This was one of the best places I’ve been to on earth. And I’ve been to a Greggs.


You have to go. And by have to to I mean you HAVE TO. I found this the ultimate paradise. Arriving here is simple from San Andreas via boat. We crashed in an Airbnb and had our own little bit of paradise with 360 degree views of the island. They are few and far between when they’re available but there’s plenty of hostels if the fit is right.

We hired a little a golf buggy for the week to explore with, as the buses go around the island about once every hour and aren’t very consistent. We found beaches, coves, our own little private spots all around the island, everyday was new ‘ooh let’s have a gander at that area” vibe. It only took 40 mins to drive round the entire island so if you ain’t a fan of one area just shirt to the next.

The island was full of bars that party till late, restaurants with fresh fish and café’s where a latte with a view is standard.

I’ve scuba dived in a few places on our fine earth but this was way above any of them. The water was crystal clear and the sea life was truly unbelievable. Nurse sharks swimming alongside, above and below me like they were fellow divers. At first yes, I was shitting myself but as long as you keep you arms in, relax and just witness them they don’t bother you. What was unique was how the locals of the island had taught the sharks to eat lion fish, which were currently a problem for Providencia. They have no natural predator but eat many other marine and plant life. Around that time of year there were hundreds of them destroying the habitats. By using a spear gun to kill them the locals then fed the sharks the dead Lion fish. It was like witnessing a dog to a bone. The sharks then slowly adapted and began to hunt them.

We trekked up the hill to main view point in the middle of the island, which they say you need a guide for, yu don’t it’s bollocks. It took about an hour and was definitely a highlight of this place. The views were 360 stunning. It’s not a tough trek by any means. Just park up and go for it.


  • Bring plenty of cash, there’s limited ATM action
  • Scuba dive, it’s a no brainer I’ve never experienced such beauty and clear waters
  • Kayak to the small island and chill with turtles
  • Head over the bridge to the adjoining island to explore more hidden beaches and climb the centre that looks out over vast seas as far as the eye can see
  • Grab most of the things you’ll need like food and utensils from the small town at the harbour. There’s only a few other little local food shops on the island
  • Barter for your moped / golf buggy as they start high


  • Go in the month of the crab infestation, I believe it’s around June/July. It looks like an alien world
  • Come here expecting or needing internet

Blue almond hostel is a gem to stay at but I opted for an Airbnb called Bottom house with a fellow travelling friend. Run by an English couple from London it was a paradise within a paradise.

Without meaning to sound like a hippy traveller whilst sounding like a hippy traveller, this place will change your soul.

Tips for healthy eats

  • These islands mainly consist of beach days and whenever it’s big beach beach day I always consume quite a lot for breakfast. A two full egg and four egg white veg omelette with a protein shake and oats (after a morning workout). Fruit, tuna and nut snacks then suffice for lunch until a good evening meat dish.
  • There’s only one main area near the port for buying meat and a few local shops around the island for eggs, veg and fruit.
  • I decided to eat out most nights and enjoy the fish cuisine and the few unique restaurants on the island.
  • Roland’s restaurant bar for cocktails on the beach and simple cheap cuisine (it also has a rope swing!)
  • The café on the corner before you hit South-west beach for a latte overlooking the forest and endless sea
  • All the restaurants along ‘fresh water’ for glorious sea food.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • Good old atun en aqua and eggs during the day were my staple here along with the above restaurants. A slab of each day help towards the protein target.
  • There is a local market in the town near the port if you were wanting to buy meat along with some small supermarkets that have it frozen. My advice would be to pick it up off the boat before travelling to your accommodation.

Where to exercise

As we stayed in an AirBnB we had a huge garden, which was a playground for training. Other than that choose your own private beach and have your way with it.


TRX Traveller

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