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India's natural remedy for indigestion

India’s natural remedy for indigestion

Don’t be put off by this strange offering at the end of a meal in India.
India’s natural remedy for indigestion. It’a natural stomach remedy. that helps digest food but also aids in a variety of stomach problems. Fennel seeds with sugar. If anyone knows how to aid their stomachs, Indians do. Let’s face it they eat curry for breakfast lunch and dinner day. Day in day out and still manage to frequent to the toilet like a normal person.

The benefits of chewing Chew Coca leaves. Hands holding cocoa leaves in Peru

The benefits of chewing Chew Coca leaves

The benefits of chewing Chew Coca leaves. The three leaf offering sign to pachamama.
Despite their obvious qualities, que Escobar, and the fact it’s actually very difficult to get hold of them outside of Peru and Bolivia (although you can buy them in tea form elsewhere). There’s a reason the Incas and Peruvians chew these leaves like Europeans and Americans chew gum

White teeth
Chewing the leaves strengthens your gums and whitens your teeth. The same oxidization that is responsible for overcoming high-altitude…