I felt right at home sitting in the back of a wooden cattle truck for an hour to reach this place.


As I jumped down out onto the dirt track road that sat behind the beach, my initial thought was “well that was a waste of a sore arse.” While my cousin went off-on-one at the driver about her sore arse and how that not so VIP transportation wasn’t worth the 50p we’d paid. I wandered off the dust track and onto one of the most spectacular beaches I had ever seen.

There’s white sands then there’s Playa Punta Larva. You can take your white sand and shove it up your arse because your white sand won’t beat this white sand. It’s close to what I imagine Zeus made for his back-garden in Olympus. We wandered down to the end of the beach past a ton of lobster and fist restaurant shacks and I immediately called out the perfect one for a Pina and the ideal one for our lobster dinner, which I reckon cost us £3. The blue water matched the white sand beauty, hot and perfect for a little short shorts Instagram pose @TRXTraveller

We came here whilst staying at vinales. It was pretty easy, there’s a load of geezas with various forms of transport waiting at a specific spot each day. They’ll take you there and take you back. They leave and return at specific times. I think 9am was the leave time and you have to be back at the point where they drop you off for 4pm. Our casa host had all the info as I’m sure yours will.

We returned in one of those bad-ass old American Cadillacs that you see everywhere. I always baggsied front seat when riding one of these. I am a gangsta wannabe in my other life.


  • Get here via van or car but shop around and barter your perfect (loosely used) ride
  • Make sure to book your fare back home with the same guy or another person early on.
  • Grab a lobster lunch at one of the shacks


  • Squeeze into the back of a horse carriage, people will use anything to try and transport you here but it’s an hour ride on bumpy, dusty roads that will test your patience sitting on a metal seat.
  • Don’t be late for your ride back. This place is remote and they all leave at around 4pm before it gets too dark on the roads

Tips for healthy eats

  • There’s beautiful sea food restaurants on the beach front serving fresh fish and vegetables.
  • Fresh fruit stalls and coconuts are also many.
  • Take your own little snacks and lots of water

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • Your casa host will fill you for breakfast and dinner upon your return so go for the ceviche on the beach front for a large 50-60g hit.
  • Take a BCAA and Glutamine tablet for the arvo and maybe a can of tuna just in case.

Where to exercise

Our casa had a small little garden. I spent many a morning or late eve exercising in it looking over green cigar hills. Make sure your casa has one too.

TRX Traveller

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