30 foods that help fight fat

Published on: December 02, 2015

Who has time for diets? Incorporate some of these little wins into your daily routine.

30 foods that help fight fat.

Kale – The fibre curbs carb craving, iron and vit B

Pumpkin seeds – 30g = 2mg of zinc essential for fat cell reduction (and sexual function eeyyyooo!) eat them early in the morning for best results

Peanut Butter – Contains enzymes that cut appetite

Oatcakes – Eat them early, slow release carbs counter late energy fatigue

Grapefruit – blunts insulin spikes, helps liver process fat

Maca root – an adoptogen, balances hormones and reduces stress related binging

Eggs – packed vitamin B12, helps turn food into energy

Vegan protein  – Lean, doesn’t contain the carbs, fats and chemicals Whey does. Leaves a natural fulfilling feeling

Black pepper – Piperine in pepper helps your body absorb nutrient from food

Greek Yoghurt – Calcium supports metabolism, bacteria aids in breaking down food so less is stored

Tomatoes & mushrooms – low in carbs, high in antioxidants

Brazil nuts – selenium, crucial for healthy testosterone which means more muscle and less fat

Cinnamon – improves the rate at which glucose enters your cells, less insulin released, less fat stored

Tuna – full of b vitamins for muscle growth = higher metabolism

Wheat wrap – higher in fibre, choose it over bread

Quinoa – high in protein and fibre, low in carbs and fat

Lemon zest – It’s pectin turns into sticky gel when digested limiting your sugar absorption

Olives – contains oleuropein that is good for your heart

Avocado – monounsaturated fats improve insulin sensitivity

Sweet potato – full of beta carotene that fills you up

Mixed beans – rich in fibre, low in fat full of energy

Cauliflower – Low calories alternative to spuds, steam em, mash em

Turmeric – curcumin (yellow colour) reduces fat tissue formation

Turkey mince – selenium and zinc for good hormone health

Garlic – Allicin lowers your blood sugar, limiting overnight fat storage

Chilli – Capsaicin speeds up your metabolism

Carrots – Vit A and K for bone health so you can train harder

Steak – CLA for fat burning Creatine for energy

Salmon – Boosting omega-3 intake enhances fat loss

Brown rice – Top source of electrolytes replacing what you sweat out

30 foods that help fight fat
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