There was bollocks all here and that’s why I loved it.


Here’s why Palomino is a must see backpacking destination. This was my last stop before flying home to London. After 8 months solo backpacking South America. I shouldn’t have went back. Although I’m glad I did as I owed the tax man a large amount of dollar and it inspired a path. A path of working hard to get back out here and live a nomad life. My point, probably pointless, is don’t return until you’re REALLY ready to return. I stuck to a date I made months back for no reason. I could have easily changed it. Anyway, spiritual yabba aside Palomio is fucking awesome!

Why Palomino is a must see backpacking destination. A view looking out to see from the Hostel Makino

Morning wake-up

The best hostel in South America

I crashed at Hostel Makao pictured below. Behind Chili Kiwi in Chile it’s the best hostel in South America in my opinion. I stayed weeks. Not only because it had an outdoor prison gym but because the owner and his chica are legends. We partied together in Minca and spent many a day sharing a beer in his beach front garden. The guy was in London for 12 years running hotels. Now owns a palace on the beach front in Colombia, hats off to you my friend.


Hostel Makao was bang on the beach front. Has a local cocktail guy who lives and breathes the art of cocktails. And you could walk out into the sea for a shower each morning. Life is what it’s about right here. The dorm room is spacious and well setup. The private rooms are like something out of an Airbnb jungle house.


  • Stay a few days relaxing in this hidden gem of paradise
  • Stay at Makao Hostel on the beach front, he has an outdoor gym 😉
  • Walk the length of the beach in both directions you shall find paradise
  • Go tubing and take beers
  • Take cash with you as there is no cash machine but you can hire someone to take you to the next village if it’s urgent
  • Eat food from the little shacks close to the beach front
  • Run the length of the beach
  • Get here via bus along the coast and always keep your bag on your lap


  • Stay near the main road
  • Go swimming in the red flag areas the waves and currents here can be strong
  • Stay in the main party hostel unless gap yaar kids and heavy music is your thing

Palmonio itself is tiny. Eating usually involved sitting on a wooden bench in a shack having grilled meats and fish. Served with Caribbean tunes on in the back ground. I found superb coffee in this local town and just 30 minutes bus ride along the coast was tubing and El Rio. A jungle party hostel with epic DJ’s. And boy did we party there!

I had a daily ritual of walking all the way along the beach each day to the very end. About 2 miles. I’d take the TRX and workout from a tree in the middle of nowhere. I Could even strip down bollocks out and run into the sea after without anyone seeing my little fella.

Tips for healthy eats

  • Just before the entrance to the main beach, via the path. There’s a wooden shack with a grill. They do superb fish, chicken and veg dishes. I ate here almost every night.
  • Close to the main road at the top of the path is a small coffee house on the right with outdoor seating, the coffee here is number 1.
  • Hostel Mako has amazing food, although a little pricey to eat there all the time but if you’re staying you get a discount.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • The BBQ shack next to the beach does fresh fish and the chicken portions are at least 44g or protein, top that with a cup of rice and veg and you’re close to 50gs. I ate here almost every night.
  • Tins of tuna, nuts and fruit were my go to for lunch on the beach and hostel makao’s breakfast with a huge amount of eggs, granola and fruit were my go-to for breakfast.

Where to exercise

You have 2 miles of white golden sands, it’s where not to exercise that is the question. If you’re staying at Hostel Makao there’s an outdoor gym area with a pull-up bar and cement dumb-bells.

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