I planned three days here. After falling into sun, surf and small town chilled hippy vibes, I stayed eight.


Why Pichilemu in Chile is a hidden gem to travel…

I have a lot of love for Chile and a huge amount of love for Pichilemu. Pichilemu in Chile is a hidden gem to travel. I Think this was mainly formed by my stay at Sunset Hostel, which was more like a family home with ya mates round 24/7 than a hostel. It was the only place in South America I cooked the entire hostel a meal, it was that warming. What was that meal? A huge English northern fry-up. I’m talking full works and mainly all done in one pan, I know I know I spoiled them.

Pichilemu in Chile is a hidden gem to travel. A man walks along the coastline to the beach front in Pichilemu

A man walks along the coastline to the beach front in Pichilemu

To be honest I found all of Pichilemu warm and friendly from the beaches to the cafes and the nightlife to supermarkets. Everyone’s happy here. It was my first time back on the waves and the water was cold, but being the perfect hangover cure I got myself out on a mini mall 6 out of the 8 days. I wish I could say it was like riding a bike from back when I lived in Oz but it wasn’t. I was well and truly an amateur again. At the far left the waves are ideal for learning and practising. In the middle it gets a little pro. They have some huge surf comps here and two ozzies told me the waves on this coast were the best they’d ever seen and these guys were awesome surfers.

Exploring by car

Speaking of those two ozzies, myself, them and an American shot out in a hired car to explore the coast of Punta de Lobos and Puertceillo, about an hour’s drive and well worth it. Truly awesome waves and stunning remote beaches. We also used the car to help out the Bombaros. Chile was experiencing one of the worst forest fires they’d ever had when I was there, the picture below sums up a little of the devastation but I can honestly say it was like hell had opened up and begun to swallow. It was shocking how much it changed the landscape, we did what we could in areas they directed us. Amazing camaraderie between all the locals.

Back in Pichilemu I loved walking along the beach front, and loved doing it even more with a cup of fresh Colombian coffee picked up from the café café next door to Sunset Hostel. The cevicherias along the water are blinding.


  • Stay at sunset hostel right on the beach it’s a home from home
  • Spend a week here if you can and enjoy the beautiful chilled out vibes and small old world feel
  • Visit the many amazing forest surroundings and beaches within a few miles drive such as Punta de Lobos and Puertceillo
  • Live the dream here if you love surfing, the waves are some of the best in the world for both pros and beginners
  • Enjoy the local nightlife and beach clubs along the front
  • Use the local taxis to visit the north beach or hire a bike
  • Arrive and leave her via bus from Pucon or Santiago


  • Go in the water without a thick wetsuit
  • Come here expecting pristine white beaches the land is volcanic so most are black sand
  • Stay in the middle of town the beauty and quietness lies on the outskirts

The town itself is a funny old thing, kind of like a wooden hut version of the TV show Neighbours. I liked it. Look out for these little (big) Completos trucks all along the coast. Because it’s always the right time for an completo.

Pichilemu in Chile is a hidden gem to travel. A large red truck on the coastline selling Completos. A must eat in Chile.
A truck on the coastline selling Completos. A must eat in Chile.

Tips for healthy eats

  • There’s a fish market down by the start of the beach, right on the corner. Plenty of delights to choose from and super fresh.
  • There’s a supermarket in town about a ten min walk from Sunset hostel that has everything from meat to fresh fruit and veg. Ideal for cooking up your own meals.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • Pre-cooked chickens from the town supermarket, as usual, prove ideal. There’s also fresh fish stalls down at the waters edge near town.
  • Eggs, quinoa, tins of tuna and a huge variety of veg are available at the supermarket and Sunset hostels kitchen is wicked to cook in.
  • For the road trips nuts, fruits and tuna.

Where to exercise

Along the coast line and directly outside of Sunset Hostel are climbing frames and outdoor gym areas. Pull-up bars, dips, monkey swings, there’s plenty of equipment to do killer workouts and paired with the shoulder and back building surfing, you’ll be walking through walls.

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Why Pichilemu in Chile is a hidden gem to travel
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Why Pichilemu in Chile is a hidden gem to travel
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