Kettlebell FAT BURNER workout

Full body Kettlebell FAT BURNER workout – The BEACH BURNER! Had my new beach beat tunes on with @ddarkonline blasting out the portable speaker for this killer workout, vols up 🔊! (original music video here)

Using a Drybell filled to 16kg with sand.
1 squat
1 kettle bell swing
2 squats
2 kettlebell swings
3 squats
3 kettlebell swings…. and so on until failure, non stop.
My PB is 30 before game over. Go on, BEAT IT!

Progresso beach near the beautiful little town of Merida

You can find the drybells here for doing the Kettlebell FAT BURNER workout. They’re amazing for travel workouts and no gym workouts anywhere.

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