The portable kettle bell for home and travel workout

The portable kettle bell for home and travel workout.

I honestly couldn’t live without this little fella, the Drybell. I initially found it here on Amazon, it’s became my go-to almost every day for travel exercising in some way.

It’s a portable kettle bell you can fill with water up to 10kg and sand up to 17kg meaning the variety is endless no matter where you are.

I’m not a one for preaching about fitness utensils and the greatness of  things such as gym equipment or essential bars yada yada unless it’s true, as I firmly believe a TRX, band and body-weight are all you need to train anything anywhere. But since finding this Drybell I’m now a firm believer in it and couldn’t find myself without it.

I’ll be releasing workout videos and exercise sheets for it very soon.

Cheers Drybell!

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