TRX Customised Program


Do you want a customised TRX or Band program with nutrition guidance to achieve your fitness goals anywhere?

I will craft one for your specific goals and circumstances.

  • The Program is crafted around your lifestyle. It works with you not against you.
  • Progressive Program developed to your TRX level and goals.
  • Full video call to discuss your nutrition, correct TRX execution and understanding mindful-meditative training before beginning the Program
  • Nutrition guidance and advice based on what you are currently eating (your food diary). I help you develop healthy habits by understanding nutrition timing and pairing of macro food groups. I don’t try to overhaul your entire diet or life.
  • I have a questionnaire that helps me understand your current health and fitness level and draws out your goals.
  • I am available full-time to answer any questions that arise or to help with any guidance as is needed.

Once purchased, an initial ‘welcome PDF’ download link will be emailed to you. I will then contact you to arrange a suitable time for the initial consultation.

Developed to your circumstance and goals:

  • Travel program
  • Home workout program
  • Specific program for a body area or defined goal
  • Specific functional strength program
  • Specific muscle building program
  • Specific lean and tone program
  • 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 week plans
  • Split into blocks for levels of technique and intensity focus


Does this plan offer nutrition adivce

Yes. I ask you to complete a food diary. From this, we will sit discuss via video call the right approach for your goals that match your lifestyle. *I am not a qualified nutrionist and would reccomend seeking out a specialist in that field if you have health-related problems..

Is it possible to video call to discuss my needs?

Absolutely, I awlays prefer to video call with my clients before creating the program to gather specifics. I then reccomend a mid-way call and an end call.

GOT A question? 

I'll be happy to answer it. Send a message below or find me @trxtraveller

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