How much protein do you need to build lean muscle mass with TRX suspension training? (The honest truth)

Published on: August 25, 2022

How much protein should you eat?

What should your percentage macros (protein, carbs, and fat) be for your fitness goal with suspension or resistance band training?

Prompted by a recent question from the Fitness Freedom Athletes Group questioning the protein intake direction in the Nutrition & Supp Guidelines.

I love the challenge on this.

When it comes to nutrition: CHALLENGE AND QUESTION EVERYTHING. No matter the source.

We are all so different on a cellular level and live very different lifestyles. What works for one, will not work for another.

I can’t give you the exact answer as to how much protein intake is right for YOU

All I can provide is a foundation guide as to what I have experienced success with, and the success I have seen when applied to others.

But, you need to figure out what works for you with trial and error.

  • If you feel the protein intake is too high in the guidance? Reduce the protein and add it to carbs instead.
  • If you feel the total calorie intake is too high for you and you don’t feel comfortable eating that much. Reduce the overall intake down by a few hundred.

Stop there and progress consistently for a couple of months.

What happens?

Record the data you get from that. If it works, don’t change anything. If it doesn’t, then adjust and go again. It’s that simple. Keep it simple.

I’ve done mentorship Programs and courses with professional bodybuilders that I hold in high regard (Milos Sarcev, Ben Pakulski, Alissia Gowens) and not a single one of their macro (proteins, fats, carbs) guidance felt comfortable for me. I tried it and recorded the data (how I felt, what happened) overall it didn’t work.

These guys are at the top of their game.

But when I slightly tweaked their foundational guidance to what I felt comfortable with it, what worked for MY BODY and lifestyle… I went again and saw results.

There is no right or wrong in the nutrition world. ONLY what works for you.

Nutrition is one of the main areas where two of the most educated, revered, and respected professionals can have completely polar views. I see it all the time.

  • I’ve been there with people who have built great muscle on keto with targetted carbs.
  • I’ve been there with people who could barely get through a workout on a similar approach.
  • I’ve been there with people who eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight and gained muscle and others who needed 4g before anything happened.

I highly encourage and empower you to take control of this area of your life. Utilise guidance but test for yourself.

There are two things we can all be pretty sure of to be successful:


You need a calorie excess or at least be at a maintenance level with a good amount of protein and carbs and healthy levels of fat.


You need higher protein and fat and lower carbs in a calorie deficit.

The precise macro numbers that correlate to that, are up to you.

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The main reason why I like a high protein approach when seeking to build muscle in a CALORIE EXCESS is that:

  • It is easier to overeat on carbs (the muscle cells are full up from glucose and can’t store any more) so it then gets stored as fat in fat cells.
  • It is easier to overeat on fats and it be stored.
  • When we overeat on protein, it is harder for the body to store as fat. It is a longer more energy-demanding process. The body can also turn protein into glucose for energy if we are low on carbs.

That’s a very basic outline, please do not quote me on that. But, that and the fact I’ve experienced and seen good results with high protein, are why I direct it as I do.

That does not mean it is correct for you. Adjust to what you feel comfortable with and go from there.

As in everything with life, first, you need to feel comfortable doing it.

The same applies to your nutrition.

The great thing is that the more you do it, the more that comfort level expands and the more empowered you feel to explore further.

As I’ve said before, tracking calories and macros is not essential until you are ready to progress to the next level.

Focus on getting the three pillars to health in a solid place first is most important:


Eat healthily and consistently, workout smartly, and see results, and you will know when you are ready to begin tracking and take it to the next level.

All the best with your fitness freedom training!

Adam “the high protein eater” TRX Traveller

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