Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Program (Advanced)

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Completely re-shape and sculpt your body like never before in 14 weeks

This is a BEAST of a Program! Enhance statistically lacking areas found on general fitness enthusiasts to sculpt a COMPLETE aesthetic physique!

Specific to this Program: Full workout walkthroughs &  30+ NEW advanced TRX exercise sculpting technique teaching videos

Designed to push your muscles to ABSOLUTE fatigue using a PUSH, LEG AND PULL workout split.⁣

Specific TRX exercise priority programming combined with high neurological overload techniques to shock the nervous system

  • 3 – 6 Days Per Week (customisable)
  • Push/Legs/Pull Split
  • 14 – 28 Week Plan
  • 7 Week Technique Focus Block 1
  • 7 Week Intensity Transformation Block 2
  • 45 – 60 Min Workouts (excluding warm-up & depending on current fitness level)
Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Workout Plan

About this TRX Workout Plan

"Click here for a quick foreword as I’m incredibly excited about this TRX Workout Plan and the results you will gain from it…"

personally saw the biggest physique change I have ever achieved developing it. With no change to my diet (more on this in the BONUS Nutrition & Supps Guide with the Workout Plan) or lifestyle routine.

I did every Workout across the 14 intense wks (27wks if you split them out, less intense) in my flat with the TRX hanging from the back of a door, 10 of those weeks were during quarantine as the Coronavirus hit the world.

If ever there was a plan to prove you don’t need a gym to sculpt your physique – I’d hold my head up proudly and put this one forward.

For various reasons and goals I’ve always been a lover (and a victim) of placing emphasis on primary compound TRX exercises before secondary or tertiary exercises. Or more so placing emphasis on larger ‘gym sexy’ muscles before smaller lesser-known or called out ones.

So I wanted to really go against the grain of standard TRX training with this Workout Plan.

I wanted to flip that emphasis and dissect the human body to focus on developing the smaller muscles that create the bigger overall aesthetic form and shape to a physique.

Like when I see a marble statue of a Greek god in a museum and notice the developed rear deltoid giving the entire shoulder a lovely round shape. The outer tricep giving the arm a well balanced toned look or the V-shaped back that naturally sits retracted pulling the shoulders down and chest out.

I speak of this for both the male and female form.

It’s developing the little intricate details like this that lead to the bigger overall well-shaped form.

That’s what I wanted to focus on first. The compound TRX exercises and larger muscles second. And so after 5 months of testing and creation, this Workout Plan was born!

If you’re ready to give it all? Then this TRX Workout Plan will push you to change your body’s physique and I’m here to help you do it.

– Adam, TRX Traveller

This is a beast of a Workout Plan and requires you to give it your all! This Workout Plan focuses on enhancing lacking body areas (the areas that give athletes their stage-worthy form) statistically found on general fitness enthusiasts to sculpt a better aesthetic shape and physique at home. With a hard work training ethic, this Workout Plan WILL change your physique.

This is accomplished by specific TRX exercise priority programming combined with a high neurological overload drop set technique to overstimulate the nervous system and exhaust the muscles whilst using the effective muscle-centric TRX technique to isolate them.

    Detailed 14 Week Step-by-step Progressive Workout Plan (can be extended to 28 weeks)

    Follow the step-by-step progressive Workout Plan that guides you workout to workout. So you remain motivated throughout and don’t fall off track.

    There are TRX exercise technique tips for every muscle trained alongside each step of the plan. To remind you of the key technique focus points as you exercise.

    Perform the full warm-up and cool-down plan with video follow-along. It takes me a full day of work (8 hours) to plan and write a specific Workout Plan. Then three months to test and refine it. I do the trial and error so you get the results.

    TRX Muscle Developer Workout Plan
    Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Workout Plan

    Advanced Physique Sculptor TRX Muscle-Centric Exercise Technique Video Library

    30+ advanced exercise technique teaching videos and workout walkthroughs specific to this Workout Plan only. Get access to the advanced exercise teaching videos and learn how to perform every TRX exercise with new intensity techniques to completely re-sculpt your body.

    It would take me at least x6 1-hour personal training sessions to teach you how to perform each of the exercises with the correct technique, once. Now, you can have access to this teaching to view over and over for life.

    Every single Workout has the relevant teaching videos below it for quick viewing.

    Plus These Key Resources…

    Program Specific Training Manual

    Good Form & Training Variables Guide

    5 Minute Warm-Up For Performance Routine

    5 Minute Cool Down For Focus Routine

    Extensive FAQs Guide

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    11 reviews for Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Program (Advanced)

    1. Nicholas Fanelli (verified owner)

      This program I will use for the rest of my life. As a D1 athlete and all the different types of training I have done, this is one of the few programs I will be able to continually use forever. It can always scale to your level if you focus on the mind muscle connection and do the pointers Adam describes. Very well rounded . I have yet to finish a session and not be spent. Well done Adam and thank you again for giving us something that can literally change your life. No need to go to the gym again. It has exponential value

    2. Stian (verified owner)

      Another great program!

    3. Andreas Åkerlund

      I am almost at the end of the program and have seen the best progress since I started training with TRX ( I have previously completed the beginner total body workout and the muscle builder program). The program is quite challenging and I definitely wouldn’t be strong enough to manage if I did not work through the two other programs first. Apart from massive definition and muscle growth I have also noticed that this program has greatly raised the limit of how hard I can push myself.

      TRX training is more fun than ever and I look forward to starting another of Adam’s programs!

    4. David (verified owner)

      Fantastic program! Cheers Adam!

    5. Rick (verified owner)

      Superb program! I wish I had come across this years ago, I have only just started this program but am already feeling and seeing results. The workouts are hard, but give you a great bang for buck experience. I can fit this in around my busy schedule, and with the TRX I can carry that one when I am travelling or away from home with work. I have already bought the Full Body Intensity program to cycle with this once I have completed both programs.

      Keep up the great work Adam, I’ll be adding more reviews as I get through the programs and see results! 🙂

    6. Yannis Gkizaris (verified owner)

      Best of the best of TRX. the moment you see how Adam explain the excercise you will realise that you were blind and now you see. One of the best gifts you will make for yourself, in your whole life ,is this program. Thank you Adam!!

    7. Tim (verified owner)

      This cements Adam Atkinson as the best TRX source for exercise and technique in my opinion. He is suffused with enthusiasm and experience with this remarkable kit and has extracted so much more from it that I expect TRX themselves imagined possible.

      This is a magnificently creative effort from Adam with his signature succinct detail. I find the progression to be pinpoint accurate with respect to what is achievable over time as intensity and volume increase.

    8. Andrew H (verified owner)

      Solid!! That’s my overall feeling about this program. The workouts are easy to follow, but definitely not easy! I’m feeling muscles in my back and shoulders that I’ve not felt before! The fact that there are videos for every single workout is proof positive that some serious time and care went into creating this. I found Adam via his nutrition PDF, but am so glad I picked up this program. Value for sure!

    9. Jacky (verified owner)

      I’m very much enjoying this program. The video walkthrough is extremely helpful. I’m in week three and have seen a huge improvement in my strength. My clients already commented about how defined my back and shoulders look. I have been a NASM certified trainer for 6 years specializing in corrective exercises. I can honestly say that using the TRX helps with mobility and posture. I really appreciate the attention to detail in the explanation of how to perform specific exercises correctly. Thanks.
      I’ve already recommended the program to friends

    10. Rebecca Ireson (verified owner)

      Highly recommend this program. As a fitness enthusiast, I can honestly say I saw more change and definition to my body with this program than I did with years of training in the gym. Wish I’d found it years ago! Love seeing the results for the work put in finally! Well worth the money, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoyed it so much I’m starting it over. Thanks TRXTraveller, love it!

    11. ALEX

      This program is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Trying to find a solid exercise program that I can fit into my busy schedule has always been a challenge for me. I knock out my daily workout before I head into work and it starts my day off right. I believe I started this program about a month ago and I am already noticing some awesome improvements in my weight and muscle tone. You won’t be disappointed with this program. Just a side note, I purchased the AB program as well and they work great together.

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    What is the primary goal of this Workout Plan?

    The primary goal of this Workout Plan is to sculpt and re-shape the body by developing and strengthening common lacking areas such as:

    • The rear and middle deltoid for shoulder roundness and width
    • Total shoulder girdle area for stability
    • The three heads of the tricep for shaping and toning of the arms
    • Bicep peak development so the arms look toned at rest
    • Back width and retraction for better posture promoting the ‘shoulders back/down, chest out’ look
    • Hamstring, glute and hip stabilising muscles strength development
    • Quad power and shape development

    ..Using specific TRX exercises with perfect form and the neurological overload dropset technique. The Workout Plan does also focus on major muscle area development (chest, abs, front shoulders etc) with primary exercises and the same intensity. But they are focused on secondary and less, behind the above lacking areas.

    The second goal is to develop better overall stability and strength in major joint areas whilst improving the body’s visual balance and posture. The Workout Plan focuses on incorporating accessory TRX exercises that utilise smaller ranges of motion, maintaining a high amount of constant tension and thus bigger breakdown on specific muscles. The Workout Plan delivers a specific tailored structure to achieve maximum effectiveness.

    Workout Plan 1 Block 1: ‘7 Week Technique Focus Phase’

    In this Phase we will be focusing on executing each TRX exercise with perfect technique and tempo, instilling muscle memory whilst allowing the body to adapt to the demands of high intensity and volume. There are two main goals within Block 1:

    1. Master the TRX exercise technique and tempo and engage the muscles we are targeting correctly with the right intention – not just move! Contract the muscle HARD which causes us to move.
    2. Allow the body to adapt to a larger work capacity and higher volume tolerance through becoming accustomed to and practiced in the neurological overload dropset technique. This is performed after the last set of most exercises.

    We maintain perfect technique focus throughout the 1st workout plan with special attention to the detail of your execution and practice. Along with internal focus on muscle contraction and feeling.

    Workout Plan 1 Block 2: ‘7 Week Intensity Transformation Phase’

    In this Phase we ramp up the load and intensity drastically. We combine different TRX exercises into supersets and constantly change up the neurological overload dropset technique positioning so the body is constantly challenged and constantly developing to progress.

    The TRX Workout Plans within this Workout Plan consist of
    • 2 Blocks
    • Within each Block there are two differentiating 7 week Workout Plans: Plan A and Plan B
    • Each Workout Plan (A and B) is a 4 day split (PUSH, LEG, PULL, REST)
    • The Workouts are rotated back to back:
    • Block 1: 1A-1B, 2A-2B, 3A-3B, 4B-4A, 5A-5B, 6A-6B
    • Block 2: 1A-1B, 2A-2B, 3A-3B, 4B-4A, 5A-5B, 6A-6B
    • Each Block will take you 7 weeks to complete if you stick to the plan exactly how it is laid out in this Workout Plan. That’s a total of 14 weeks of guided progressive TRX workout plan.
    • If you wanted to do the Workout Plan less intensely with more rest days and not back to back. Or because your lifestyle means you can only train a certain number of days a week. The Workout Plan has been designed so you can tailor it to fit your needs – You can split the plans out to equal 28 weeks (x4 – 7 individual week plans) of TRX training! That’s 7 months worth of TRX Workouts (£200+) with progressive overload training.
    • Workout with me! Each day (PUSH, LEG, PULL) of the individual Workout Plans comes with a complete guided video taking you through how to execute every TRX exercise and the neurological overload dropset technique. That’s X12, 15min personal training videos – 3 hours worth of TRX coaching (approx £180 in a regular gym).
    • Overall this Workout Plan is a juicy 164 page complete TRX Workout Plan guide with 120 of those pages being the TRX Workout Plans.
    Who this Workout Plan is for?

    Fundamentally if you are seeking a workout Workout Plan that allows you to achieve fitness goals in the realms of strength, physique and muscle development anywhere (home, travel and in nature) with a TRX, then this plan is for you. You will benefit from this program if:

    • You are comfortable around a TRX having trained with it a lot and have 1 – 2 years of general fitness application in other forms
    • You are seeking a high volume and intensity Workout Plan to seriously feel the BURN and PUMP using a TRX
    • You are experienced within the fitness realm and you are wanting to completely change your body’s physique without a gym at home or anywhere!
    • You have not used a TRX before but you are a fitness enthusiast with a few years of relatively serious ‘gym training’ under your belt and a high degree of fitness with an ability to handle volume and intensity. Along with an understanding of correct ranges of motion. You will find this challenges your body’s movement mechanics in a completely different way to what it is used to. So in essence, this is a way to differentiate your training for results

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      Who this Workout Plan is not for?

      Whilst I feel everyone can benefit from TRX training regardless of experience, I would not want to hinder or offer something to someone that has specific goals and would benefit more, with potentially better results, by adopting a different type of training. This Workout Plan may not be for you if:

      • You are a complete beginner to TRX or fitness application in general
      • You are seeking a high-intensity anaerobic or aerobic cardio Workout Plan
      • You are seeking a low-intensity Workout Plan
      • You are a professional Bodybuilder or athlete
      What is the format of this Workout Plan?
      1. This Workout Plan is fully digital and can be accessed on a laptop, tablet, or phone
      2. This Workout Plan is also available as an e-book PDF with clickable links to view the exercise technique teaching videos. So you can print it off if you wish or have the entire Workout Plan as one scrollable document.
      I don't want to be bulky. Is this Workout Plan right for me?

      This plan is created to sculpt the body by bringing up specific smaller muscle areas to create form and shape. It is not specifically focused on adding mass to large muscle areas with large compound movements like the TRX MUSCLE BUILDER PROGRAM. That being said it is still designed to build muscle and thus size. However, exercise is just the spark to muscle building, your nutrition intake is the fuel. Thus depending on how you eat will depend on how big / bulky you get.

      If you follow my diet recommendations in the Program you will be able to:

      • Develop a well-rounded lean aesthetic physique and not appear ‘bulky’ if that is your goal.
      • Or maximise your muscle and strength gain potential (overall size -you will fill out a T-shirt better) if that is your goal, whilst understanding you will add some element of fat within this process.
      Can I build muscles with this Workout Plan?

      Yes, if you follow the Workout Plan executing the exercises with correct form focusing on contracting the primary muscle and you follow nutrition recommendations for your goal, you will gain muscle. However, there are a number of other factors at play here which will affect this such as your overall nutrition, genetic potential and general health.

      Where can this Workout Plan be performed?

      All this Workout Plan requires is a TRX with a door or hook to hang it from and approx 2m2 space of floor room with twice your height headroom.

      I have used this Workout Plan across several countries performing the exercises in hotels, hostels, beaches, jungles, roof-tops, parks, at home, in a garden, on a balcony and on a building site. I believe the question is not where can it be performed? But where do you want to perform it? The world is your oyster and this Workout Plan your Fitness Freedom.

      Gain Fitness Freedom!

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