretch before and after these ghost anyhow strings can get tight very quickly we’re going to focus on the TRX jump squat this is a really great exercise number one for building power in your legs and number two for cardiovascular the TRX we use we use it for stability you might be questionable why don’t you just do normal jump squats like this the reason being is with the TRX we conduct you jump back and out then use the TRX as a semi circle so as we jump back and out we put more emphasis on the cords and we can really squeeze the glutes to fire ourselves back as opposed to jumping forward which you can slash with some more emphasis on the hamstrings and the quads and less oh sorry on the hamstring the glutes and nestled on natural quads with these jumping squats we really want to put a lot of emphasis on the quads and really work those so as always a little bit of instability this is a jumping exercise you’re gonna feel a lot of core work coming as well especially when you’re landing and you’re holding yourself up as you come up to begin get the TRX and comfortable and in the safe position sorry make sure it’s attached they can take your bodyweight grab the TRX make sure the length of them is quite long because they need a good distance to create an arc you want your feet nice and wide because we really want to be targeting our inner and outer quad see some nice and wide there and especially for London so you can really get deep now the idea is to explode up right off your tiptoe so you’re engaging your calves as well but as you come down is to slow the descent rate so try not to jump straight down try and slow yourself down as you come down it is quite difficult to do at first and it naturally you just want to jump and jump and jump but if you really put a little bit more thought into in that mind to muscle connection and really think about the exercise you’ll get a lot more fom it in the long run so with these you can just go for it get a nice solid grip and jump explode up run down and up and down and up and up and down and that’s it it looks simple and it kind of is which is used a TRX is a really good balance I’m not kind of jumping all over the place there and landing in different awkward positions because I’ve got that for balance and I’m pulling back on it I’m keeping a nice consistent jump and that consistency translates through into the consistent muscle use as opposed to being in London in different awkward positions give it a go I love to tie these in with one leg pistol squats which you’ll find I’ve also done some videos on because they read and burn out the muscles and if you do one leg pistol squat one leg pistol squat and straight into jump squats it’s one hell of a leg workout and a real cardiovascular one I’m already a little bit out of breath just from for them check out the rest of my TRX beginner series videos they cover a full range of all the muscle groups covering just a simple basics of tear so how you get a really good workout for them in this video we’re going to cover the basics of TRX legs now this mainly focuses on your quads it does incorporate a little bit of glutes a little bit of caftan a little bit of hamstring and also as always secondary muscles that come in and your abs so what I always loved about TRX whenever you perform actions you’re unstable so you have so many secondary muscles getting used and incorporated get a lot more bang for your buck is what I like to say so this is called the TRX pistol squat and you do one leg at a time you might have heard of a pistol squat what people do is just with normal body weight you see some really impressive guys just going down on one leg and explode enough without ease without any support the TRX is here to support you doing that so you’ve always got something to hold now you’re going to take your time it’s all about slowness with the TRX like I always say this amount in my video as a Realtor I’m like a parrot but the TRX the benefit is is being unstable but taking your time and really making the muscle work thinking about it as it does the mind to muscle connection so three seconds down on the negative phase explode up squeeze that glutes squeeze the quads and at the very top you’re really going to squeeze the cord so as you stand up really engage it so here we go find a comfortable position again this is just something you’ve got to play around if as you get used to a TRX you don’t want your foot to be too far forward or too far back you kind of want to be going straight down but the power that the explosiveness comes through your heel so you want to feel like you’re crack in the floor because you’re pushing down through that heel so much as you come up so you don’t want to be pushing up from there you don’t be pushing up from there you want it solid in in line with your shoulders your spines in a neutral position so here we go down four one two three not all the way down just hold it there and explode up and squeeze that quad right now I’m squeezing my quad as hard as I can and then down for one two three an exploder and school as hard as I can and that’s it it’s quite simple just makes you it at the top when you do reach the top as you come up you’re squeezing your cord so you stay then you really squeeze it and then you go back down controlled controlled and then explore up squeeze the glute squeeze the cord and really squeeze it at the top you’re going to focus on the reverse lunge the reverse lunge is a great one to mix up with the forward lunge or some squats it just places a lot more emphasis on your inner court and it really burns them out it’s really simple with a TRX and you just use it for a little bit of stability it can also use a chair but because you’re constantly working with it if for example you’ve been doing some jump squats it’s great to suddenly get into it and just start doing reverse lunges and the reverse lunge is different from a normal forward lunge so a normal forward lunge would be this action a reverse lunge will be this action is as I was saying it places more emphasis on the quads in a reverse lunge you’re also engaging in a forward lunge sorry also engaging your glutes and your hamstrings so this is really good just for you know targeting your quads and really get some build on them really wearing them down so very simple exercise but not many people do it correctly with correct technique to get the best from it so the way to do it to get some really good burn in those legs grab the TRX you don’t need to use the handles I quite like to just hold it at the top here and on the actual straps themselves and what you going to do depend on which leg you’re going for go down for one two three and explore up and squeeze and look how I’ve lifted my other foot off the ground just to emphasize squeeze on the quad and go down one two three and up and squeeze and down one two three and stop squeeze now for stability I’m using the TRX here even if you start getting a bit tired you can start pulling yourself up a little bit if you do want to change the variation up and you want to go for a fast tempo I’m not versed about I just think you get a lot more benefit from slow control technique keeping the muscle under time and attention for time sorry going over words up I believe that keeping the muscle under tension of a time is where the real sort of benefit comes from the real bill but you can also do fast tempo reverse lunges if you wish so one two three great just a hole for stability so there we are it’s a very simple exercise but it’s often one it’s over looking up so many people turn to turn to squats or lunges but the reverse lunge is a really good way to put a lot of emphasis on your quads and really build some muscle there video we’re going to focus on the TRX side squat this is a great little variation move if you’re sick you’re doing pistol squats on normal squats or lunges and it really targets yet out to cord muscles that’s real sort of burner on the outer quad there if you’re looking to build that and it’s a high rep range move and you’ve got to be careful of your knee especially you need joint M with the angle you place your foot so always be wary of that again it’s a balance once you incorporate a few secondary muscles and yeah it’s great I call it a TR exercise book so to set up Ron you’re going to want use one of the handles so just pull the TRX down make sure that one handle secure get your foot into the TRX loop find a bit of space so pull it out a little bit away from the wall now the movement for this get yourself balanced however you like to balance yourself in notice I’ve got my foot out I’m acting as if I’ll I’m doing an actual squat so feet slightly turned out I’m going to make sure that my knee isn’t too far over my foot which maybe come forward a little bit there nice and straight looking forward and as I go down I count four one two three hold and explode up at cause there and really squeeze the cord and then down four one two three get nice and deep and explode up and hold for one two three now I’m really 10 to my quad here the top two really key to really tense the quad really activate that muscle and down again four one two three an exploder squeeze three and that’s it that’s the basic movement obviously you’d then swap legs up do exactly the same finding proposition feet in nice and slow it’s all about slow on the negative phase TRX is all about stability slowness control retesting and activating the muscles yeah a nice high rep range of them as I say the great to mix it up from lunges or reverse lunges or pistol squats really give a new dynamic and you burn to the legs just go see incorporating just what you know one leg as opposed to to give him a girl he got any questions any comments please leave them below I always get back to people please subscribe to my channel I’m always posting about TRX new moves the best way to get work to get to exercise your muscles use the TRX click this anyway without the need of a gym thanks for watching



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