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My TRX & Resistance Band Fitness Freedom Programs have helped thousands of people transform & strengthen their body. To step into each day energised & confident!
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“Looking more muscular and fit and feeling great mentally”

TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews


“It’s like I’ve stumbled upon the holy grail”

TRX Traveller review


“Literally your Program has changed my life”

TRX Traveller review
Crowded gym

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“Here’s The Truth, your muscles don’t know where you are or what you’re holding!…

With the right technique guidance, you can transform your body using just a TRX or resistance band anywhere! 🏠🏝🗺💪

From Adam, TRX Traveller

Dear Friend,

Hey, my name is Adam, better known as the TRX Traveller.

I used to be unhappily reliant & addicted to gyms.

It was this pain that planted the seed for me to create the TRX & Resistance Band Fitness Freedom Programs.

But rather than give you a bragging sales pitch, here’s the backstory about how they were created.

They are NOT something that I just made up one day, and hoped they would work.

I’ve spent the last 7+ years using only a TRX and band to figure out…

..‘The Effective Technique’ that will visibly transform your body.

This is what happened…

Adam Atkinson TRX Traveller

I could feel my anxiety, frustration, and dread rapidly start to rise as I walked from the entrance to the changing room…

I hated the busy, toxic culture and was sick of exhausting myself for very little return.

But what could I do???

I HAD TO use a gym to achieve my fitness goals and ultimately, feel myself.

There was NO other way.

Sound familiar?

I’ve always had an unquenchable thirst for researching, documenting, and applying my knowledge in the world of fitness and nutrition…

..to understand THE technique that works.

But, there was a time when that was a blessing and a curse

You see, I’d dreamed of backpacking the world, experiencing other cultures, and hiking mountains.

Crowded gym

But, I developed an unhealthy psychological reliance on gyms…

I believed I had to be in or near one at all times.

This led to a whole host of confining beliefs, such as:

“I can’t travel anywhere that doesn’t have a gym”


“I can’t be away from a gym for more than a few days”

Quite limiting thoughts, right?

Crowded gym

The thing is, after years and years of using a gym

I absolutely hated it!!!!

TRX Traveller Program Review

I didn’t enjoy the atmosphere and I was always externally focused comparing myself to others.

It affected my motivation and mental well-being.

On top of that was the TIME it took up in the day.

AND the cost of it all…

I paid $90 a month for a gym in London for 8 years. That’s $8,640!!!

I also began to realise a lot of clients I trained in a gym had the same frustrations.

I was never happy with my physique, and always tried to lift heavier than I could for ‘gym ego’.

Yep, that’s me. No, I did not lift it from the ground & look at that face!

Injuries were common!!

I’d jump from nutrition plan to nutrition plan.

Binging and restricting.

Trying to gain muscle…

..then ‘MUST lose fat’ restriction mentality.

I’d go from different exercise or workout fads constantly.

Eventually, it would all lead to a burnout and crash.

UNTIL… My willpower returned and then I’d go at it again EVEN HARDER

Thinking I needed to do more round and round I’d go.

I had some success.

But ultimately, workouts and gym life left me frustrated, not elated.

I felt trapped, confined, and limited.

Then something happened that would change everything…

TRX Traveller fitness freedom

Finally, one day back in London in 2016,

after all the gym frustrations had taken their toll…

I upped and left London to backpack South America with nothing but a…

..TRX suspension trainer…

and a strong resounding will to maintain, if not improve my overall fitness.

TRX Traveller fitness freedom
TRX Traveller adam atkinson

That’s me at Rainbow Mountain, Peru 5,000m high

..and at Villarica Volcano, Chile

At first, I thought the TRX was the answer to all my problems. It seemed like an awesome tool!

I TRX’d on beaches, building sites, boats, rooftops…

But after messing around with it for a while I didn’t really see or feel much results.

No matter how much I searched I quickly realised…

..that no one was teaching people how to use a TRX to…

ACTUALLY build lean muscle and visibly transform your body.

Sure there were lots of Apps & YouTube videos but they just focused on ‘movement-centric exercise’

..which is only good for working up a bit of a sweat.

I wanted to totally change my physique!

Culture has us believing we can ONLY do that with weights in a gym…

So I began obsessively and passionately FAILING, studying, testing, and re-applying 10X over…

..in pursuit of understanding THE Technique that works…

TRX workouts that do nothing

..And that was when I started applying the ‘Muscle-Centric Technique’ to all of my TRX workouts.


Press play!

After a few months… I felt in the best shape of my life, physically and mentally!

It sounds cliche but it’s true!

I spent the next 6 years mastering this muscle-centric technique

..using only a TRX and occasionally a resistance band.

No weights.

NO gym.

I combined it with relentlessly focusing on the…

..mind-muscle connection!

And transformed my workouts into a form of meditation.

Not only did my physique continue to transform from developing visible lean muscle mass and functional strength…

Crowded gym

..but, I noticed my social anxiety and procrastinations began to reduce from internalising my focus in every workout.

My day-to-day life seemed to level up with friends,


and business.

I felt more confident, grounded, focused, and calm.

When my mind connected with my body in harmony and in my own space…

the results were incredible!

What’s more, they were exponential!

Taking fitness into my own hands and thriving like this felt so free, it felt like…

Fitness Freedom!

TRX Traveller fitness freedom

It became my mission to understand & perfect…

‘The TRX Suspension Training & Resistance Band Technique’

…that WORKS!

I then began teaching it to clients with phenomenal results! 

I call it…

TRX Traveller

The Mindful Muscle-Centric TRX Technique.

My mental-well-being and fitness results have positively exploded since constantly seeking to master and apply it.

I take this Technique and my:

Previous Personal Training knowledge from 10+ years in a gym

Endless research of science-based fitness and health & nutrition literature

Teachings & courses with mentors and inspirational peers within the bodybuilding world

Combined with my own successful experience and results with:

Developing effective TRX Workout Plans

Evergreen lean muscle building and fat loss nutrition frameworks

Unlocking the mindset for better mental well-being and fitness results

..and mold it all into the…

“The Fitness Freedom Programs”

All TRX and Resistance Band Programs COMPLETE Fitness Freedom Stack

I created the Programs to  teach people the effective Mindful Muscle-Centric TRX Or Resistance Band Technique

To achieve their fitness goals at home, or anywhere 🏡🏝💪!!

I created them because I love helping people ‘see the light’ by showing them how they can gain a life of Fitness Freedom!

To not lack results like I did for years tied to a gym or mindlessly ‘just moving’ with a TRX seeing no visible results week to week.

It’s my mission in life!

I’ve put thousands of hours into developing what I know is effective teaching and programming.

More importantly – it’s enjoyable!

“The Solution To Finally Transform Your Body With Just A Suspenion Trainer At Home!”

If you want to learn how to use a TRX suspension trainer (or resistance band) to:

build lean muscle

lose unwanted fat and weight

transform your physique

enhance your mental well-being

…and ultimately, life!…

Taking fitness into your owns hands and thriving!…

Then my Fitness Freedom Programs are the answer you’ve been looking for.

TRX Traveller

Gain Fitness Freedom!

They’ve helped thousands of people all over the world just like you…

..achieve the body and positive mental well-being they want

..using just a TRX or band at home!

(No experience required!)

Don’t just take my word for it… Take a look at this:


“Unreal body changes!”

TRX Traveller review


“Better gains and body composition than in my twenties”

TRX Traveller


“Seen the most change and definition in my upper body ever!”

TRX Traveller


“Seeing changes so soon… much more energy throughout the day”

TRX Traveller

“But Adam, which TRX or Band Program is right for me?”

Ultimate TRX Suspension Training Physique Sculptor Workout Program and Exercises

Take My ‘Which Program Quiz’ and in less than 60 seconds I’ll help you find the perfect TRX or Resistance Band Program to achieve your fitness goal – at home or anywhere.

From beginner to advanced, I’ve got a Program for everyone!

Here’s to your Fitness Freedom!

Adam, TRX Traveller


“Beginner with fitness and lost 13 Lbs in 8 weeks and learned A LOT!”

TRX Traveller Workout and Exercise Program review


“Seeing changes in my arms I’ve never seen!”

TRX Beginner Total Body Transformation Program


“Unreal body changes… lost 53 Lbs in 5 months!”

TRX Traveller review


“Your Program has revolutionized my idea of fitness and what it means to workout”

TRX Traveller Program Review


“Thanks to your Programs, I’m 57 and in the best shape of my life!”

TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews


“Helped so much with daily anxiety and stress”



“In the fourth week and seeing changes so soon! I have much more energy throughout the day”

TRX Traveller review


“Bigger shoulders, toned legs & visible abs after 8 weeks!”



“Your workout guide is absolutely fantastic!”

TRX Traveller Adam Atkinson Workout Program reviews
How To Use Your TRX Suspension Training Workouts To Aid Procrastination & Anxious Thoughts

– A Little Note From Me To You…

I’m A One-Man Band Business!

That’s right it’s just me! I love what I do and absolutely love the Fitness Freedom Athletes community…

I get the pleasure of helping to change clients’ lives within the community on a daily basis and I have enormous gratitude and endless energy for it.

So, if you do decide to grab a Program and join the Fitness Freedom Athletes Platform and Community… you won’t be dealing with any call centres, bots, or assistants…

I’ll personally be helping and supporting you in every way I can!

Drop me an email anytime if you’re unsure about your fitness journey, I’d be happy to offer advice – hello@trxtraveller.com

Here’s to your Fitness Freedom!

Adam, TRX Traveller

From The Fitness Freedom Blog

Can you build muscle with a TRX?

The biggest thing I ever learnt was that a muscle doesn’t know if you’re holding a dumbbell or a TRX handle.

Get Jacked with a TRX | Build Muscle Without a Gym ft TOTAL FITHEADS PODCAST

“This is the exact opposite of what I was expecting from this conversation, I was so mind-blown!…”⁣

To Build Muscle With a TRX Don’t Move

To Build Muscle With a TRX Don’t Move

Don't move with a TRX. Now, what do I mean by that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7d_bs7ovFY I mean, don't just grab the TRX and think, right… I'm just going to do a TRX low row. That's not the goal. The goal is to think about the muscle you want to target and...

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Are TRX Traveller’s Fitness Freedom Programs Right For Me?

Effective Technique for Longevity

? Do you feel like you must ‘go hard or go home’ or ‘lift heavy’ to develop muscle and satisfy ego? I did for many years. Over-stressing the body leads to injury and poor functional movement later in life. OR are you go in, get it done, and get out? This approach isn’t enjoyable and leads to mindlessly ‘just moving’ and spinning plates year on year.

This is what I call MOVEMENT-CENTRIC EXERCISE. From my experience, it yields slow and little results.

✓ With the Fitness Freedom Programs, you’ll get access to The Mindful Muscle-Centric TRX (or resistance band) Technique Teaching Videos. Learn the effective technique that places a muscle under tension for time, rather than a heavy load. Which means you’ll develop healthy, lean and functional muscle to transform your physique and strength anywhere. Working with the biomechanics of your body, not against it.

This is what I call MUSCLE CENTRIC EXERCISE. From my experience, it yields exponentially greater and quicker results.

Mindfulness & Mental Well-Being

? Are you externally focused in a gym on other people, interruptions or busyness? Do you feel like you HAVE to do a workout? Workouts become disconnected and un-harmonised leading to de-motivation. Leaving the gym feeling frustrated rather than elated. I know, I’ve been there.

✓ You’ll learn to internalise your workout focus as I show you how to feel truly connected to your body like never before. Which means Workouts become like meditation, harmonised, and enjoyable as you exercise in your own space with no distractions. So you finish feeling elated and energised for family, friends, and life. Don’t believe me? Read the reviews


? Have you struggled with ‘personal training advice’, which can be impersonal and just cater to the masses? Focusing on just ‘moving the body’ rather than connecting with it, limits results, and a ‘one-sided’ gym culture can feel threatening.

With the Fitness Freedom Programs, I’m (Adam, TRX Traveller) here 24-7 to answer any questions and help you progress through the Program. The NO.1 thing people say to me is: “thank you for responding so quick” Plus you’ll get access to the Private Facebook Support Group of like-minded people. All this means you’re never on your own, stuck, or confused and WILL achieve your fitness goals.


? Do you spend time travelling to the gym? Do you wait around for equipment due to busyness? This can lead to de-motivation and excuses of ‘I don’t have the time to workout’

You’ll save time on travelling to a gym as you can access the Program on an iPhone, iPad or laptop and workout whenever you want on your schedule. Which means you can Workout in between meetings, at lunch, after the school run, or before the kids get up. Heck, even when travelling or in the park!

Motivation & Frustration

? Lack the motivation to go to the gym? Even if you did go, there’s the busyness, waiting for a bench, or that ‘meathead’ guy hogging several different dumbbells whilst on his phone. Then there’s the atmosphere of it all, the ‘gym bro’ ‘look how muscular and strong I am… or look how big my booty is [cue several selfies] culture’. It’s frustrating. I get it. As much as it pains me to say, years ago I used to be a THAT ‘gym bro’ guy.

When you workout in your own space you’ve got ONE focus… YOU. You’ll stay motivated and constantly progress using the detailed day-by-day progressive overload Workout Plan. Which means you achieve your fitness goals at home, or anywhere and feel more confident!


? Do you have the thoughts of “I have to find the nearest gym” or “I have to have a lot of equipment to workout well” ? These thoughts can be limiting, de-motivating and confining.

With the Fitness Freedom Programs, you can achieve your fitness goals at home, in nature, on holiday, on a mountain (I’ve been there 😉)… absolutely anywhere and with one piece of equipment (TRX or resistance band). Which means you’ll never need to rely on a gym or weights ever again.


? Do you spend a lot on gym membership and travel? In London I used to spend $65 a month on membership +  $19 on travel = $985 a year in costs.

With the Fitness Freedom Programs, it’s a one-off payment and you can access the exercise teaching videos, workout plan and support for life. Which means you’ll save a BOMB on expensive monthly gym costs or weights equipment and can spend that saving with your family and friends.

The Right Progressive Plans

? Do you jump from different gym exercises or routines week to week after reading something on social media or a website? Constantly unsure if this or that is better? Without the right plan specific to your goal, you could just be spinning plates.

Take The Quiz or drop me an email anytime so you get the right Program for your level and goal. Follow the step-by-step progressive workout plan specific to your fitness goal that guides you workout to workout. This means you’ll remain motivated throughout and don’t fall off track knowing you have the right plan for what you want to achieve.

Recent Program Reviews…

11 reviews for Ultimate TRX Physique Sculptor Program (Advanced)

  1. Jacky (verified owner)

    I’m very much enjoying this program. The video walkthrough is extremely helpful. I’m in week three and have seen a huge improvement in my strength. My clients already commented about how defined my back and shoulders look. I have been a NASM certified trainer for 6 years specializing in corrective exercises. I can honestly say that using the TRX helps with mobility and posture. I really appreciate the attention to detail in the explanation of how to perform specific exercises correctly. Thanks.
    I’ve already recommended the program to friends

  2. Rebecca Ireson (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this program. As a fitness enthusiast, I can honestly say I saw more change and definition to my body with this program than I did with years of training in the gym. Wish I’d found it years ago! Love seeing the results for the work put in finally! Well worth the money, you won’t be disappointed. Enjoyed it so much I’m starting it over. Thanks TRXTraveller, love it!

  3. ALEX

    This program is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Trying to find a solid exercise program that I can fit into my busy schedule has always been a challenge for me. I knock out my daily workout before I head into work and it starts my day off right. I believe I started this program about a month ago and I am already noticing some awesome improvements in my weight and muscle tone. You won’t be disappointed with this program. Just a side note, I purchased the AB program as well and they work great together.

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Get To Know Adam Better

The Fitness Freedom Timeline (So Far)

2002 – 2015

In the gym, studying and teaching


TRX’ing and backpacking across Central and South America. Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Patagonia, Argentina, Brazil


TRX’ing and trekking in The Himalayas of North India and Nepal. North Indian Himalayas trekking, Delhi, Jaipur, Pushkar, Katmandu, ABC Annapurna trek, Pokhara, Chitwan.

2018 – 2019

TRX’ing and nomad living in Mexico, Cuba, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Argentina


Fitness Freedom Athletes Community was born!
Teaching people how to Gain Fitness Freedom


Got Questions?

I'm new to using a TRX or Band to transform my body, where shall I start?

First up, welcome! Out of all the millions of websites out there thank you for visiting this one. Secondly, your interest and motivation will change your life. It did for me and thousands of fitness freedom athletes in our community of all ages.

The best place to start would be with the Beginner TRX Total Body Transformation Program. It’s the most popular Program and will teach you the effective muscle-centric TRX technique to transform your body and begin your life-changing journey.

The second best thing to do is to learn how to turn your body into a natural fat-burning-lean, muscle-building machine. I’ll teach you how to do this by restoring and optimising your insulin resistance and metabolism with the Lean & Sculpt Nutrition Transformation

..Not only is this the foundation for health and longevity, but it will also make achieving your fitness goals much quicker and easier with results that last a lifetime.

If you’re seeking a resistance band Program, get stuck into the Band Muscle Toning Program which is for beginners/intermediates to learn the band muscle-centric technique and transform their body with just one resistance band.

Do you have any training courses or Workout Programs?

Yes absolutely, I have TRX Suspension Trainer Workout Programs for all levels and ages here. They will teach you the effective mindful muscle-centric technique that will transform your body!

There are so many 'scammers' online, how can I trust you?

I guess at first, you shouldn’t. Trust is built and earned over time. Check out my reviews and success stories so you can get a better understanding of what I am about and who I help.

Or stalk me on social so you can see that this is my passion and mission in life:





Where are you based?

I am mainly based in London, UK. But I love travelling, specifically backpacking, our beautiful world, and experiencing other cultures... So most likely I may be based on the side of a mountain or little beach hut. That being said, I host Inner Circle Mastermind in the UK, perhaps I’ll even meet you in person at some point… That would be just awesome!

TRX Traveller

Got Any Questions Or Need Some Advice?

Drop me an email - adam@trxtraveller.com and I'll respond as soon as possible.

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My Money-Back Guarantee To You

My 'Fitness Freedom Money-Back Guarantee' & 'Program Swap Guarantee' To You

If the reviews and success stories didn’t already convince you, then hear me out. I am completely confident that the Fitness Freedom Programs will change how you workout forever.

In fact, I’m so confident, that if it doesn’t help improve your understanding of mindful muscle-centric TRX (or band) technique, change your body, and ultimately help you achieve your fitness goal, the Program is all yours FREE forever.


So, you’re free to join the whole Program, and try it out. Watch the teaching videos, read the training guides, join the private Facebook Group Community, drop me a message anytime and connect with your body like never before using the Programs…

If you follow the entire Program exactly as prescribed, and do not gain anything in the next 8 – 10 weeks than you ever had previously, you have the right to a prompt and full refund, no questions asked. Could any offer be fairer than that?

Or if you think you've chosen the wrong Program (too easy/hard, prefer a different split, wrong goal etc) you can swap to another within the first few days, free of charge!

I didn’t create the Fitness Freedom Programs as just another ‘workout plan’...

I created them because I love helping people ‘see the light’ by teaching them how to gain a Life of fitness freedom, and not lack results like I did for years inside a gym, confined and mindlessly ‘just moving’.

Gain your Fitness freedom! Adam, TRX Traveller

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