*NEW* Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Program

Do you want to completely sculpt and re-shape your body at home?

This is a beast of a program and requires you to give it your all!”

This Program focuses on enhancing lacking body areas (the areas that give athletes their stage worthy form) statistically found on general fitness enthusiasts to sculpt a better aesthetic shape and physique at home. With a hard work training ethic this Program will change your physique. This product is a 165 page downloadable PDF document.

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Up to 7 months of progressive TRX Workout Plans (worth £200+)

14 – 28 weeks of guided Plans depending on the intensity and amount you want to train.

3 hours of video walk through covering each workout plan with TRX technique execution (worth £180+)

Do it with me! Each day (PUSH, LEG, PULL) comes with a complete guided video…

thats x12, 15 mins Personal TRX Training Videos

Making sure you get the absolute most from every TRX’ing rep.

About this program

165 page detailed Program (pdf)




This program is designed for those wanting to completely sculpt and re-shape their body.

This is accomplished by specific TRX exercise priority programming combined with a high neurological overload dropset technique to over stimulate the nervous system and exhaust the muscles whilst using perfect TRX exercise technique to isolate them.

This program is for people with a current high fitness level and an ability to handle higher volume loads. The program has been created to challenge the body by combining its natural biomechanics with PUSH, LEGS AND PULL days.

This combines muscles that move and function in a similar degree together within each training session for maximum stimulation and overload through all exercises.

Look inside the Program:


2 reviews for *NEW* Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Program

  1. Rebecca Ireson (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this program. As a fitness enthusiast, I can honestly say I saw more change and definition to my body with this program than I did with years of training in the gym. Wish I’d found it years ago! Love seeing the results for the work put in finally! Well worth the money, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoyed it so much I’m starting it over. Thanks TRXTraveller, love it!

  2. ALEX

    This program is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Trying to find a solid exercise program that I can fit into my busy schedule has always been a challenge for me. I knock out my daily workout before I head into work and it starts my day off right. I believe I started this program about a month ago and I am already noticing some awesome improvements in my weight and muscle tone. You won’t be disappointed with this program. Just a side note, I purchased the AB program as well and they work great together.

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What to expect from this program

The primary goal of this program is to sculpt and re shape the body by developing and strengthening common lacking areas such as:

  • The rear deltoid for shoulder roundness and width
  • Total shoulder girdle area for stability
  • The outer head of the tricep for shaping and toning of the arms
  • Bicep peak development so the arms look toned at rest
  • Back width and retraction for better posture promoting the ‘shoulders back/down, chest out’ look
  • Hamstring, glute and hip stabilising muscles strength development
  • Quad power and shape development (+ many more)

…using specific TRX exercises with perfect form and the neurological overload dropset technique. The program does also focus on major muscle area development (chest, abs, front shoulders etc) with primary exercises and the same intensity. But they are focused on secondary and less, behind the above lacking areas.

The second goal is to develop better overall stability and strength in major joint areas whilst improving the body’s visual balance and posture.

Some of the guided workout videos

*Every single exercise used is also linked separately within the ‘Video Glossary Section’ of the program 

Up to 7 months of progressive TRX Workout Plans (worth £200+)

14 – 28 weeks of guided Plans depending on the intensity and amount you want to train.

3 hours of video walk through covering each workout plan with TRX technique execution (worth £180+)

Do it with me! Each day (PUSH, LEG, PULL) comes with a complete guided video…

thats x12, 15 mins Personal TRX Training Videos:

Making sure you get the absolute most from every TRX’ing rep.

I’m incredibly excited about this TRX Program and the benefits you will gain from it…

personally saw the biggest physique change I have ever achieved developing it. With no change to my diet (more on this in the BONUS Nutrition & Supps Guide with the Program) or lifestyle routine.

I did every Workout across the 14 intense wks (27wks if you split them out, less intense) in my flat with the TRX hanging from the back of a door, 10 of those weeks were during quarantine as the Corona virus hit the world.

If ever there was a plan to prove you don’t need a gym to sculpt your physique – I’d hold my head up proudly and put this one forward.

For various reasons and goals I’ve always been a lover (and a victim) of placing emphasis on primary compound TRX exercises before secondary or tertiary exercises. Or more so placing emphasis on larger ‘gym sexy’ muscles before smaller lesser known or called out ones.

So I wanted to really go against the grain of standard TRX training with this program.

I wanted to flip that emphasis and dissect the human body to focus on developing the smaller muscles that create the bigger overall aesthetic form and shape to a physique.

Like when I see a marble statue of a Greek god in a museum and notice the developed rear deltoid giving the entire shoulder a lovely round shape. The outer tricep giving the arm a well balanced toned look or the V shaped back that naturally sits retracted pulling the shoulders down and chest out.

I speak of this for both the male and female form.

It’s developing the little intricate details like this that lead to the bigger overall well shaped form.

That’s what I wanted to focus on first. The compound TRX exercises and larger muscles second. And so after 5 months of testing and creation, this program was born!

If you’re ready to give it all? Then this TRX Program will push you to change your body’s physique and I’m here to help you do it.

– Adam, TRX Traveller

The TRX Workout Plans within this Program consist of:

2 Blocks

Within each Block there is two differentiating 7 week Workout Plans: Plan A and Plan B

Each Workout Plan (A and B) is a 4 day split (PUSH, LEG, PULL, REST)

The Workouts are rotated back to back:

Block 1: 1A-1B, 2A-2B, 3A-3B, 4B-4A, 5A-5B, 6A-6B

Block 2: 1A-1B, 2A-2B, 3A-3B, 4B-4A, 5A-5B, 6A-6B

Each Block will take you 7 weeks to complete if you stick to the plan exactly how it is laid out in this program. That’s a total of 14 weeks guided progressive TRX workout plan.

If you wanted to do the program less intensely with more rest days and not back to back. Or because your lifestyle means you can only train a certain number of days a week. The Program has been designed so you can tailor it to fit your needs – You can split the plans out to equal 28 weeks (x4 – 7 individual week plans) of TRX training! That’s 7 months worth of TRX Workouts (£200+) with progressive overload training.

Workout with me! Each day (PUSH, LEG, PULL) of the individual Workout Plans comes with a complete guided video taking you through how to execute every TRX exercise and the neurological overload dropset technique. Thats X12, 15min personal training videos – 3 hours worth of TRX coaching (approx £180 in a regular gym).

Overall this program is a juicy 164 page complete TRX Program guide with 120 of those pages being the TRX Workout Plans.

This product is a PDF electronic file

This purchase is NOT for a physical copy of the program, it is a downloadble PDF. A link will be sent to your email and one will be available in the ‘my account’ section of this website. I recommend downloading the file immediately and then saving the PDF to your desktop or phone. If you’ve purchased a program – awesome! You’re on your way to TRX Fitness Freedom:

Who this program is not for

Whilst I feel everyone can benefit from TRX training regardless of experience, I would not want to hinder or offer something to someone that has specific goals and would benefit more, with potentially better results, by adopting a different type of training. This program may not be for you if:

If you are a complete beginner wanting to achieve your fitness goals without the need of a gym? I would recommend my TRX Total Body Transformation Program, which is developed for that level.

Do not purchase this program if:

This program is not intended to be an all inclusive TRX training course. I developed this program as a tool and structure for people to achieve a level of fitness within strength, physique and all round functional fitness without the need of a gym, anywhere.

That being said there is still a lot (165 pages worth to be exact) of exercise resources, key anatomy points when performing movements, a glossary of video demonstration links and a section explaining the specific programming principles at play (volume, intensity, frequency, etc.) Which I believe many people within the levels of beginner to advanced would find highly beneficial.


*There are many more FAQ’s covered within the plan that may arise once you have read through it

I don't want to be bulky. Is this program right for me?

This plan is created to sculpt the body by bringing up specific smaller muscle areas to create form and shape. It is not specifically focused on adding mass to large muscle areas with large compound movements like the TRX MUSCLE BUILDER PROGRAM. That being said it is still designed to build muscle and thus size. However, exercise is just the spark to muscle building, your nutrition intake is the fuel. Thus depending on how you eat will depend on how big / bulky you get. If you follow my point 1 recommendation in the program above you will develop a well rounded aesthetic physique and will not appear too bulky. If you follow my point 2 recommendation in the program you will maximise muscle and strength gain potential but also some element of fat gain and thus will appear bigger and more bulky. You will fill out a T-shirt better, so to speak, if that is your goal.

Can I build muscles with this program?

Yes, if you follow the program executing the exercises with correct form focusing on contracting the primary muscle you will build muscle. However, there are a number of other factors at play here which will affect this such as your nutrition, genetic potential and general health

Where can this program be performed?

All this program requires is a TRX with a door or hook to hang it from and approx 2m2 space of floor room with twice your height head room.

I have used this program across several countries performing the exercises in hotels, hostels, beaches, jungles, roof-tops, parks, at home, in a garden, on a balcony and on a building site. I believe the question is not where can it be performed? But where do you want to perform it? The world is your oyster and this program your Fitness Freedom.

Do I need to do a warm up / cool-down before and after each workout?

Yes, this is very important for safety and injury prevention but also to allow you to gain the maximum results from the program by preparing your body. It is essential to warm up the entire body before beginning either the upper or lower day. I have included a warm-up and cool-down recommendation at the beginning of the plan but you may follow your own if you already have one and feel comfortable with it.

I'm struggling with X exercise what should I do?

First up, refer to the TRX video exercise glossary within this program to double check you have the technique correct. Secondly, reach out to the Facebook TRX Fitness Freedom Support Group so I / people can recommend an alternative substitute exercise or I will help correct your technique to you are able to perform the movement.

How do I know if I am progressing?
Progression in fitness with regards to all aspects takes time. If you can master patience within this industry you will go far and achieve whatever fitness goal you want to. Taking physique progress photos every 3-4 weeks and comparing them side-by-side is a good way to detect visual differences that you simply wouldn’t notice in the mirror. But ultimately, because of the relationship between strength gain and muscle / body transformation gain, the main metric I want you to use for tracking your progress is strength. If you are feeling stronger and finding the exercises more comfortable and managing to follow the increasing overload progression each week then YOU ARE progressing overall.

Keep a log book of how exercises feel or print this program out and scribble at the side of the plan what you found difficult or easy each day to reflect back on. Taking body measurements a few times a year can also be helpful (arms, thighs, waist, neck). Weighing yourself each day and then dividing the total by 7 to get your weekly average is a good way to monitor your weight if losing or gaining is your goal. Overall focusing on steady strength progression will be your best proxy for determining transformational progress.

I'm finding the exercises too hard, I can't hit the reps specified. What should I do?

You can decrease the effort and intensity of the exercise by changing your body and feet position in relation to the TRX. I would first encourage you to play with this to create more of a comfortable angle and thus placing less intensity on your muscles and less overall effort. Refer to the demonstration videos in the glossary section for examples of this for each exercise. If you are still finding the effort too much after experimenting with feet and body position – perform the exercise to as many reps as you can and record the number within the plan boxes (reps 1,2,3,4) to refer back to each week to try and advance.

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