My go-to list of 40+ natural health foods and supplements with why, when and how for fat loss, muscle and general health

Published on: August 17, 2020

My go-to list of 40+ natural health foods and supplements with why, when and how for fat loss, muscle and general health.

I believe in eating seasonly, fitness goal related and then daily lifestyle factors related.

There’s a difference between eating healthy, which correlates to just surviving.

Compared to eating for optimal performance and longevity.

Which correlates to giving your body the best fuel it needs for that: specific season; time of the month (specifically with regards to hormones for women); or health with fitness goal.

Having a simple arsenal of nutritional understanding to call upon at the correct times can make a huge difference in the long run.

As always – full honesty

I earn a 1-2% commission on the below linked products.

However, I link to products that I DO ACTUALLY USE EVERYDAY. I am not linking to them due to their commission rates and I am not in anyway associated with the brands.

All supps I recommend you take with a full nutritional meal that has a variety of fruit or veg with it.


The body needs the phytonutrient and flavanoids from natural foods in order to absorb and transport supplements (vitamins and minerals) around the body when the are taken out of their original complex form (food).

Most of the linked products are to either MYProtein or Discount Supplements. I choose these two for a balance of the quality to economy offering.

With some products I believe it’s worth spending slightly more due to their extraction nature and to ensure maximum quality from a specialist. In these instances I link to those specific brands.

Let’s get to it…

**A bonus morning INTELLIGENCE COFFEE recipe and daily IMMUNE BOOSTER recipe at the end. **


Vit B12

  • For liver detoxification, repairing myelin sheath around nerves, production of neurotransmitters. I use this complex one 

Vit D3

Vit K

  • Keeps calcium out of the arteries and in the bones
  • Increases bone mass and mechanical strength to produce tough but supple bone that is resistant to fracture. I use this one

Magnesium & Zinc

  • Zinc – detoxes the liver.
  • Mag – helps liver move toxins out of the bloodstream and into the GI tract for elimination. Prob the most important mineral in the body. Signs of deficiency achey muscles, anxiety and trouble sleeping.
  • I use this blend

Tryptophan (L-tryprophan) 5HTP

  • Natural hormone balancer and mood regulator
  • Induces sleep, calms anxiety and can help burn more body fat, reduces carb cravings and help lower sugar addiction, help control appetite
  • Increases the production of serotonin (feel good neurotransmitter) and supports production of DMT
  • Don’t use long term, maybe 3 months then a break for 2 months
  • I use this one

ALA (alpha-lipoid acid)

  • Takes toxins away from the brain to be detoxed in the liver. I use this one

Vitamin C

  • For all detoxification processes
  • Helps inhibits cortisol, the stress hormone and keep it regulated. I use this one


  • A more efficient version of coenzyme Q10 – essential for energy production by our mitochondria
  • Keeps you healthier in old age and living longer. I use this one

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

  • 1/2 tsp 2 hours after dinner so it doesn’t interfere with digestion
  • Neutralise overly acidic Western diet and reset pH

Nicotinamide riboside

  • A newly discovered natural form of Vitamins B3 that when used in connection with pterostilbene, increases the concentrations of NAD+ in the brain by 40%, allowing for more efficient energy production. 
  • NAD+ levels decrease with age, and supporting them with NR might offer significant protection to brain cells
  • I use this one


A simple supp for when focus is needed for extended periods of time. I use this one

Hint! 2tbsp flaxseeds can help you go to the toilet


  • Saturated fat is the most stable for cooking
  • Do not buy any mono or poly fats in a clear plastic as the light oxides them and they take in the plastic
  • Mono and poly fats are the best to consume
  • Poly fats are found in salmon, mackerel and krill. These are the healthy heart omegas
  • Mono are the secret for muscle size and weight loss
  • For Mono fats: eats lots of avocado, nuts, egg yolks
  • Poly fats are easily oxidised and they can cause harm to your heart when that happens. Light oxidises poly fats that’s why fish oils are kept in dark containers.
  • Never cook with canola oil or any poly fat oil
  • I use this Krill oil supplement for its heart health omega properties


Go with a high quality protein isolate. It’s worth paying for quality here. I use this one

Protein isolates have a lower fat content.

Right after a workout you are spiking insulin with simple carbs to flood the nutrient (amino acids, carbs, vits and mins) into the muscle cells.

Insulin is a fat storing hormone.

The more fat present during a high spike – the more it will store that fat. A cheap whey protein shake will have higher fat and filler content

Rendering 10-20% of it useless.

I cover this in much more detail within the FREE 29pg NUTRITION & SUPP GUIDE with every Program purchase


  • Take Curcumin and Collagen
  • Collagen Improves skin elasticity, the recovery of lost cartilage tissue, reduces activity-related joint pain, strengthens tendons and ligaments, increases lean body mass.
  • Curcumin is a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps reduce swelling around joints caused by intense exercise
  • I use this Collagen and this Curcumin

FOR THE PUMP (Blood flow to muscles) AND FAT LOSS


  • I use this one. Increases Nitric Oxide retention, dilation of blood vessels so nutrient is transported into the muscles better for ‘the pump’.
  • It is correlated with growth hormone production and release


  • Increases energy production and helps to shuttle fat into the mitochondria to be burned as fuel
  • I use this one
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Maltodextrin and Dextrose (easily digestible carbs) 50-100g (goal dependant)

Essential Amino Acids 5g

  • I use this one.
  • Aids in muscle recovery, growth hormone secretion and improves insulin sensitivity.

Glutamine 5g

  • I use this one.
  • Heals the stomach lining, boosts immune function and speeds recovery. Increases rate of protein synthesis.

Creatine 5g

  • I use this one.
  • Improves and aids brain cognitive function. Helps muscles produce energy during intense activity.

Whey Protein Isolate 30g

  • I use this one.
  • Now’s not the time for fats and cheap fillers, purity and qulaity is essntial after a workout when the body is primed to utilise it well.
  • If I feel I want to give my stomach a rest from diray products for a while, i’ll go with this Vegan protein.



  • Helps to absorb gas on high protein and veg diet. Cull the farts.

Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning

  • I use this brand
  • it’s the first thing I consume in the morning. Balances PH levels and greatly improves the gut’s ability to absorb nutrient throughout the day.

To make rice more healthy

  • Raw turmeric grated and ginger grated in with the rice so it soaks up nutrient

Psyllium Husk

I use this brand, a high amount and good quality, natural fiber to aid digestion.

Red pepper

  • Super super high in Vitamin C as a full complex vitamin


  • Huge anti inflammatory and omega 3


  • Full of penyphenols for digestion and fights off cancer
  • Contains l glutamine 


  • Highest natural form of Vitamin C available, also supplies good gut bacteria for digestion.

Fish and sea food

  • Very high in SELENIUM AND ZINC

Vegetables, nuts and seeds

  • Contain high amounts of vitamin E an all round essential vitamin.

Olive leaf

  • Anti viral protect the immune system

Cream of tartar

  • Very high in potassium

Pumpkin seeds

  • High in zinc and balanced out with copper
  • Great for metabolism

Macadamia nuts

  • High in omega 7 to balance out om3 and 6
  • Choose pecans over walnuts 


  • Soak in water for 24 hours to sprout them
  • Packed full of feel good selenium
  • Almond butter is better than peanut butter which is actually a glum and hard for you body to breakdown when raw

Brazil nuts

  • Selenium 


The health benefits of organic mushrooms are huge and we are only beginning to tap into their powerful potential.

Of which I believe many people could greatly benefit.

CORDECEPS (empty stomach)

  • Increases ATP which is your energy levels
  • Instead of peak and trough of coffee – smoother over a 4-6 period and without it interrupting your sleep (doesn’t interrupt adrenals). No crash
  • Great pre-workout 
  • Great energy booster
  • Great to have if you’ve not slept well the night before
  • You’ll feel the benefits almost instantaneously (as in days rather than weeks)
  • I use this one

LIONS MANE (empty stomach)

  • The entry level mushroom for those who have never tried before “functional mushrooms” because it has such noticeable benefits very early on. Other mushrooms have a compounding effect. 
  • Ability for memory consolidation – this comes on the back of getting improved REM sleep. The dreaming phase of sleep which is where you get nueurogensis and you get decrease in neuro inflammation so your brain is in a regenerative state and can consolidate memory. REM is important for you mood also.
  • I use this one

TURKEY TAIL (empty stomach)

  • Good for the gut
  • Unregulated the sense of wellbeing (healthy gut connection to mood)
  • Depression & anxiety starts in the gut with poor gut bacteria. Restore harmony in your gut will restore your mood
  • Harvard Medical School did a research on the gut bacteria and 2 compounds PSK & PSP within the turkey tail.


  • Grows off birch tree (cold climates) – Siberia, Russia
  • Takes nutrients from the tree
  • One of the highest antioxidants in the world
  • Helps with vision
  • Makes your eyes pop, skin, hair and nails
  • I use this one


  • Collagen and Elastin are 2 powerhouses. 
  • UV damage stimulates elastase which breakdown elastin 
  • Elastin can be restored through the amino acids in the shiitake mushroom
  • Take it for strong hair, skin and nails
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antivirul – immune boosting benefits. 
  • I use this one


  • MCT oil – helps your body produce key tones for fuel 
  • Collagen – fuel of amino acid glicine good for an animal eating diet 
  • Alpha GPC
  • Lions mane
  • …Mix it all in and enjoy first thing


  • Vitamin A (cod liver oil if you want)
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Raishi mushroom (5g twice a day normal, 10g twice a day if you feel sick)
  • NAC twice a day
  • …Take daily

So there you go, that’s my my go-to list of 40+ natural health foods and supplements with why, when and how for fat loss, muscle and general health

Any comments, questions or debates – please leave them below.

Stay safe stay healthy

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My go-to list of 40+ natural health foods and supplements with why, when and how for fat loss, muscle and general health
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My go-to list of 40+ natural health foods and supplements with why, when and how for fat loss, muscle and general health
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