CrossFit band workout 3 key legs exercises for muscle growth

3 great exercises for legs using a CrossFit band on the side of a mountain with 8000+m of beautiful Annapurna in the background. In the shadows like Batman here. Even had my good friend and local Nepali guide joining in @pratap.fursang

I find the benefit and struggle comes from burning the muscles out on the negative phase.

Back squats, place the band under your heels and behind your head (4 seconds negative phase, explode up)
Straight leg deadlift, place the band under the balls of your feet and pull both up (4 seconds negative phase, explode up)
Front squats, place the band under the balls of you feet and hold it across the front of your shoulders (4 seconds negative phase, explode up)

Bands can add great tension. Check the muscular contraction at the end of the video. They are light cheap and double up as a wicked backpack wrap to hold things while trekking.

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