I Hated Gyms… Then This Mindset Shift Changed Everything! (TRX Suspension Training Freedom)

Published on: November 24, 2022

I used to be so addicted to using the gym. I’d even prioritise it before friends & family.

Sometimes I’d even make up excuses about why I couldn’t attend social events because I wanted to use the gym instead.

The thing is after years of being in it – I absolutely hated it!

Keep reading below or watch the video!

It was crazy. I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere there, I didn’t enjoy the culture, and I was so externally focused on the environment…

Focused on what’s going on around me:

  • The people – he looks better than me – he’s lifting more than me
  • Waiting for the weights or the bench
  • The awkwardness of the chats
  • The grunts and groaning
  • The ‘meat head bro lifting’ style (I can say I was sick of that because I used to kind of be one)

It was so mentally dissatisfying.

I wasn’t even happy with my physique or my ability to build lean functional and healthy muscle.

I was always trying to lift heavier than I could. I was always getting injured. 

All this frustration was because of the environment that I was in. It drove me mad. Workouts left me frustrated, not elated.

It wasn’t until I learned the biggest thing that changed my life:

‘The muscle doesn’t know where it is or what it’s holding all it knows is the tension you can place upon it through a range of motion regardless of what tool you use…

Whether a weight, bar, broomstick, TRX, Resistance Band… It doesn’t know!’

That hit me like a train about six years ago!

I suddenly thought:

“why the hell am I working out in this gym, which has a horrible culture that I don’t even like?

I’m spending thousands a year, I’ve taken so much time to travel here, to wait here… what the hell am I doing!”

It was at that moment that I sacked off the gym, got a TRX, and said:

“Whatever happens, I’m going to learn how to use this to build lean muscle, if not just maintain what I’ve got (which was all mediocre at best)” 

…and that’s when everything shifted! 

I started to train in my own space with a TRX and a resistance band and no one around me, no distractions.

I internalised my focus. I studied more. I learned from some fantastic bodybuilding mentors…

I analysed biomechanics and studied more nutrition. But most of all, I tested on myself relentlessly!

Because I had this relentless obsession to never give up and to build lean muscle and transform my body with a TRX anywhere… I did! 

I failed so many times but I failed my way to success. 

Now workouts are mentally amazing! 

I focus so on internally connecting with my body, something I call ‘The mindful muscle-centric technique’ that actually building the muscle and the aesthetics of it has become a by-product.

It’s connecting with my body that is my main focus.

And because I focus on that constantly and relentlessly – to connect with how my body feels, how it’s moving… the mental well-being aspects are phenomenal!!

Then the physique transformation aspects are phenomenal too as a by-product.

This is because the ability to connect your mind and your muscle (body) is exponential!

Even the best stage athletes in the world can only connect with their muscles and contract them properly about 50 – 60%.

That’s still a huge margin to improve on.

Us mere mortals who are doing things naturally, at home, and not living in a gym 24/7. We’re probably at about 30% connection…

That’s massive! That’s a huge monumental margin to improve on! This is what I try to improve on all the time…

Connecting with the muscle and squeezing it, the powerful squeeze!

That’s why I absolutely love travelling and living anywhere. I love working out in nature or my lounge… because I am free! I call it Fitness Freedom – The ability to transform my body and mind anywhere with a TRX. To never need to rely on a gym or weights ever again!

I think once you accept this fact, this ABSOLUTE fact, that the muscle doesn’t know where you are or what it’s holding… it’ll change your life!

So pick up a TRX and go train in your own space on your own time with internal focus and you’ll reap the massive mind and body transformation rewards!!

Speak soon!

Adam, TRX Traveller

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I Hated Gyms... Then This Mindset Shift Changed Everything! (TRX Suspension Training Freedom)

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