The perfect fitness – antitoxin – vitamin evening smoothie

The perfect fitness - antitoxin - vitamin evening smoothie. The smoothie sitting on a wooden side board

Very low calories, high mixed source of antitoxins, along with iron and multi vitamins and minerals.

The perfect fitness – antitoxin – vitamin evening smoothie. Small amount of healthy fat, high amount of good protein, flavonoids to aid in heart health and protection and lots of digestive enzymes to break down all you have eaten throughout the day aiding your colon and reducing the amount of fat stored as you sleep. You need:

  1. natural greek yogurt, 3tbs
  2. flax seed (Holland and Barrett supply it in ground down form,) 1 tbs
  3. raspberries, small handful
  4. strawberries, 4 sliced up
  5. blueberries, small handful
  6. red berries / red currents, small handful
  7. whey protein, 2tbs

Whack them all in a blender and add a little splash of soya milk if to powdery. Blend away until smooth. This will also aid in re-building muscle and helping recovery from a big training session.

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