Is TRX suspension training good for fat loss? (2 approaches)

Published on: September 14, 2021

In this video we’ll discuss the question – is TRX suspension training good for fat loss? And two approaches that can be used. In my opinion, one is much more effective than the other.

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Is TRX suspension training good for fat loss? (2 approaches)

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Is TRX suspension training good for fat loss? (2 approaches). Quick discussion, can you use a trx for weight loss absolutely however there’s two different ways to look at it number one which i don’t think is the most effective way is what i call movement centric exercise so that is essentially just using the trx just to move so maybe just doing some jumps you see a lot of people just kind of doing this stuff that will burn calories just as walking would um depend on how hard you push yourself it will burn calories now in essence you might make yourself a little bit fitter but it’s not really going to increase your vo2 much not like a hit workout on a bike or roll machine and in my opinion that’s not the most effective way to focus on fat loss using the crx the most effective way for fat loss is to build quality dense muscle and essentially turn your body into a machine building quality dense muscle means your metabolism be naturally faster now what do i mean by muscle-centric exercise this is exactly what i what i teach so my clients by teaching my programs it’s using a trx the trx is a fantastic tool to build muscle with because it forces you to slow down and analyze your technique perfectly so you have to isolate the body and you have to only move by contracting the specific muscle of your training to essentially break it down to then build that quality dense muscle what do i mean by that this is something i talk about all the times in the programs it’s tempo it’s technique it’s using you know if we’re doing rows it’s using a nice slow tempo down for four seconds stretching at the bottom really stretching contract the lats to come up squeeze at the top for two seconds one two and slowly back down again for four seconds so it’s taken a muscle through its full range of motion muscle-centric exercise that’s of course a very loose um loose introduction to it but i’ve done every coaching video i do is about mind to muscle connection and muscle-centric exercise focusing on the specific muscle we want to break down and isolate it so we put all the load on it so it grows and it rebuilds it’s all i do so allow them to achieve my physique over the past six years i’ve just used the theatrics to train all over the world and it works it’s there’s the mind’s muscle connection is thrown around in the industry a lot but it works however the benefit we have of using the trx is we don’t have weights we can’t use our ego we can’t rely on weights to increase intensity we have to focus on using technique in our mind to violently contract the muscle and break it down squeeze the hell out of it and then take it to a fully lengthened state so a fully lengthened state and a shortened contraction state the key thing the most important first thing to start on is just the correct technique with a trx to build the muscle that will allow you to turn your body into a performance machine that’s what we start with that’s what we always look at that’s our key aim once you want to start getting into more um advanced curtain bulking methods that’s a further conversation down the line it’s a more advanced program but it can still be done or the trx absolutely anyway i hope this little bit of insight is useful so when you train with the trx try not to there is a place for movement centric where we jump around we just focus on burning calories in that moment but i would suggest you look at transforming your ball deep body and sculpting it into a physique and by building strength and building quality dense muscle and then you can tie in with forms of cardio like cycling and running some hit workouts and sort of stuff any comments debates questions i realize this is obviously a very debatable topic and don’t get me wrong everyone is very individual everyone has their own specific way of training their specific nutrition and that’s the beauty of the journey finding out what works for you but i guarantee you if you focus on technique control muscle centric exercise quality contraction stretching your body will change you will create muscle and you will find fat loss a lot easier thanks very much for watching Is TRX suspension training good for fat loss? (2 approaches)

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