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Do you want the ability to burn fat, develop your cardiovascular system, build muscle and grow whilst sculpting your body with one resistance band?

Then these 2 resistance band programs (stack) are your perfect tool! The programs use this easy level black CrossFit resistance band (this one here). They total over 30 weeks of progressive workout plans, you will transform your body whilst learning correct resistance band execution specific to your fitness goals. The two programs equate to over 220+ pages of specific workout plans, exercise resources, key anatomy points, a glossary of coaching video exercise and a section explaining the specific programming principles at play (volume, intensity, frequency, etc.) Stack includes:

This product comprises of 2 downloadable electronic PDF documents. Once purchased, a download link will be emailed to you and the product will be available in ‘my account’.

Look inside the TRX Program and view some of the guided workout videos.

*Every single exercise used is also linked separately within the ‘Video Glossary Section’ of the program

The band muscle pump is for:

Beginner - intermediate

An all rounder - total body fitness.

Increase your functional fitness strength, burn fat and challenge your muscles to develop an all-round lean, toned physique.

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The band muscle builder is for:

Intermediate - Advanced

Designed to focus solely on building muscle.

High neurological overload drop set techniques to shock the nervous system and exhaust muscle fibres leading to re-growth. Structured plan teaching specific band exercise execution technique.

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This a downloadable PDF product

This purchase is NOT for a physical copy of the program, it is a downloadble PDF. A link will be sent to your email and one will be available in the ‘my account’ section of this website. I recommend downloading the file immediately and then saving the PDF to your desktop or phone. If you’ve purchased a program – awesome! You’re on your way to TRX Fitness Freedom:

  • Download the program from the email or your dashboard. Don’t worry if you miss the email, just email me hello@trxtraveller.com and I’ll send you another
  • This program is not available in a hard copy but you can always print it out if needed


Please refer to the individual Resistance Band Program pages for their specific FAQ’S:

Resistance Band Muscle Pump Program>

This program is not intended to be an all-inclusive resistance band training course. I developed this program as a tool and structure for people to achieve their fitness goals without the need of a gym, anywhere.

That being said there is still a lot (184 pages worth to be exact) of exercise resources, key anatomy points when performing movements, a glossary of video demonstration links and a section explaining the specific programming principles at play (volume, intensity, frequency, etc.) Which I believe many people within the levels of beginner to intermediate would find highly beneficial.

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