How to perform a TRX Chest Press

Written By TRX Traveller

On 1st January 2019

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[expand title=”View full transcript”]How to perform a TRX Chest Press. Hi TRX Traveller Adam here this series

is all about the basics of t-rex we’re

going to focus on proper form and good

technique and just run through the

fundamentals and simple exercises

covering the main muscle groups let’s

get to it this video will focus on the

chest muscle specifically the TRX chest


now the TRX is all about being unstable

and all that sounds crazy but the fact

that you’re on an angle to the TRX to

the pivot point means your whole body’s

unstable so you incorporate a lot more

muscle groups a lot more secondary

muscles I like to call this more bang

for your buck when you’re in a gym or

you’re on a bench you’re very stable and

if you do in a test press with dumbbells

you’re not over exaggerating any other

muscle apart from the pectorals with the

TRX you’re using a lot more muscle

groups and especially your core to keep

yourself focused it’s always more spent

official with a TRX so take it slow so

I’d always advise three seconds down

nice control back up and squeeze at the

top for three seconds now the chest

press so get you to your ex in a solid

place whether you attach it to something

I’ll just put it through the door close

the door like I’ve done here get both

the grips of the t-rex over your

shoulders now to find the right angle

it’s a little bit of playing the easier

it is the more you stand away from the

TRX pivot point the harder it is the

more you stand towards it I’d advise you

just to stand maybe in a middle place

because you want to be going for between

12 and 15 reps using the TRX to get the

most out of it

we’re looking at work and hypertrophy

here so control slow lots of reps so

find a comfortable position contract the

back contract your shoulder blades back

and we’re going to go nice and slow down

for one two three hold there and feel

that stretch across the pectoral muscles

and then push back up

and at the top I’m not putting my hands

together but I’m squeezing my pectorals

squeeze squeeze squeeze and then back

down for one two three

think of the stretch hold and squeeze at

the top one two three and back down four

one two three hold and explode

and squeeze at the top one two three and

that’s it that’s it CRX chest press

keeping it really simple like I say the

key benefit when you get to the top you

squeeze the chest muscle so don’t bring

your hands together keep them separate

and squeeze that chest muscle really

push it hard

and then slowly down 1 2 3

explode up squeeze and hold and slowly

down 1 2 3

throughout all that throughout at most

TRX exercises your core it’s going to

naturally engage you know you can’t

really hold back without engaging your

core so it’s just an added benefit

you’re going to get a great core workout

you’ll also feel your hips your legs and

a bit of the lower back but the main

primary muscle is your chest give it a

go let me know how you get on don’t

forget to subscribe to my channel for

many more little tips on t-rex and

exercises thanks for watching







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