How to do a Resistance Band Low Row exercise for back thickness

How to do a Resistance Band Low Row exercise for back thickness. Let’s pump up those lats and add some serious thickness to the lower back area, helping to develop the V shape physique. I created this video for the RESISTANCE BAND MUSCLE BUILDER and RESISTANCE BAND MUSCLE PUMP Workout Programs… THE RESISTANCE BAND MUSCLE […]

Written By TRX Traveller

On 17th September 2020

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How to do a Resistance Band Low Row exercise for back thickness. Let’s pump up those lats and add some serious thickness to the lower back area, helping to develop the V shape physique.

I created this video for the RESISTANCE BAND MUSCLE BUILDER and RESISTANCE BAND MUSCLE PUMP Workout Programs…


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How to do a Resistance Band Low Row exercise for back thickness

How to do a Resistance Band Low Row exercise for back thickness video subtitles export

alright guys how’s it going TRX Traveller Adam here, in this video we’re gonna look at the back but we’re gonna look at the low roll the band low rope so opposite to the high roll will go on low let’s get to it alright guys I put a link em to the to their band high road just below and it’s a really good one to watch as well the high ro the lower all great – band pull exercises to mix up so the high roll we lead with our elbows up and out this is the low roll and we’re going to be leading with our elbows down and in so it’s hot really going to hit a lap so you’re going to feel such a great squeeze throughout the whole works and the range of movement we’re going to focus on stretching right out on the negative face and we’re going to focus on contract and hard and pulling the shoulder blades right back on the air positive face so get your van nice and secure and I’ve just hooked it onto my end my TRX handle here and my t-rexes just hang in there find a ski to spot for it again same with a high rose I love to start these you want to get quite a nice for the tension and I love to start these with a bit of tension and I like to protract my shoulders forward so I don’t start like this retracted I like to protract them forward and the reason I like to start like that and that full position is because I’m lengthen my back muscles I’m lengthen them a lot even as I do this I can see the lot stretch it out I can feel them being pulled around and that’s great because then as we drive and we pull down and in we’re taking them from a fully lengthened position to a short and contracted position so that’s taking a muscle to a full range of motion which is perfect for well it’s the most ideal m44 development for a really good technique training that’s that’s our key that’s how focus so get it nice and secure get that tension as I say kind of allow yourself to be pulled up let allow the arms to be pulled don’t fight it too much what I want you to focus on is it’s not it’s not an overhand position it’s a hammer grip and more of a neutral position well more of a more hammer grip position I’d call that a neutral position but just more of a hammer grip position your hands are only hooks don’t try and pull or move with your hands your hands just Hakan just imagine the static and objects and and they’re fixed what you pull with is your shoulders and naturally for them sorry Mike shows your elbows and your elbows should lead so my hands hooked in and my elbow is gonna lead and it’s gonna drive down and in I really want to keep this elbow close to my body as I Drive down and in and really focus on that driving and down and in it’s a lot different to just kind of doing this you want to really drive down and in so the shoulder blades come retracted down and you can release even as I do that without the band I can really feel my lats pulling pulling my elbows back pulling my arms back and I can feel a contraction in them there so just just keep thinking that keep thinking right I’m leading with my elbows and just focus on that focus on the pull so in practice get a nice stretch if it’s gonna sweat athletic stance and we’re gonna drive down and in and lock out of really drove male bulls really hard down and I pull them down I’m driving in and I’ve got a great contraction my back there and I’m going back out for four seconds and I’m gonna stretch right out and drive back down and in and squeeze and back down and as I get to the bottom as I get to the very bottom II I’m squeezing as hard as I can I’m really contracting my shoulder blades back and back out for one two three four nice stretch and explore down and back out for one two three four and back down for one two three four now follow the tempo a plan calls for if you’re not if you don’t find you can feel much for a connection a contraction you want to work on that I’d always advise you just to kind of stay at the top here for a second to really just like squeeze as hard as possible however if you quite use the band’s you’ve been working for a while then there’s no harm and just exploding up for a second and going straight back down for one two three four and up and back down for one two three four up down one two three four there’s not really too much you know it’s old obviously always really good to contract as hard as you can and it went when you’re shortening the muscle and really squeezing it there’s no harm in that sometimes what I tend to find though is and people will often contract and then then they’ll kind of let it go and rest a little bit and then continue back to have that the exercise and that’s not what we want because we want to constantly keep tension on the back or you know on the lap muscles so if you find them that you’re squeezing really hard but you’re suddenly giving yourself a break and then you go on from it then I would advise you maybe just keep that motion of one second contraction straight back down one second contractions straight back down because then you constantly keeping this constant tension on the muscle but if you do want to practice and you wanna practice squeezing hard as you can that’s great but just make sure as you contract and you squeeze the top there you continue that squeeze that feeling of connection as you come back down right into the stretch and then you squeeze in back and I’m still squeezing I’m still squeezing and other stretches begin to take over at the stretch and I’m squeezing ah so just just always always be mindful of that that you’re not letting go of the contraction of the squeeze you’re not allowing the back muscles to rest as we’re doing these rows and that fly’s evokes the high roll on the low road and you will feel a difference there’s a massive difference and just simply just moving and just pumping it out where I do always think there’s a time in a place for that a challenge is set well you’ve got a high rep set you know like 50 reps you just want to bash them out you’re just going for it and it’s a challenger set but with regard to this plan this video is designed for it’s all about really put in the muscle with fantastic technique through full range of motion and keeping it under time and attention so keep the muscle under tension for as long as we go so as I say check out the air the low roll I’m sorry the high roll band a video with a link to its below and if you can marry those two up together you’ve got to get great back development really good back development with both those rolls well put and down to lower portion of your back any questions just hit me what the comments below hope that was helpful and thanks very much for watching [Music]



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