TRX chest workout

Very lucky to be here on the Mahauol coast of Mexico extremely tranquil, the hostel (blue Kay) consists of your own little private beach hut. Here’s two basic TRX chest exercises that when combined really work your chest, core and anterior deltoid. Finished off with a big press-up set it’ll leave you aching for days. Click the video below for a demonstration.

#TRX press up: 4 sets 10 reps (bring your hands together as you push up)
#TRX Fly: 4 sets 6 reps slow
100 press ups: it doesn’t matter how many times you break just make it to 100 eventually

I find really thinking about contracting your chest muscles as you squeeze each rep and taking 3 seconds down and up with control completely burns them out

Normally I train on a morning if I can when travelling – sometimes I’m hungover or just feeling dam lazy so having the 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein, roughly 2 bananas and a 25g protein shake, before exercising with a black coffee is good fuel. Then you can nail the hostels free brekkie once you finish as post nutrition (Running into the sea naked after this was a refreshing cool down)

TRX Traveller

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