Performing a set of TRX Hamstring Squats with perfect muscle-centric form…

Published on: May 09, 2023

From my experience, most people grab a TRX & just ‘move’ – ‘movement-centric technique’. Multiple muscle groups and shared load.

We can greatly improve on that and thus the results gained. An example with a hamstring squat (explanation below vid)…

We can utilise ‘muscle-centric technique’ with slow, controlled, and isolated movement.

Constantly squeezing only the hamstring muscles throughout the entire range of motion. Especially at the top and bottom for maximum contraction.

On the outside it just looks like ‘squats’

but on the inside in the mind, it’s a different story.

I close my eyes and place my mind inside the hamstring muscle. Visualising the fibres contracting and moving my body.

Squeezing, resisting, and shortening on the downward contraction. Pulling the body down. Workouts become a form of meditation.

Controlled breathing flowing with the movement. Focusing all energy into squeezing the hamstring muscle.

It may look easy, like it’s doing very little.

In my opinion if we use ‘movement centric’ technique where the load is shared, that would be correct.

However, when we focus on muscle-centric TRX technique to isolate the muscle, it is 10x weaker on its own. So we can get a greater stimulus off lighter loads, like body weight.

In the vid I did 1 set of these about 10 reps, with 5 rest pause sets ater every 7 seconds rest. Pushing the hamstring muscles to failure. (A little nod to Dorian Yates style training.)

Let’s get to it!

Adam, TRX Traveller

TRX Traveller

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