In 4 days this place destroyed me. Sorry, let me re-phrase that. The Loki hostel Mancora destroyed me. Peru’s version of Magaluf on steroids.


After two weeks with my mother taking her around Peru I was in need of some letting loose time. Mancora didn’t disappoint. I arrived into Loki, made friends and got hammered. That’s how I spent 4 days here.

I wouldn’t go here unless you want to party, nothing else about it is that special. But they do know how to party. The Loki hostel basically owns this joint and makes it what it is. I had a blast but it took me a week to recover.


  • Let loose
  • Stay in Loki for the party or further down the strip at the beach cabins for peace


  • I would say don’t waste your money on the marching powder. But you will.
  • Rely on the coach to then catch a flight to Ecuador, they’re never on time. Stay over in the city near the Ecuador border and catch a flight the next day if heading north.

Tips for healthy eats

  • As I stayed in Loki hostel I ate here for everything. They give you a band that you scan for each item and the total bill at the end of your stay. Bloody dangerous.
  • I mainly stuck to the ceviche and salads. I have to admit for a hostel the ceviche was very good, the food in all actually.

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • If you stay in Loki, the ceviche bowl is around 45-55g of protein a dish so opt for that with a few eggs for breakfast and chicken salads for lunch.Buy your meat from the market and cook it up yourself or opt for the standard chicken leg, rice and veg dishes they offer.Good old atun en aqua and eggs during the day were my staple here along with the above restaurants. A slab of each day help towards the protein target.
  • There is a local market in the town near the port if you were wanting to buy meat along with some small supermarkets that have it frozen. My advice would be to pick it up off the boat before travelling to your accommodation.

Where to exercise

Go all the way along the beach away from the strip area and you’ll find peace. There’s a few trees and posts to hang a TRX from and its super quiet. It’s a nice break for some time to yourself. I like to dip into party scenes rather than live in them when traveling. This was an exception.


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