The 5 best TRX shoulder and back exercises

Focus on generating movement by contracting the muscle not by pulling And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance: In this video we’re going to be talking about the TRX t-shape which is really good for doing your middle and back deltoid muscles so really bills width across your muscles […]

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On 4th April 2020

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Focus on generating movement by contracting the muscle not by pulling

And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance:

In this video we’re going to be talking about the TRX t-shape which is really good for doing your middle and back deltoid muscles so really bills width across your muscles and it also because it does the back muscle of you sure that it builds stability within your shoulder girdle these little ones these back two are also sometimes quite hard to target it’s naturally quite easy to target your front ones with fresh herbs with their shoulder press lift but people always there well not always but sometimes neglect the middle and back ones the middle back ones are actually what gives you some nice round shape within your shoulders so this TRX T shape is a really good one for targeting those two and it basically just incorporates us using the TRX to make a t-shape and going back down again the key to it is instability because we’re having to hold ourselves in position a lot more of the muscles are going to be engaged so get a lot more bang for our buck working a lot more softs the bits stabilizing muscles with muffin and so tear actually shapes to begin them make sure your TRX nice and secure if it’s taps or something or through a door what you’re going to do is you’re going to get to a comfortable position the feet and the feet distance all depends on you it’s something you’ve got to play around with to get comfortable with the further in you go and the more you lean back the harder it’s going to be the further out you step the easier it’s going to be because of wanting to work higher rep ranges between 12 and 15 to get more of a hypertrophy workout I’d recommend you just stand somewhere that’s quite comfortable these are very hard and exhausting and your middle and back shoulder muscle deltoid muscles are small and they can’t maintain em exercise for long periods of time they do tire quite fast so find a comfortable position take the weight take the strain and lean back and the idea is to contract your back and contract your shoulder muscles to pull you in to create a t-shape now the key bit here here when you reach the top I’m not stopping the exercise I’m not relaxing what I’m doing is I’m pulling I’m trying to pull these handles off the door and I’m contracting my back as I’m doing it my contracting my shoulder blades as if there’s a coke bottle between the back and I’m really got a squeeze there and then I’m going to come down for one two three controlled hands together and back up and squeeze for 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 and up and squeeze 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 and last ones up and squeeze the top they’re really trying to pull these bands apart trying to pull them off the door really working making my shoulder muscles work here and down 1 2 3 I can feel my stomach my car really working there as well to hold me in that supine position again just a great second emotional incorporation there you call so give them the goal it’s all about stability it’s all about taking your time and really work at the muscles that mind to muscle connection as soon as you get to the top really squeeze and really pull and try and feel the burn in those two muscles in those two shoulder muscles as always if you’ve got any questions please leave them in the comments and let me know and with these as I was saying it is nice to try and do the hypertrophy range a higher rep range I often tie it at sometimes between seven and nine of these because they are quite tiring but then again you can just step further out make them a little bit easier so give them a go in this video we’re going to focus on TRX why’s that EOCs wise I know it sounds a little bit strange they are for your back muscles and specifically for Brett wick you will also get a lot of work in the rear deltoids with these the action is basically all about making a Y shape and control it back down they’re very hard these because they use in a lot of little muscles a lot of your back muscles going to be used it’s a lot of instability so again you need a lot of control nice taking it slow it’s going to really our ABS out and they’re a fantastic move to help you bring your shoulders back and develop a sort of a aesthetic look well I guess what we call the triangle so they’re fantastic trick air TRX move so as always makes you the TRX is really secure what you’re going to do is your foot placements key on this because if you go too far you maybe not even gonna be able to do one I know if I put my feet really close and I haven’t got the strength to be able to do one so don’t go too far in you maybe instead of being completely stood up straight you maybe just want to be in just a little bit like that and just leaning back a little bit make sure you TRX is stable so get comfortable and you’re going to lean right back once you’ve placed your feet and the idea is to make the Y shape with your body so I’m going to push up and I’m pulling here in this moment I’m now pulling I’m sort of pulling back like this so make the Y shape and I’m pulling and pulling I can feel my trucks really sort of my traps and lats really contracting here to pull me up and at the top I’m squeezing my laps I really squeeze them together it’s if I’ve got a coke bottle between them and my shoulder blades and then slowly controlled for one two three hands together down and back up one two three squeeze and hold it there and then back down for one two three and together and back up one two three and squeeze and back down for one two three so as you can see take it nice and slow nice and controlled these really give you a really good build on the back your deltoids too which is a really important muscle for stability throughout all that my secondary muscle my cores really engaged there and the whole my back you know I can maybe only get to seven or eight of these when I’m doing them properly before my whole my back muscles my laughs my traps that support on me just tire out in this video we’re going to be focusing on the back and it’s called the TRX y el T now in the beginner series you might see me to perform in the TRX why I’m tall or maybe it’s the Eric on its own but in this the advanced one we’re going to do all three together so there’s a lot of muscles incorporate here a lot of back work a lot of deltoid work shoulder muscles and a lot of core stabilizing it’s a hard hard exercise to do this and you can normally only well myself personally I can normally only do maybe between four and eight of them it’s all about taking it nice and slow but you get such an amazing workout of your whole back and upper body it’s a really good one to vary so to begin get the TRX in a nice stable position just gonna lengthen this a little bit now the setup as we always say where you stand will depend on how easy or difficult this is the further away you stand the easier it will be and the closer in you stand the harder it’ll be so get it come to a position and take the strain with the TRX and you’re going to begin with the Y the T and then an L or an AI has to been done where you coming from so take the strain and for the Y we go up and we squeeze and then we go back down four one two three we go straight into a tee and squeeze that up four one two three and back down we go straight into an hour which is all the way up and squeeze four one two three and back down and repeat for a Y squeeze down for a T squeeze one two three and down and then the hardest one the L up and squeeze one two three and back down it’s a real tough on this like I say it’s an advanced exercise and it’s a real burner even just after those two or what I’d call two reps I count one rep is the full y T in the L even just after those two reps I can really feel a burn and the ache so take your time with it it’s all about slowing control technique is key to find the right balance with your feet on this one have a play around let me know how you get on video we’re going to focus on back with the TRX specifically a back pull as always as I always state and what I love about TRX you’re always unstable so you incorporating a lot more secondary muscles to keep balance so you get a lot more bang for your buck when you use a TRX because you have to hold yourself in a position as well as use the main muscle so to work the back TRX chest pull sorry TRX back pull grab a TRX again the feet position to the TRX you’ve got to play around with it a little bit if you just starting out with the TRX I wouldn’t recommend you go really deep like this you want to find a comfortable position and focus on your technique in your form and focus on contracting the muscle you know really feeling it work so comfortable foot position lean back let the TRX take your weight and again this is all about control so we’re going up and we’ll hold them for one two three and slowly down four one two three and up and squeeze your back muscles 1 2 3 and down 1 2 3 it’s all about control up 1 2 3 down 1 2 3 my grip is the thumb grip so it’s not just an overhand always use a thumb grip for TRX otherwise you’re going to put a bit of strain on your wrist and as you can see there I’m taking my time so on the downward phase I’m taking 3 seconds down controlling it controlling the movement at there as I’m coming back up at the top I’m squeezing I’m really squeezing my shoulder blades right back like that this is a Coca Cola bottle between them I’m really trying to squeeze it and pop it again my cores engaged it’s keeping me stable and as I’m leaning back a little bit there’s a a bit of weight a little bit of engagement of the glutes and the cords just to hold you a little bit but the main the main focus core and back this video we’re going to be focusing on a bit of TRX strength with the back ball now the TRX back pool is probably one of the most used exercises or certainly one the most you see that’s done on photos or videos and with the TRX quite simply it’s this one I’m I’m straight up and really targets your back muscles now in my previous videos of course as a beginning video of how to do that effectively by squeezing holding the correct form to do it you can really get a lot of benefit for it it’s great exercise but if you’re looking to advance it and you find you can do quite a lot of them quite easy and even with quite an angle and you’ll want to build a bit of strength perhaps you want to change things up and you want to increase your pull-ups or you want just to change a routine up this is a great way to incorporate a bit of strength and it is a difficult exercise too hence if this is the advanced series it involves putting our feet em on the wall or on the door in this case as stabilizers and pull them and but it is a great exercise and it really builds a lot of strength it’s low ref work so take your time with it okay straight to it make sure it’s very very secure and very safe and it can feel take your weight you’re going to have to bring the TRX in quite a bit for this as I say we’re going to have our feet on the door so get them right up make sure they’re nice and balanced when you can see that the good length come in let it take your weight make sure it’s secure and safe get your feet on the door or the wall depend on what you use them hold yourself contract shoulder blades back feet positions and up for one two three and down I’m have to reposition my feet a little bit to get some more grip so nice plank straight and up four two three and slowly down and up four one two three and slowly down and up four one two three and slowly down as you can see I’m in a very supine position there you can just up the string I’m getting really tired it’s a strength exercise it’s great for varying things up with the TRX Paul if you find that to vary quite easy and you want to mix things up give it a go it’s a bit of a variation it is an advanced exercise it’s not necessary to cooperate but I do think when you training it is good to incorporate strength exercises of low reps in with your hypertrophy high rep ranges it just mixes things up keeps your body tested that’s certainly a hard one to do I can feel it on my arms my back you know my core stabilizers you know what’s at the start it wasn’t quite set up right that’s a great thing about TRX is all about experimenting finding your right place finding your stability anyway I’ll stop rabbiting on give it a go let me know how you get on if you got any questions tell me how you feel about it it’s subscribed to my channel I’m always posting about TRX different ways to work with it correct technique and how to stay fit anywhere without the need of a gym



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