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The benefits of eating Pistachios. A pile of Pistachios

The benefits of eating Pistachios

The power of Pistachios. Racing, training, gym’ing, working hard? Nail some Pistachios.
The benefits of eating pistachios

One quarter cup of raw pistachios supplies essential nutrients, including healthy fats, protein and vitamins and minerals.
High in potassium
Give 6 grams of protein per serving
Full of Vitamin B6, the protein that helps in carrying oxygen in the blood. Increases oxygen quantity in the blood the haemoglobin count in it. Resulting in more energy.
Contain two carotenoids not found in most nuts. These carotenoids, called lutein and…

The incredible health benefits of eating nuts. A huge pile of pistachio nuts

The incredible health benefits of eating nuts

Forget the pills and powders
The incredible health benefits of eating nuts. Nuts are the only food you can solely survive on. They contain every macro nutrient the body needs.
Like having a flu shot. Full of bug beating anti toxins.
Macadamia nuts
Healthy heart. Full of omega-7 which cuts bad cholesterol
Pumpkin seeds
Pre-gym. Testosterone boosting. Full of zinc and magnesium, like taking ZMA.
Improves good genital blood flow.
Gut beater. Almond munchers shed 65% more fat than none almond munchers
Brazil nuts
Depression beater. One a day…