What happens when you whack a hostel in the middle of the sea and ask backpackers to come? A quiet civilised meal. Ha! Bugger off.


Staying at Casa en el Agua, the hostel in the sea. I went here seeking some and thinking some quiet times, but I got the opposite. Grabbing the boat from the port of Cartagena the music was immediately turned on and up. I mean I’m talking Space Ibiza with a sub to match. The Colombian captain and vice seemed to love it, the rest of us hmmmm.

Staying at Casa en el Agua, the hostel in the sea. A view of the hostel from the water rising out of the sea on its own with nothing else around

The fish are your neighbours

The boat itself was like something of Grand theft auto Miami vice. Two 400 horsepower engines meant smuggling whatever you wanted to wherever you want would be possible. The two-hour cruise was a little tiresome with Toca Miracle blasting in my ear for all of it but the crowd was decent and we had a laugh making a joke of it.

Arriving I was impressed, the place is bad-ass. Built on stilts and over looking the most populated island on earth, according to the national geographic channel. I was eyeing up ledges to somersault from, places to snorkel and hanging in the corner could it be? Dam right it was, a TRX! Alright I’m in and I’m hooked. You really are far from civilisation here and it makes you feel a bot of a don. Technically you’re on your own little island, kinda.


  • Book early through the website, like weeks in advance especially if you’re in a group as the beds are limited
  • Stay at Mi Llave hostel in Cartagena if you’re exploring before hand
  • Take plenty of booze and snacks, the food is good on Casa en el but it’s pricey.
  • Grab a kayak and head to the mangroves
  • Take a tour over the water 10 mins to the most inhabited island on earth per square metre


  • In my opinion stay for more than two nights. I can imagine small island fever strongly kicking in.

I had one night here and realised quite quickly from the crowd I came over with that we weren’t going to be chilling. We all sat together for meal times, on which both occasions I inhaled a ceviche, and yapped away the usual travel nonsense.  I slept, or tried to, in a hammock. In the end sacked it off about 4am and went downstairs to spread out on one of the lounges until the sun woke me hitting my back. Unless you’re drunk hammock sleeping is hard work. Rolling off the lounger into the sea was the way everyday should start.

Staying at Casa en el Agua, the hostel in the sea. A view of the most densely populated island on earth Santa Cruz del Islote

The most densely populated island on earth Santa Cruz del Islote

It’s a little pricey this jaunt but you gotta suck it up and just go for the experience. It’s one of those ‘one in a lifetime’ things #FOMO #YOLO.


Tips for healthy eats

  • The hostel offers great food. It comes at a little bit of a price but for a day or two so be it.
  • I took what I always carry with me, nuts, dried fruit, a couple of tins of tuna and a couple of BCAA and Glutamine tablets.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • Ceviche hands down for lunch and dinner. Its fresh and packs a punch of about 50g protein per bowl.

Where to exercise

Believe it or not they have a TRX here. That’s why I give it a solid 5 star. However, I’d say take a break for the 1-2 days you’re here. Rest up and get ready to hit-it back on land. 


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