Run wherever you are whenever you can. It resets the mind and cleanses the soul and is the quickest and cheapest workout there is.

Sprinting, lifting your legs rapidly for long periods torches the fat around your abs while building muscle.

A cheeky bit of Patagonia there in the backdrop with the beautiful Torres Del Paine mountains 

TRX Traveller

Well pet, I’m a Bakewell Tart fiend, straight talking (with a slight twang), nutrition nutter, fond exercise go’er and surfing enthusiast. Visual creativity and fitness are my career and travelling my passion. So I decided to mix them, permanently, and left the London grind for a life of nomad travel. This is where I document it, like a hamster stashing his nuts. I hope you find my destination writings helpful, my nutrition posts informative and my workouts energising. Drop me a message on Insta anytime. Adam. P.S Find me here: