Develop your legs and glutes with these TRX Squat Variations

In this video I’ll show you how to change the squat from just a movement to a highly effective exercise by being able to target specific muscles through focus and execution. We’ll also look at some fantastic variations. And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance: hey guys TRX traveler […]

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On 6th April 2020

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In this video I’ll show you how to change the squat from just a movement to a highly effective exercise by being able to target specific muscles through focus and execution. We’ll also look at some fantastic variations.

And here’ the subtitle text in case you’d like to read the guidance:

hey guys TRX traveler Adam here in this video we’re just going to look at a few variations of squats and squats obviously very simple movement however so many people don’t engage their muscle correctly or get the most out of it by engaging their muscle correctly when doing squats so we’re gonna look at some variations on the normal stance the wide stance and pause squats within those we’re also going to look at the overhead squat as well let’s get to it okay so squat variations first of all let’s just have a little look at the best way the best way to squat so you can really get hell of a lot more out of a squat with your ex big mouth fuller and so most people when they squat they will just drop down with gravity they might use the quads a little bit to resist that but most people will just drop down and then they’ll push up and they’ll just think about pushed up through the heels that’s not what I want you to focus on here depending on what you want to focus on is how you should execute this move so in my opinion every single squat you do whether it’s a wide stance a normal stance or overhead when you go down don’t use gravity contract your glutes and your hamstrings to pull you down think of it like a clamp so I’m pump as if there’s a big ball here that I’m squeezing between my heels and my bum and you do that by engaging your hamstrings in your glutes and pulling yourself down I want you think I pull yourself down so right now I’m engaging my hamstrings here and I’m pulling and I’m pulling myself down to the floor you can only do it slowly if you drop that’s gravity yeah if you pull this if I think and I squeeze my muscles and I pull myself down and pulling myself down the floor what it feels like it feels like I’m trying to push both my heels in like this together that helps engage the hamstrings and the glutes so it means you’re engaging them on the e centric movement all the way down and it’s incredible tension and it means you’re going to get development on the way down on your hamstrings and glutes and then as you push back up depend on what you want to engage so if you want to just engage your quads as you come back up you should only be thinking quads so squeeze my quads now and come up I come up and I really squeeze look at the top there as hard as I can and back down I switch it and now I’m just squeezing my hamstrings and I’m squeezing my glutes and pull them myself down and I maybe I want to air use my glutes so engage my glutes now and now I’m pushing up and I’m squeezing my glutes I’m squeezing my glutes and then my quads aren’t engaged that much and I’m actually I pushed my hip forward I’m a breast just on that really think about how you can engage muscles through the entire variation of movement don’t just think about moving it’s engaged the muscle you want to work then that causes the movement so with that in mind a couple of different styles of squats you can do first one is the overhand overhead squat and this just adds a little bit of it kind of makes it a little bit more unstable and it also strengthens the shoulder girdle because you’re pushing back strengthens your back you’re pushing back like this which we all know if you do exercises like this it’s really good for posture and for your shoulder girdle your tea it goes so an overhead squat looks like this hands in pushing back and you can do two few different variations you can do normal stance so normal stance like this and I’m squeezing my glutes and I’m pulling myself down and I want to engage my card so I pause and engage my quads and I push myself back up and it’s not fast two seconds three seconds down engage and pulling myself down pause squeeze my quads back up and as I’m doing this and pushing my hands back if you want to get more emphasis on the glutes go for wider stance so a wide stance squat and I’m pulling myself in pulling myself in and I don’t squeeze my glutes. I’m pushing up pushing up push it up oh and I’m pulling myself down again it doesn’t matter what position my legs are in I’m using my hamstrings and glutes that pull myself to the floor then I’m squeezing my glutes to push back up squeeze my glutes ah and that’s it and you can obviously I always recommend to pause when you get to the bottom always and go go right down with the TRX no you have not wait you back go right down so you’re really taking the muscles to the full length of movement the full range of motion shortening and contracting now they obviously do the ones the other two are really simple and normal squat normal squats are great lyrics cuz he just use a bit of balance so I like to just lean back a little bit as I squat so I can really get deep into it some normal stance again contracting my hamstrings and my bum and I push myself down really sitting into it and then I’m contracting my quads – whoops I want to work them to push back up pull down bum right out bum right out then contract my cords to push back up and again you can do a wide stance which you can engage the glints even more and you’re fearless squeeze you can get a better squeeze on the wide glutes however if you wanted to work quads i’d recommend more of a closed stance then you can really engage and get a good squeeze in the closed stance so you can kind of like turn your feet out as well so wide stance same principle I pull them so here I’m trying to pull my heels in like this that’s making me engage my glutes and I’m really working them ah and now I’m squeezing my bum squeeze my got bum squeeze my glutes to come back up ah and push my hips forward and really squeezing at the top there it’s lots of different variations you can do again the key thing guys key thing is just remember engage the muscle you’re working so don’t just use gravity and drop and just jump up that’s just moving we don’t want to move we want to engage the muscle to work and even the stop doing them I can feel an entire I can already feel my entire leg muscles working from the quads to the hounds to the glutes you will get so so much good glue and Hum development from pulling yourself down in squats so so much good and then you can really switch the focus so I always like to think as I come up I’ll squeeze my quads squeeze my cords and I’ll go right switch and I’ll just flick back a little bit and I’ll just help that little that little thrust hit pulling my hips back makes me really like pull myself down because a little thrust back and I really sort of go into pulling myself down and squeezing back I’m really squeezing the glutes as hard as possible there pausing and then switch it again and I think right quads and then I switch and I’m really squeeze my quads are hardly possible come back up ah again always squeeze them it’s hard as you can at the top you can get so much squeeze from the cords at the top on a squat but I love to stay there for like two or three seconds and just squeeze the hell out of them and then switch it back and down that was there quite Robert honor I apologize a lot faster talk there but hopefully you found it helpful again distant squawk variations can target so many different ways but the real target is in your head and how you connect with the muscle to work give them a go try them you know just experiment that’s why I love the TRX it’s like create a fitness and experiment a lot hope you found this useful let me know your thoughts in the comments if you’re watching this because of the motor you’ve downloaded on my TRX they’re programs I hope you find that helpful in your achieving your fitness goals Fitness freedom thanks for watching



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