I felt like Mario bombing around this little island on a golf buggy. The pit stops being hidden Caribbean bars and beaches hidden amongst the woods.


So, is it worth backpacking Isla mujeres? Well, I crashed at Poc na hostel, being honest it’s the place to be. I was digging the private beach garden that’s yoga by day and a nightclub by, well night. Bang in the middle of the town centre too. The people were as you’d expect, party go’ers, 3 year going nomads and the 6 month backpackers, a great mix and big social scenes.

On the days I wanted to find a little bit of my own paradise away from the crowds myself and two other travellers hired a buggy. We grabbed some beers and set off exploring the little hidden gems. We stumbled upon a great little bar called The Joint, surprise surprise it was Jamaican but what a venue. Tucked away in the lush green with little craft beers and spirits a plenty. A pleasure to unwind at for an afternoon.

Unless they’re American

I spent a day at the main beach. At the far right is the place to be, it’s near a wooden jetty and on a curved point making the sunsets particularly stunning. Set back off the beach are buffet food tents, that for what they were, were actually pretty reasonable. The place was heavily touristy, but golden sands and warm water kinda make up for it, unless the tourists are Americans. Nothing makes up for that.


  • Stay at Poc na hostel for a very social party by night, yoga by day scene. Don’t crash here if you’re seeking peace.
  • Be prepared for tourist heavy traffic from Cancun
  • Stay here rather than Cancun, it’s a younger fresher version. Not overly spring break, yet
  • Grab a buggy and tour the island hunting out the little peaceful spots
  • Load the buggy up with drinks and snacks and find your little paradise in the hidden beach coves
  • Head to the north of the island for the best beaches


  • Go here if you’re short on time, Tulum and Bacalar are better
  • Expect a quiet un-touched island, it’s tourist heaven

Is it worth backpacking Isla mujeres?

Whilst it’s a nice island I did feel it was becoming a little bit of a party going area reflecting its older Cancun brother. If I was rushed for travelling time or wanting to spend the money only in unique places, I wouldn’t come to Isla Mujures.

Tips for healthy eats

  • You’ll find many restaurants catering for everything in the centre of this island. American, European, vegan, healthy, cheat meals.
  • I don’t have much onfo on the healthy jaunts as the two days I was here, I over indulged with two fellow backpackers. Drinking and eating rubbish. I’d had three weeks of healthy goings on, I figured I deserved to let loose and go back to the Zen once I arrived at Bacalar

How to get meat for that protein hit

  • As I mention in the healthy eats, there’s endless restaurants and super markets in the main square for finding that protein in take.
  • I ate out for all meals the two days I was here. Omelettes for breakfast, chicken and chips for lunch and pizzas for dinner. I know I know! This entire stay was a cheat stay.

Where to exercise

Hard to find an empty beach area unless you head to the back of the island next to Poc na hostel. There’s a small area here that no one uses, plenty of space and it’s off the beaten track. Failing that find yourself a nice little empty fishing peer and blast out a CrossFit band workout early doors, I have many here.

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Is it worth backpacking Isla Mujeres?
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Is it worth backpacking Isla Mujeres?
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